"I’m obsessed with caring for my skin both inside and out, and last month began using Amala's Rejuvenate collection, a skin care comprised of organically farmed natural ingredients. I’ve noticed a significant change in my skin texture and hydration, two big issues for me. I also love the all natural ingredients used in all the Rejuvenate products. Good food for my face!" - @stylewithrobin, reviewing #AmalaBeauty on her blog.

I sell the most amazing clothes, but the most fulfilling of that is being present right here. #ilovelularoe #becauseoflularoe #wahmlife #motherhood #highestcalling

{ Why put off the self love you know you need? }
This is a group for seekers who are wanting clarity, support and new habits that will up-level their lives!
Whether you are wanting to lose weight, quit your job, start a business or get more joyful and healthy - this is the program for you.
It all boils down to self love. When we love ourselves, we act in a way that supports wellbeing - it's that simple.
Join this program and get SO MUCH MORE than you know! <3
You will learn:
:: How to move into the life you want.
:: How to make food SIMPLE to get really healthy.
:: How to stop sabotage, emotional eating and all-or-nothing thinking.
:: How to become an intuitive mermaid! Okay, I can't teach you how to be a mermaid - but I can teach you how to become intuitive with your body & life.
:: How to focus on the voice inside you that knows anything is possible.
:: How to set up habits and routines based in self love rather than punishment.
:: How to uncover and RELEASE stubborn sunconcious blocks that ARE stalling your progress. They will keep showing up until we shine light on them and release them.
Plus we have guests that will come and teach you how to Embrace The Feminine and How To Use Your Intuition To Discover Your Purpose.
This is an incredible course that you will never regret!!! Link in bio.
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Can I get an AMEN🙌🏾!!

Yes I am 🙌

Get #PEACHY for Summer 🍑☀️!.
💕LINK IN BIO @theelleross 💕.
Summer is near, which means bikini body weather, short shorts, tanks, dresses and showing off more skin. Strut the beltline & beach with confidence with a new improved & transformed you! 🦋.
Act Now & Put in the Work and over the next couple weeks watch as your body, mind and soul transform. With increased energy, confidence and just look good naked! No more spanx!.
Come get Fit, Lean, TIGHT’n’TONED with me @thetrainingroomatlanta @theelleross this spring and strut into the summer months as your #BESTSELF #Summer#Strut 💁🏽‍♀️💃🏽👙

So far I’ve worked out 3 days of the 5 I’ve been on vacation! Just trying to stay moving in between all the pina coladas🍹 and laying on the beach🌴☀️. I just set a quick HIIT timer and changed my movement when it told me too! 💪🏽Gorgeous morning on the beach- is there a better way to start a beach vacation day?! Look at this scenery 👌🏽😘!! I’m not obsessed, just committed to my health, are you?! .
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At the start of the year there was a sale on @rookieskates & our Brand Manager was so ecstatic that she convinced everyone in the @beanbagbazaar office to buy a pair! She’s been living her best life, but we’ve not been able to get them off her since. Send help.

🎶Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.🎶 #namedafteracowboy

☀️I recently heard someone say to a friend “I hope the sun finds you today”! I loved this... the simplest things can bring us joy and our make our day a little brighter! 💐 So my wish for you today is that a flower finds you 💕

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