Do you ever go on vacation and are just as excited to work as you are for the break?! It’s true for me, anyway!
I have summers off from teaching, which I do love, but I also love this coaching business, too! And now I have so much time to pour into it! And help others!
Working this job with a full time is possible, and many times it ends up replacing it! I’ve seen it happen!
This job has given me so much freedom,so much joy, and so many possibilities and opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Join me in a group where I will share everything about what I do as a coach! A behind the scenes look.
No obligation. Come for the info. Be a fly on the wall, or come ready with questions! I want to share this with you, and let it change your life also!
Drop and emoji, leave me a message, or visit the link in my bio to join. We kick off Wednesday!🎉
If you need me... I’ll be here (or anywhere) in my PJs, building a business!☀️☕️😎
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My mother's day breakfast and gift from my daughter, inspired by @nerdynummies . Dad helped with the watermelon and the paint stencil and is working on the heart eggs and toast now. Happy mother's day to all the moms out there, the caregivers that don't go by the name mom, those that are trying to be moms, and those that love them! #happymothersday #nerdynummies #bestjobofall #momlove #lovemygirl

"This is you, and I know what you see. You see a soft middle, a round belly. You see too wide hips and your favorite jeans that don't do up. You see messy hair and tired eyes.
This is you, and here's what I see. A woman who held the universe in her womb, told by society she should be ashamed of it. I see strength and power to hold that growing and changing body and I see a new woman has recently emerged, a Mother. I see a woman who will not bounce back or go back to what she once was. She is so different now in so many much more beautiful ways.
This is you, and I know what your baby sees. Your baby sees perfection, ecstasy, joy, life, peace, love. Your baby sees home. Your baby sees you."
Art by Art by Chloe Trayhurn thoughts by Barefoot Birth
@chloe_trayhurn_art @barefootbirth
#mothersday #perspective #bestjobofall #change #growth #women #beautiful #powerful #joy #life #peace #love #home

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