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Cómo va su día... el mío un poco apretado.. 🤣🤣🤣 #besthugs #ourwayoflife #loviu

If you love this handsome man as much as we do, give him a shoutout! 🗯

#cfaaiken #mrlarry #welovehim #bestsmile #besthugs

Quero que meus filhos entendam que nem sempre a vida é o que queremos que seja, quero que eles saiba que quando eles chorarem eu estarei para abraçá-los, porque nunca tive nenhuma dúvida que quando eu chorasse eles estariam para me trazerem a paz que campeões necessitam para voltar a lutar pelos seus objetivos! #goodcrazyinthahouse💣🎬 #mapowerever💪🏽👊🏽 #goodcrazynhosinthahouse🤙 #besthugs❤❤

Happy Father's Day to my dad who taught me to love all fruit, salads without dressing, hard work, soccer and so much more. Sure love you Dad!! ❤️ #besthugs

"Acho que ainda tenho
Tanto que aprender
Mas se você está aqui comigo
Eu sei qual direção tomar
Você sempre me dá algum lugar
Algum lugar para onde eu posso correr
Você torna as coisas reais pra mim."
🎶 (James Morrison - You Make It Real ) 💕 .
Usando essa foto que foi feita sem que percebêssemos e o trechinho com o qual mais me identifico nessa música que amo pra representar o quanto você me vem fazendo bem nesse 1 ano e 5 meses de sorrisos espontâneos. Te amo tanto! Obrigada, meu amor! @digei86 ♥️ .
#amoremio #namoradolindo #besthugs

Love is running into a former student and remembering what a beautiful soul they are ✨💙 truly warms my heart #besthugs #unexpectedreunion #spreadlove

You know you can call on me
When you need somebody,
You know you can call on me
When you can't stop the tears from falling down. 💖👭 #twin #tenerezzainpubblico #besthugs

Have I ever mentioned that these guys give the best hugs in the world?? #pittcon2017 #spnfamily #SPNpitt #lovethem #besthugs


One of the best feelings in the world ❤my kovu 🐾my jaan..#besthugs #unconditionallove #bestpartofmyday #cominghometothis #lovelovelove❤️

Temporary sanctuary is better than instant relief 10/18/17
What's your sanctuary?
#feel #wordsdontwork #twoarmsandaheartbeat #besthugs #poetsofinstagram #home #sanctuary #relief #sorrow

Have I ever mentioned that these guys give the best hugs in the world?? #pittcon2017 #spnfamily #SPNpitt #lovethem #besthugs

If you love this handsome man as much as we do, give him a shoutout! 🗯

#cfaaiken #mrlarry #welovehim #bestsmile #besthugs

Amy Summers has lead a proficient career in
Front-of-House hospitality in many locally renowned restaurants. Her affection for thoughtfully creative food paired with her ernest and enthusiastic approach to guest experiences makes her a wonderful addition to the Jarocho family. We are very excited to have her here and look forward to you feeling welcomed by her kind energy. #jarochosouth #bosslady #bestsmiles #besthugs #hospitality #seafoodrestaurant #seafoodkc

I don't do a ton of isolation work, especially when it comes to prime movers like chest, shoulders, back, and legs, but In honor of #tittytuesday here's one of my favorite supersets for chest isolation.

The Pectoralis major is responsible for 3 major actions of movement 1. Addiction of the humerus (the fly/hug motion). 2. Internal rotation(bringing the thumbs together). 3. Flexion of the humerus (underhand toss/scooping motion). This combo hits every action and is a great way to finish off every motor unit after a good press day.

Notice the internal and external rotation or the dumbbell in the top and bottom of the movement, this is one detail I see most trainees miss and a huge area for improvement. Hold the dumbbell with thumbs facing each other i.e. Internally rotated and on the eccentric begin to externally rotate the dumbbells upward and let your arms fall back inline with your eyes.

Do to the action of the pecs the internal rotation allows for a greater contraction while the external rotation at the bottom allows for a greater stretch. Doing your flies in this manor can be humbling but will take your chest to a new level.

Next are the underhand incline flies; these allow us to hit the 3rd action of the pec humoral flexion. The key to this movement is selecting an incline that is low enough to allow for a deep stretch but high enough to keep constant tension through the entire range of motion. When done correctly this superset will destroy every muscle fiber in your chest.

3-5 sets of 8-12 reps with a 21X2 tempo. Use weight that you can control but you should be able to handle around 10% of your 1rm on bench press in each hand.
Video cred: @a_champ56
#internationalchestday #s2faction #dominateyourlife #besthugs #boobies #broscience

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