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"Another picture? I was sleeping, mom..." (it was 9am!)
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// gender reveal! // did you catch the announcement on the blog today?? it's A BOY! 💙 check out today's post for my reaction plus my second trimester must haves! (link in bio)

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<2/2> Thanks for my best friend yang sudah menyempatkan datang ditengah kesibukannya.. Thanks for teman gereja saya yang menyempatkan waktunya juga dtang di tengah kesibukannya.. Thanks buat mawarnya dan ukiran kayunya.. Walaupun gelar saya menjadi Magister Hukum 😝 Thank you so muchh 🤗🤗 may Jesus bless you all.. #thanksgod #blessing #bestfriend #familyinchrist #graduation #magisterkenotariatan #magisterhukum #fakultashukum #universitassurabaya #ubaya #bestgiftever #sosweet❤️

With the temps getting a little higher ☀️... we are ready to pull out all our new summer items! 👙 Grab our new &#39;oh la la&#39; hat in online shop like the one styled here by @apinchoflovely - more phrases coming in a couple weeks! #whiteelephantdesigns

Love getting presents 🎁 especially this sweet! 💕Officially🎉Best present for all of your out of town friends with kids!

Orkar inte med hennes söthet 😋🤣 #mashallah #bestgiftever #hamdulillah

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Berkah usia saya, tepat di pergantian usia ke 23 bisa berkesempatan syafar sunah ke baitullah memenuhi panggilan Allah. Ga ada yang merencanakan dan memperkirakan bisa berangkat di hari terbaik ini, maha suci Allah pembuat skenario terbaik. Semoga menjadi Awal untuk menjadi pribadi yang lebih bermanfaat. Aminnn


Wrapping Renate up in her deceased husbands ( my father in law) favorite Flannel shirts Quilt. I Loved making this quilt for her and seeing the utter joy that it brought her. She said she wanted to be cremated with it. Holy $&@% #quilt #mensshirtquilt #heirloom #bestgiftever

Wow! So gracious of #AshtonTheCat to give a second appearance in the same night. How lucky are we?!?! #bestgiftever #OldCat @frenchfryfantom

Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, is more than just eating healthy and physical activity.
So many people believe that living a healthy lifestyle is all about a healthy diet and exercise. Now even though these are the fundamentals, everyone seems to neglect our mental health; and a persons mental health can be their personal game changer.
To me personally living a healthy lifestyle is all about a nutritional diet, balance, exercise and HAPPINESS!
For a LONG time I was so unhappy with my body (don&#39;t get me wrong I still have phases) but I can now say that I love my body and the way it looks more and more each day, and so should you! Loving yourself isn&#39;t vain or upyourself, it&#39;s self respect.
To be completely honest, I had a little moment of self doubt and contemplated about posting this picture or not simply because of the rolls on my side; but I then soon remembered that EVERYONE has rolls even if they do have a ripped abdomen.
So why live a life hating your body and the way it looks, because at the end of the day it&#39;s the only one we have!
Soph xxx 💗

I swear this is the only thing that helps me sleep anymore. #himalayansaltlamp #bestgiftever #doesntcomparetoyou #love #relaxation #thankgodforthis

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