Kembar tapi beda😅
#bestfriends #bestfriensforever #miss 😘😘😘

#bestfriensforever ❤ Feira de Maio 2018

No words to describe how much we are friends, how many times we have had stupid ideas and we had realised it, no words to say how many times we passed good periods together, how many times you listened me shouting for my problems and you always answered me with your epic calm. But at the end, no words to describe how much we love each other because nobody, we neither, can understand.
#bestfriends #bestfriensforever

Jika Kami Berkumpul,,, Kumat Lh Sdh😅😂😂

Mi spiace per le altre ma sul suo cuore c'è già la mia firma
#remember #forever #bestfriensforever

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