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My sister from another mister. 💕👯 @esandoz #bestfriendssincekindergarten

Happy birthday to my best friend! You've been there my whole life and I couldn't thank you more! Love you man! Don't worry, there's more music on the way😏 Ps. Just remember, there's nothing wrong with being whipped💙#bestfriendssincekindergarten#finessekids#earlybirthdaywishesforthewin

Sorry, not sorry. #bestfriendssincekindergarten

Paseo con los boys boys boys 🎶🎵#London #walking #bestfriendssincekindergarten #boys

They keep telling me to have kids, I'm pretty sure they mean more beer. #bestfriendssincekindergarten #auntieariane #wedidone


These girls are the best of friends.
I am so grateful.
Clara Rae you are so lucky to have a friend like Lily.
Life is good.
#besties #grateful #love #summer #bestfriendssincekindergarten #oursummer #wcw

You make friends and sometimes life takes them and you to different parts of the country and/or world. And you go on and do your thing and they do theirs and sometimes those things are so completely different that you wonder if you can keep the connection. When you do, it's important and special. Treasure it. When you can go years without seeing each other then pick up right where you left off and laugh harder than you ever did before while eating obscene amounts of cheese and tater tots- treasure it. When they meet your people and you meet theirs and everyone just gets it and the tribe expands and gets even better because now you can make a splash pad for grown-ass adults right on the deck- treasure it. And when that friend knows exactly the moment that you need a hug -because being a grown up can suck sometimes- when that happens: remember how very lucky you are and send some gratitude out into the universe. ❤️👯#bestfriendssincekindergarten #SeattletoRushtoCbus #BFFsReunitedPart2 #BARELYdrunkfortherecord

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