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Demi apo bee tiba2 aku kangen niann smo budak ini #bestfrens 😘😘😘😘

Going to ball with these ladies 💕
P.S-They said yes. #seniorball #bestfrens

Sahabat tak akan menghilang saat masalah datang, tapi menggandeng tanganmu dan menghadapinya bersama-sama 😊
Ps : Bahagia bisa kenal klian, tetap kaya ginijagan pernah berubah lovyou😍😘 #bestfrens

It's a good thing none of us wore the same outfit in this reenacted pic of last years photo 🙂 #bestfrens 💘👬👬🎡👭👸🏼

"Best frens r de people u can do anything n nothing with n still hav de best time" -mucho luv- ❤

Unplanned nights outs with them are always the best. We took not 1 good picture so that's that lol. Cheers to a debit card going missing, mixing to many drinks, & making it out alive (barely). Love ya guys💞 p.s I don't actually remember taking this 🤳🏽🥃🍻🍸🍾 #bestfrens

@rachelsoon1 @horsefren HBD RAYYCHEL remember this song u told me to listen to?? Surprise i guess #blue #bigbang #bestfrens #urscrewedforfoa

Aaahhhhh this weekend was so lit omg my best friends came to seee meee in Balt I am Truly Living™ we had a great time on the DRAGON BOATS even tho I barfed later but that's okay worth it 👌🏼 #bestfrens 💞💞💞💞💞💞


today was a stress eat and listen to goner on repeat kind of day

Today was ok. I didn't do anything special except cosplayed (idk if you can call it that but I did her makeup) Eleven from Stranger Things. You can check out my insta story for pictures :)

Demi apo bee tiba2 aku kangen niann smo budak ini #bestfrens 😘😘😘😘

If @miaaastephenson and me (@sarahhhclark) become a band like we're trying to be, this will be me at a concert lol:) .
#tylerjoseph #twentyonepilots #clique #tylerandjosh #cutetyler #cutejosh #cutetylerjoseph #cutejoshdun #bestfrens

Today was a really good day :) Goodnight ♥️

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