How do you know you're on the right track? When moments like these happen. #bestfeelingever #entrepreneur #taxprofessional #enrolledagent #bookkeeping #family

@bcl_spa gel lotion is the perfect finishing lotion for soothing, cooling, and softening the skin for the perfect manicure, pedicure, or body massage finish. Skin is left deeply hydrated without the slightest hint of stickiness after the treatment is completed. #becarelove #bclspa #massagetherapy #organicskincare

A little ashamed at the weight I've gained over the past few months BUT if I sit here and dwell on it, NOTHING is going to change!
So instead I took these pictures today to show myself, I CAN and WILL take back control of my health and fitness and now have pictures to look at and keep myself accountable! 🙋

I'd rather take a MILLION pictures, then step on the scale because let's be HONEST here the scale is the DEVIL damnit! 😂 you may not see the scale move but in side by side pictures, you'll see definition and toning and most importantly PROGRESS baby!!! I'll be honest with you, I use to hide from the camera, and have very few pictures of myself at my heaviest Bc I so ashamed at how I looked or was scared at what people were thinking! 🙈
NOT ANYMORE, this girl is no longer ashamed of her body! It's not perfect, I have rolls, stretch marks etc but this body also housed two amazing humans for 9months, and I am DAMN PROUD of my body, imperfections and all!
I am The healthiest I've ever been in my life, even my doctor said so! ☺️👍 So I'm not stopping anytime soon, so join me today!lets get back your health and start feeling amazing in the body your in! Bc let's face it we only have one body let's make it happy! 👍

#transformationtuesday #backatit #healthymom #fitmom #80/20rule #joinmetoday #messagemetoday
#letsgetbackyourhealth #bestfeelingever #loveyourself #dontbeashamedembrace #everyonehasimperfections #beachbodycoach #coachlife #happyasfuck #letsfindyourhappy

חוץ מהמשפחה אין דבר שגורם לי אושר כול כך גדול כמו הגשמת החלומות שלי. ואוי איזה חלום זה היה עבורי. אז נכון הדרך עוד ארוכה אבל ללא ספק אני הולך לצעוד אותה עד הסוף. תודה ל @zivziv1 המדריך מס 1 בארץ שגרם לי להתאהב בדבר הזה שנקרא קייטסרף. עבורי זאת רק ההתחלה אבל אני כבר מאוהב בספורט הזה 🏄🏿‍♀️🏄🏿‍♀️🏄🏿‍♀️🏄🏿‍♀️ #kitesurfing #dreamcometrue #bestfeelingever #bestsport #kitesurfisrael #happy

There is nothing to look back, when you have decided to fly high
#adventure #green #hills #breeze #incredibleindia #kerala #loveyourself #bestfeelingever #goodvibes

Gratitude is my drug of choice 🙃✨🙏🏻 A short and sweet gratitude list has saved me more times than I can count from getting sucked into the negativity that my mind can create. And I’ll be honest my gratitude list usually always begins with coffee 😅☕️ but even something as simple as coffee is a great reminder that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. I dare you to look around and list 5 things your grateful for. I bet you’ll be surprised at all the little things we take for granted every day ☀️

Two months 😍❤️ #bestfeelingever

This is one of our favorite scriptures about Love. Before when we started dating, Love meant and felt like we never wanted to be without each other, and we love everything about one another. While that still holds true, it has a deeper meaning for us now.
We know that we are both two imperfect people in a perfect union instituted by God. Even though we are imperfect, the love we have for one another and for God, can bring us through anything. Love never fails.
What does Love mean to you?

SALUD 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Como una taza de Té puede cambiar las mañana de cada persona 😍 por la energía y por la forma de ver los días , positivo, energético , metas del día en proceso .
#tealover #onepersonatatime #bestfeelingever #energy #natural #stopby

Absolutely my favorite feeling in the world....best high ever. When you crush a goal and still have energy to do more. Love this lifestyle and everything that comes with it.
Why sell yourself short?
Why not become the best version of yourself?
Why not give yourself a chance or a second chance?
Everyone deserves to feel this good even on a Tuesday!!! #beastmode #bestfeelingever #goals #crushed #lifestyle #daily #therapy #formebyme

Life isn’t always picture perfect! I am a bruised warrior! Not enoughing myself because of the opinion of others. But I come realize that if I worry about what other people think, I’ll have more confidence in their opinion than in my own. My future does not depend on the opinions or the permission of others. Criticism, condemnation and complain are creatures of the wind. They come and go on the wasted breath of lesser beings and have no power over me!

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