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Ooo one week has pasted since I went to the purpose tour. Greatest experience of my life and I'm so glad this was my first concert ever lol. Man, I always thought I was never ever gonna see Justin irl at least, but bro, I did! And I'm so thankful because there are still beliebers out there who've been here since "kidrauhl" and haven't seen this precious angel irl :( I'm always thankful, I'm always gonna be thankful. This means a shit load to me and no, I'm not exaggerating this. The fact that I was the one who took this picture is mind blowing, woah. Ugh this was just the best night of my life, and I still remember the WHOLE DAY! From walking to finding out gates, getting lost, buying merch, looking for our seats, sheppard, Martin and then watching my little angel 😍 omfg. I just- can't xafgs. Never thought this day would come. If you haven't seen Justin irl yet.. Never say never. 💜

Something 'bout youuuuuu💭
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