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Happy birthday Ariana

i miss ot5 sm i cant #HappyBirthdayLauren

lol lochness monster> bigfoot

Double tap💖

The way she talked about singing in front of Obama is the way I'd talk about meeting her😂😩 what a cutie she was so nervous & excited
@ArianaGrande #ArianaGrande #Videofmoonlight

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song - The Heart's Best Mistake by @arianagrande and @selenagomez
cr: DylanGLC on youtube -

photoshop CS6 💦 -- #photoshop #manipulation #edits #videoedits #recolour #model #manip #selenagomez #arianagrande #selenators #bestfanarmy #arianator #selriana #photoshopcs6


Chapter 1:
Leo's POV
June 16, 2017. The day I'm officially independent. The day that I can make my own decisions. The day that I'm free.
It's my Graduation Day. People expect you to be overwhelmed with all of these mixed feelings when you graduate high school, but I honestly can't relate. It just seems, a little less than what I expected. I expected to be a little more emotional. Or at least something of the sort. There's nothing here for me anymore, I'm not gonna pretend like I'm gonna miss this place because I'm not. Most things have just been awful, really. I've been hanging on by a thread, and I haven't had many people as a support system ; Except for Charlotte. She's my best friend, she's my everything. She's gotten me through so much. She's been there for me through thick and thin. I absolutely adore her.
For the Graduation ceremony, they put us in rows in order of height, and of course, I got placed right next to the most narcissistic, stuck up, bitchiest bitch in all of South Miami High School, The devil herself. Vanessa Hill. I'm totally not one to criticize or judge people, but man. That girl is awful. By the time Senior Year was over, she'd already slept with 17 different guys, her and her army of sluts beat up some innocent girl for running into them and causing Vanessa to spill her coffee, and hell. She's still the most loved girl in all of South Miami High School. I know, total cliche, but honestly, there are so many people who deserve more credit for the great things that they do. It's just not right.
She was applying some overpriced red lipstick and rubbing her lips together to try and make them look fuller, like some hooker off the streets of Los Angeles.
"I'm going for the Kylie Jenner look!"
She caught me looking at her. "Mhm." I said as I nodded nervously. I'm a really, really shy person. And I get a lot of anxiety when someone talks to me. Well, at least when people that I don't know do. Even if it's someone like Vanessa. She's a total stereotype. Rich Bitch, privileged, mean girl with an IQ of negative 100.
The ceremony was beginning, and I knew that because of the cheesy Graduation violin music playing. Our principal, Mrs. Vada, was call

q ; favorite flower?

new theme \\ q ; do you like cartoons?

q ; do you like arcades?

q ; do you like fast food?

q ; are you taken or single?

q ; fav carnival food?

@josiahvandien i appreciate your work dude

Protect this smile at all costs!!! ❤️

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