Shakin’ off the week on a Friday like 😎😏✌🏼 #friday #shakeitoff #slomo

We all actually do. We are energy. And energy never dies. Love never dies. 💜⚡️💜⚡️💜⚡️
Today I am saying goodbye to my dog. Not working in a vet hospital any longer makes you soft. While you’re in it; you build up thick skin to deal with the sick patients and death and continue on with your day. We understand that we can help our patients by ending their pain. It is a very difficult situation but by doing it-it is our way of not being selfish and saying I want to help you because you have given me something not many can give; unconditional love. So thank you CeCe for taking care of me and my family for so long. We love you and we will see you when we get there. 💜🐶🙏🏼

HaPpY Fri-Yay, Friends!!!
It’s the weekend!! 😎#smile
Let’s RIDE!! RIDE!! 😃🏍🏍

My favourite boi in the whole world 💜💙 #englishbullterrier #bestdogever

Hello World 🌍 I should go on a trip 🎒

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