Unser #magnolienbaum wird gepflanz und wer überwacht das ganze ganz klar unsere Motte 👍
Bin gespannt auf's nächste Jahr wenn er dann “ hoffentlich“ blüht 💗
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Ihanaa koiranpäivää! Mitä elämä olisikaan ilman karvaisia ystäviä 🐾❤️ #australianshepherd #shetlandsheepdog #bestdogever #lovemydog

Taavi Tassutin täyttää tänään 5v, kätevästi kansainvälisenä koiranpäivänä 🐶💙
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My husband has made the very difficult and heartbreaking decision to let Roxy, his almost 16 yr old Lab, cross the Bridge today. I think his tribute that he posted on Facebook says it much better than I can. ♥️♥️”I hiked hundreds of miles with you and papaw. I walked many a camper through the woods at night to protect them from snakes. I hiked even more miles with you after the divorce and then again when papaw crossed the bridge. I helped you take care of Arwen especially when she was little and sick, took care of mom when she got those headaches, taught those big hounds how to chase a frisbee, and went everywhere with you in the Jeep but garbage day in the old truck was my favorite. Then I got to retire on the farm and meet chickens, horses, donkeys, and a whole bunch of people from a whole bunch of places. But my best times were the hikes with you, papaw, and Arwen; diving in every body of water; guarding you outside the bathroom, protecting you at your side of the bed, and taking care of you whenever you were stressed or hurting or down. Yep all of this is what I was here to do. 16 years is a long time and I’m gettin tired. I would like to hike across the bridge and go see papaw again if that’s ok. You’ll be ok. Papaw and I will wait for you there.” We love you so much Roxy. Words are not enough. I know Papaw will be so happy to see you in Heaven. He’s been waiting for you a long time. #bestdogever #dogsarefamily #wedontgetenoughtime

Nicht der Hund den ich wollte, aber genau der Hund, den ich brauchte #bestdogever#struppi#Ömmi#love#magsietrotzdem

What a pretty baby. Echo, you have my heart forever. #yorkiepoo #lovedogs #bestdogever #dogsofinstagram #prettybaby #echo #photogenic

When you start a conversation with someone and immediately regret it... “I’m trying really hard not to have my true feelings written all over my face” - Tinkerbelle

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