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Loved finishing this half sleeve! It is dedicated to my clients daughter Birkely. The plan is to extend into a full sleeve in the future. 2 sessions for this project. Thanks for looking! 🖤

sketchbook pages
and bonus smudges from my leaky pen

This 24 x 18 inch bad boi is up for $400! Oil on paper.

Watercolor of @mallorythalia and her dog❤️

I really liked this figure drawing

@scratchchan s oc! Go wish her a happi birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Kingdom Hearts
-KH #Art_Khalid
A surprise #DigitalPainting to my lucky friend 🤦‍♂️♥️.
دائمًا ما أجد الضوء بجوار صديقي حتى في أشد الأماكن ظلمة ، إنه نجمي ولا يُمكن للسماء أن تبدو جميلة بلا نجوم 💭💛.
#رسمتي #رسم_رقمي #DigitalDrawing

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