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Birthday gifts, flowers, hugs, kisses, surprises, texts, tweets, IG posts and calls from so many loved ones. Wow. I am a lucky lady.
What better way to end an amazing birthday then wearing a panda onesies? Am I right?!! #nevergrowup
#bestdayever #birthdaygirl #luckiestgirl #thankyouall 🎂🎂😍😘😍😘

Eating cheesecake, Passing out on ride and waiting 30 minutes to get a picture in a Christmas bulb! I wouldn’t want to spend our birthday week any other way❤️ #stayhappy #staystrong #bestdayever #fearofhights #bestfriendsforever

The most magical weekend we could have ever asked for. Blessed by the best family and friends. ✨ He is most certainly my forever ❤️ #HoorahForGautrat #Bestdayever

thanks for being the most generous church ever @zoechurchLA #happythanksgiving #zoecares #bestdayever

This #bestdayever included the most paw-fect surprise...A PUPPY!!! 🐶 {Photo: @jodeedebesphoto}

My birthday lasted just for a day but the wishes you all have sent me are going to make me feel special for the rest of the year's😍 Thank you all 🤗
Special Thanks to my love for the lovely surprise 😍💕 @shenoy_shanky and Thank you sooo much @naikali_chali @cat_pows17 @wicked_wheels_8747 @vipul_66_ @__mr.joker_08__ @pushparaj_prabhu_ @tall_boy4344 @rossiboi_46 @mr.benol @samadbenol for making my day more special and memorable😍♥️♥️ iloveyouall 😘💕
#latepost #blessedwiththebest #bdaybash #postbdaycelebration #bestdayever #memoriestrapped✊💞

Anyone heading to @waltdisneyworld for Thanksgiving?! #ohyeahdisney

I’ll run through a cloud of pink smoke with you any day! 8 months and counting! 😍 #BestDayEver Love you babe @rickz903


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to one of my favorite peeps on the planet @ecugreg #birthday🎂 #lifelongfriends #bestdayever #instabirthday #celebrate #friendsincefive #repost

А на улице такая красотища ❄❄❄❄❄❄

As the archaeological data and historical sources show, the history of Crete is closely related to the olive tree and its essential product, the olive oil. Since the Minoan years, as evidenced by the archaeological finds of Knossos, the fruit of the olive was processed and oil was produced that was stored in clay pots and amphorae and was often exported to the islands of the Aegean Sea and central Greece. But besides the economic benefits, the olive tree was worshiped as a sacred symbol, and the oil in addition to being offered to the Gods and the dead was also used in medicine, sports and everyday life as a product essential for nutrition, lighting, and heating.
So the olive tree and its blessed fruit from the past to today has been the symbol of knowledge, of peace, health, and power. In recent years, international medicine and dietetics have recommended olive oil as an essential nutritional product to ensure health and longevity. Crete, with its Mediterranean climate, favors the growth of olives that grow in both lowland and mountainous regions.
There are millions of olive trees on the island and thousands of families base their economic life on their cultivation. The climate and the consistency of the Cretan soil ensure the delicate aroma and wonderful taste of Cretan olive oil, making it a high quality product with international recognition.

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