Throwback time! Baby Madie and Jeff Bridges or me and @hainesy62 ? We’ll never know 🤣 #daddydaughter #mybestfriend #bestdadaward #jeffbridgeslookalikecontest #jeffbridges

I am at an age where I can easily look back and appreciate how lucky I am to have this man for a father. But now I can also see that my children and I are even more fortunate to have him as their papou!! He has always been there for me and I know he always will be (even when I'm stubborn and dont want to listen😉). There truly arent words to express my gratitude for everything he does for me and my kids on a daily basis. Dennis Bustle you absolutely deserve to have the best birthday possible, we love you to the moon and back, Happy birthday!! @dennisbustle
#happybirthday #bestdadaward #lookingbetterthanever #gratefulandblessed

It’s @mrconklin08 birthday, and he came home and took baby girl to the doctor’s office.
My little love bug has a cold, but the doctor said my breastmilk is helping heal her! Love that sweet little chubby cheek girl! She’ll be 9 months old NEXT FRIDAY!!! 😱
#DadLife #momlife #preemiedad #preemiebaby #nicuawareness #BirthdayDad #bestdadaward

When your man gets home from work at 1am, does the dishes, and gets the coffee ready for the morning... When he knows I go to bed every night with Lochlan around 9, and wake up around 6 every day now. You are absolutely amazing to me and the best Dad ever to Lochlan. We are so damn lucky. Thank you, Kaleb. 🥰 .
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H A P P Y • B I R T H D A Y • R Y A N 🎉 This guy right here does it all and does it well. He's dug us out of the trenches. He's been our shoulder to cry on. He's kept us afloat when I felt like we were drowning. He keeps me laughing even when I don't want to. If there is a problem, he can fix it. Not only does he take care of us, he takes care of his friends and family too. You could ask any one of them and they'd say the same thing about him. Ryan is always there to help others and find a solution to every problem- without stress! It's a gift! Lord, knows I can't do anything without stress. 😂 I don't talk about him a whole lot on here because I know he likes privacy but he truly is our rock. There is no me without him. I'm more than grateful to have someone that cheers me on everyday. 🖤 Ryan, the kids and I love you more than anything in the world and we hope this is the best year yet! You deserve it! @ryan2theg (One if my favorite pics of these two during Olivia's chemo treatment- they helped each other shave their heads.) 😭💕#bestdadaward #happybirthday

Horsey rides from daddy are the best 😍 I’m so happy my kids are going to grow up with an awesome dad just like I did ❤️❤️❤️

My dad started a countdown until he gets to see me for thanksgiving. He's such a secret softee. Haven't seen him since I left for asheville. #precious #bestdadaward #thanksgivingcountdown #familymatters #toocute

And it makes me wanna take a back road
Makes me wanna take the long way home
Put a little gravel in my travel
Unwind, unravel all night long
Makes me wanna grab my honey
Tear down some two lane country who knows
Get lost and get right with my soul
Makes me wanna take, makes me wanna take a back road
- Rodney Atkins

I would love to wish my daddios a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂🎉 🎁 we love you beyond words! We don’t know what we would do without you! Thanks for being the best Dad, Husband and Grandpa! I am thankful to have your love and support in all that I am and do.. Everyday you wake up and put your life on the line to protect us👮🏻‍♂️🚓 and we are thankful for that. You are our rock and role model we look up too along with mom. I pray to god to give you more blessings of health and prosperity.. I can’t wait to see you soon! 💋😘🙏🏼 gracias papa por estar en este mundo 🌎 😊 #bestdad #bestdadaward #lovemydad #birthday

I’m just feeling extra grateful for my dad this morning. He’s always been there for me even when it wasn’t easy to be. He never once stopped believing in me and rooting for me the whole way. He’s the type of dad that even when I’d fall flat on my face trying to run at this race we call life he’d still tell me he was proud of me and never to stop trying. He’s pretty much the best dad I could ever ask for. Love you with my whole heart❤️❤️ @dsteinagel


Photograph by @tiffpan
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Nikki is excited to go on a date with her Dad.
This year for his birthday the 3 oldest gifted Kees with a 'presence present'.
Where they picked a favorite activity to do with their dad. Today is her turn.
Precious to watch the excitement in both of them. Time is such a valuable gift.

My boys 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾love seeing happy makes me just push even harder and enjoy being a father the making of kings....... #proudfather #familygoals #family #familypictures #sonsarethebest #fashionmodels #modelagencies #bestdadever #bestdadaward #makingofkings #cok #bonding #fatherandsongoals #fathersontime #lifegoals

Days I get to spend with my loves, I love the most! 💜💚💛 #mylilfamily #pinkfloydbaby #hallifamily #preciousmoments #momsofinstagram #bestdadaward

My #mcm @terpperkinsfam you are just too amazing for words my love. And you make a great recliner 😝 #bestdadaward #mymancrush #mancrusheveryday #myfuturehusband #lookatthem #myboys #saturdaysnuggles

We love you dad! We thank you for your service, happy Veterans Day! It isn’t always easy but we have each other to get through the happy and tough times. #happyveterensday2018 #outsidethelinesworld #bestdadaward #thankyouveterens #ktlafamily

#MCM my husband oh you drive me 🍌 as i am sure you feel the same about me! 🤣
But I am so thankful for you, it took a lot to happen in life for me to be able to recognize what I am about to say. (I’ve known and seen the opposite of all this.) We talk often how moms can’t even pee alone and our husbands sleep because we can’t. Well mine can’t pee alone. Alec in specific always wants him. My husbands nights are long!!! I sometimes wonder does he get any sleep. Both our kids want him at night and I have Alyssah who is a newborn so I can’t be more thankful he tackles those hard nights. In all reality our newborn sleeps better than the other two so I sleep more than he does. So today I am grateful for the father you are! For even when we don’t see eye to eye that you love us unconditionally. My mom came to visit and she was the one who pointed out that he was up all night with Alec and Ari. It took someone from the outside to see how rare it can be for a dad to lose so much sleep and yet be graceful about it. He is napping because grandma is in town and she practically made him go get some sleep. 🙌🏻
This mama just took a long hot shower and washed her hair. #ParentWin
I came out to find this and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙏🏼 I will take Monday views like this one any day.

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