vodka cranberry up in the air ft. @beachslang || 4.6.18

@ela.vin en el @lococlubvalencia, 14/4/18

@ela.vin en el @lococlubvalencia, 18/4/18

vindicated || @dashboardconfessional || 4.6.18

don’t waste my time with all your lines || 📸@turnstiletribe ➡️➡️➡️

2016.1.15 - @jdmcphersonpix jumping for joy.

Photographed for @seamusicnews

2018.4.21 - @lenoresings is bringing some moody, f***ing wild folk music. They are certainly rocking this bitch.

2018.4.21 - @heatherondrums , funky doesn't begin to describe her skills. Also, her left hand is impossible to photograph at a stop.

2018.2.5 - @crowandthecanyon closing out the night with their infectious bluegrass/America a at @thetripledoor . **Totally forgot about the dog that roamed on-stage.

2018.3.15 - Peek-a-boo! It is @codyrayraymond bringing his slick guitar riffs and winning smile to the March @sofarseattle show at @makersworkspaces .

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