It’s fall y’all 🍂🎃✨

End of Summer Blonde ☀️

#GlowUp ✨ The difference between these photos? 3 YEARS. The left was taken in July 2015, I remember being SO proud of this balayage because I had practiced and practiced until I learned the technique and felt so accomplished when it came out good. Now, 3 years later, of course I see so many things I would have changed - the blending, my toner, my brushes, the size and saturation of my sections, etc. BUT in this industry, we are constantly learning. Constantly evolving our techniques and styles. Balayage wasn’t popular yet when I was in cosmetology school, so we had to teach ourselves - trial and error (mostly error 😂) Now, we are so fortunate to have Instagram as a platform to learn, online webinars, tutorials, you name it. I’m so thankful for social media! There is NO excuse not to evolve with new trends and to learn from others. I look at this photo and see how far my skills have come, and it makes me excited for the next three years! Never. Stop. Learning 🤓🎨✂️ #hairbyashcha

It’s fall y’all🍂🎃✨

All the fall tones 🍂 #hairbyashcha

W A R M E D U P F O R F A L L 🍁

Spiced balayage and a textured fresh chop on this beauty. Started with a clean slate on virgin hair I used Wella’s blondor and 30 vol with B3 and melted with Wella’s colortouch and Illumina. Super happy with the outcome. She’s been all colors and lengths and I have to say she looks beautiful in any color or cut! Hair by #gerilynghaisarzadeh #capricciriccisalonattheloft #bestsalonwinterpark #modernsalon #behindthechair_com #bestofbalayage #showmethebalayage #balayaged #colormeltbalayage #b3brazilianbondbuilder #lobhaircut #balayagelob #wellaeducation #haircolorideas #texturedlob #balayagebrunette #texturedhair #hairtransformations #beforeandafterhair #hairpainters #askforwella #bestbalayageorlando #bestbalayagewinterpark #fallhairtrends #foiliage #brondebalayage #balayageartist #balayage #balayagespecialist #fallhaircolor

My client with the most hair award goes to this beauty!! Color Melt: Redken Shades EQ 3NA + 6T + Clear and ends 9T, 9B + 9P plus Clear and processed for 30 minutes on wet hair.

Holding onto summer for as long as she can☀️☀️

The blonde Journey 😍 Swipe ➡️ to see this beautiful clients process. 🙌🏼🙏🏼💓 @marilynn_x0x0

✨ When @anna_fenner comes in and blesses your day with her presence ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
No balayage today, just root touch up and glaze! 💕
All @wellahair @wellahairusa #Illumina 5/7 for new growth, #ColorTouch 8/71 + 5/73 for glaze 😁

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