| B E L O N G I N G | Most people don’t even care to be part of this world because they don’t feel like they belong. Their ethics get in their way, maybe its negativity, the harsh reality of greed, bullying and narcissism; but in all that equally this world juxtaposed is a pretty beautiful place.

You know what, I don’t actually blame half the world for staying home, but it’s not responsible and nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes longer.
You can’t demand the world to be the way you want it to be, but you can find a way to move through it; to protect yourself. This message is predominantly for people who classify themselves as “ #spiritual , #indigo , #crystals , #starseed, #rainbow ” 🌈 and I think I’ve covered the range but if this connects, it’s also for you.
The part to figure out how to live blissfully in this world is, yet again the word balance.
I feel there is a big part of us that does want to connect and be part of the bigger picture....so do it.
Find something that you enjoy and then use it as a career...it can be absolutely anything and predominantly creative, or so droning that it becomes meditative.
In every aspect you can turn your views around, concentrate on the things you do well and support the companies you see are making an effort.
It’s allowing one foot in your world, and one foot in this word-when you combine the two and realise you can be your true being. We all have to work, but then work towards what you really enjoy doing too. Over time and eventually, you can do and be anything you want. @jayshetty
#followme and let me show you how you can easily do this over time, just never give up. #lettherebelight

| S U P P O R T | a lot of the time we forget there are people out there that really care about us...that really do want to see us succeed...
Try and find a person or support group to get you through different parts of your life. . #followme
Partition your life like you would partition your mind. #lettherebelight #polishgirl photocredit:@canva

| P I T F A L L S | you will learn in life the people who’s motives are not genuine, motivations are only as good if they have pure intentions. Sometimes even good intentions pave the way to hell if you are not sure what you are doing, or you think you know, but you really don’t know. .
#followme to learn about toxic habits, so you are not caught into partnerships, relationships and friendships that only let you down. Xo

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"God is within her, She will not fall"
~Psalm 46:5🌹📿


My Lips are the Gun. My Smile is the Trigger. My Kisses are the Bullets. Label me a Killer.

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