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Sending this gorgeous piece to her new home today. These labradorite beads are AMAZING. The flash of blue is really beautiful, as they are high quality beads. I love moonstone and labradorite combined, and adding a sari silk tassel is a perfect compliment to these stones. The silk is hand-dyed by a fellow artisan and it is so soft and beautiful. Link in bio to my website to find this beauty. Click Shop By, then select Gemstones and search my labradorite or moonstone malas. It’s listed in both places. I would love to make another of these! #boho #labradorite #thirdeye #sari #silk #moonstone

Beautiful custom lapis lazuli mala for one of my loyal and kind clients in Qatar. It’s so amazing to be able to connect with someone on the other side of the world, in a place I’ll probably never be lucky enough to visit. But my jewelry will be there! This gorgeous piece is made with matte rustic lapis in both 6mm and 8mm stones to achieve that perfect length. This matte lapis is so beautiful. It’s got flecks of gold and has that true stone feel. Great for stimulating the throat chakra. Aquamarine stones are patterned inas well, also a throat chakra stone. Link in bio to my website or DM me with any question or request. Happy Wednesday! #lapis #throatchakra #aquamarine #custommala #customorder #qatar #luckyclient #loyal

Back in stock! I have these faceted sunstone and moonstone beads again AND that gorgeous onyx guru stone is also on its way to me!! Which means I can create a similar mala to this one again (as a few of you have asked) or we can do a beautiful custom piece with these stones. Send me a DM, or follow link in bio to see my website and my work. I’m very much looking forward to working with these stones again! #sunstone #moonstone #sunandmoon #custommala #customorders #onyx

I just ordered a new batch of these gorgeous Kyanite stones. They are so heavy and dense and feel amazing in the hands. They have such beautiful flash. This beautiful piece is made with kyanite and kunzite, with a faceted amazonite guru bead. It’s a stunning piece. Available now on my website. Go to Shop By, select Gemstone, then find Kyanite! Link in bio. #kyanite #kunzite #lovemylife

I sent the Power of Love Mala to her new home today! She was a one-of-a-kind and I was sad to see her go. On a rare occasion I will make only one creation of a mala (other than customs) and offer it in my shop. This was one of those rarities. I know I can create more of these, but I felt that one special edition was enough. Keep your eyes open for some more special editions. Right now I’m too busy to create any new designs (✨thank you all!) but as soon as I have a free moment, I’ll create another! Link in bio to my website to see all my work and the many beautiful pieces that I create. Customs are welcome too! #ooak #limitededition #specialized #special #onlyone

The Divine Goddess Mala is part of the Divine Feminine Collection and can be made in both bead sizes, featured here. It’s a gorgeous, simple design of Grade A moonstone with stunning antique Bali bead markers at the 27th and 54th position. Aquamarine guru bead sits above the light coral tassel. Such positive radiant energy from this piece. It’s no wonder I have so many orders for it. I love each and every time I get to make this piece. Being around it makes me happy. It can be found on my website by clicking on Shop By and then Special Collections. You can also find it by shopping by Gemstone. DMs welcome too! Link in bio to my website.#divine #feminine #moonstone #yogajewelry #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #meditateeverydamnday #meditatedaily #powerfulwomen #strongwomen

This gorgeous customized piece is headed to Ashley @ashzod in NORTH DAKOTA!! She got the discount offered to the three states that I had not yet shipped orders to. Now I’m calling out Nebraska and Idaho!! Contact me for 20% off an item in my shop if you live in those states! This beauty is made with all 6mm stones—faceted amethyst, howlite, sodalite, lapis, and Amazonite. It’s available in the 8mm version too. Ashley customized the cord and tassel colors and it came out beautiful. Link in bio to my website. #amethyst #howlite #lapis #healingenergy #healingstones #lovemalas #handcraftedjewelry #idaho #nebraska

Another 3/4 Lotus Moon Mala heading out to Marceil @artstylesoulfulliving I can’t wait for her to get this beauty and I hope it brings her a lot of joy! This shortened version is a great alternative for someone who does not want a long 8mm beaded 108 mala. So how does that work, you ask? Well this mala has runs of 21 beads between the markers instead of 27. So it’s 24 beads short of 108 beads, the traditional length. Any mala that I make can be made in this shortened version. Just send me a message to get started. Link in bio to my website to find the original Lotus Moon Mala. Made with moonstone, rose quartz, and angel aura quartz, with an aquamarine guru bead. Click on Shop By, then Special Collections. She is part of the Divine Feminine Collection. #custommala #custommade #yogajewelry #yogainspiration #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #moonstone #fertility #feminineenergy #divinefeminine

Just another pretty pic of this custom mala that went out last week. The color combo is so unique and beautiful. It’s made with aquamarine, imperial jasper, citrine as markers, and moonstone. But it’s that tassel that makes me swoon! I love the blue and gold combination and I’m in the process of creating another piece with this type of tassel. Contact me to start your own custom piece!! Link in bio to my website. #smallbusinessowner #mompreneur #yogi #yogalife #yogagirl #meditationbeads #yogaposes #yogachallenge #handmadebyme #handmademala #crafter #jewlery #jewelrydesigner #chakrabalancing #chakracrystals #crystallove

After my last post of the Divine Warrior Mala I had several people inquire about the collection so I thought it was time for a repost!! This Collection of malas was lovingly crafted as a tribute and honor to women everywhere. Their strength, their struggles, their perseverance, their stillness, their warrior spirit and fierceness, the mother in all of them. I wanted to create a series of malas to honor what is going on at this point in time for women everywhere, to mark this moment of uprising and courage of the divine feminine. For the past few months, we have seen countless women speak their truth in movements like Me too and Times Up. The courage these women have is something that I wanted to celebrate. Women are demanding to be seen and treated as equals. It is that Divine Feminine Spirit that is present in all women that drives these movements. We are all one woman. These malas are a tribute to all women. This collection honors those that choose to speak their truth, those that choose to remain silent and supportive, those that have endured difficulties, and those that have overcome or are in the process of overcoming difficulties in their lives. Each piece in the series contains Moonstone, a stone that I have been constantly drawn to in my creations as of late. It is the stone of feminine energy, and a perfect foundation for this series. Aquamarine, a stone of integrity and truth, was also incorporated into each design, another perfect stone to compliment the spirit and courage of women everywhere today. The other stones were chosen based on the intentions of the particular mala. There are 4 malas in the series, each having a different intention, yet all representing every woman: Clockwise from top left: The Divine Goddess Mala, the Lotus Moon Mala, the Divine Warrior Mala, and the Divine Presence Mala. Each has its own message, its own woman it represents—-together they represent everything in all of us ladies! I hope you can find one that speaks to you or a woman that you love. Find this collection by following link in my bio to my website, click on Shop By, then select Special Collections. #aquamarine #stongwomen #powerfulwomen #metoo #timesup

The Divine Warrior Mala is part of the Divine Feminine Collection.
This piece represents the fierceness inside all women to overcome, to fight for what they believe in, to protect their young, to sacrifice a piece of themselves for the cause of all women. It is the power of the mother bear in all women, the fighting instinct to protect, to survive. The darker, deeply rich colors of the stones in this mala evoke strength. Garnet is used to enhance the Wild Feminine, our inner she-wolf. It is used to shed light on dark times, enhance self-esteem, and connect us to that intuition that is present naturally in all women. Amethyst compliments this stone, in that it is a stone with protective qualities, a stone that helps us see clearer, a stone of sobriety. Although we are fierce, we must also harness this energy so that it is not out of control. Amethyst assists with this balance. Labradorite, the stone of intuition, helps to guide us on the journey of what is right. Amazonite helps to merge the feminine and warrior energies, and to help us harness both in our lives. A balance of both keeps us in harmony. Rose quartz is the queen love stone, so of course, I had to incorporate it as well. Moonstone is known to enhance and balance this feminine energy. It is the perfect stone to serve as the foundation of the series. Aquamarine helps to bring peace and calm in our lives, to connect us to the Divine courage that is in all of us. It aids in speaking your truth, and communicating that truth effectively. It helps to release anger, to let go, and to bring about positive change. All of the malas in this series incorporate Aquamarine. It fits perfectly with the motivations and intentions of the brave women today.
This piece is part of a four piece collection, the DIVINE FEMININE COLLECTION, in my shop. All the malas in this collection celebrate the strong beauty of women everywhere. Link in bio to see the complete collection on my website (shop by Special Collections) or DM me about this piece! #divine #feminine #strongwomen #mompreneur #momboss #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday

Beads beads beads! The mail was a ball of fun today. A lot of these are spoken for already, but I always have extras. This was a nice little bundle!! #beads #beadednecklace #malalove #malabeads #malamaker #handcraftedjewelry #handmadebyme #handmademala

UPDATE: she’s sold!!! The Power of Love Mala is still available. This beauty is made with lepidolite, clear quartz, rose quartz, and a stunning clear citrine guru nugget. Silk tassel is blended with three threads. It just has love vibes emanating from it. Such a pretty piece with such pure intention. Link in bio to my website. You can find this mala under any of the gemstones listed. #besohum #lovemalas #loveyoga #yogalife #lovecrystals #crystallove #gemstonejewelry #healingjewelry #spiritualjewelry #beadednecklace #malabeads #meditation #meditationjewelry #smallbusinessowner #mompreneur #yogi #yogalife #yogagirl #meditationbeads #yogaposes #yogachallenge #handmadebyme #handmademala #crafter #jewlery #jewelrydesigner #chakrabalancing #chakracrystals #crystallove

First, THANK YOU for the overwhelming support for my previous post. You guys are the best and it’s so nice to know that you all have my back. I have yours too!! But lookee here—-a double charm mala! My clients teach me new things all the time. I never made a mala with two charms and I wasn’t sure how it would look. But DAY-um! It came out beautiful!!!! Two charms are the way to go! Sending this beauty to her new home tomorrow. Link in bio to my website. #charms #clientsrule #lovemycustomers #gratitude #handcraftedjewelry

Fellow crafters and lovers of boho jewelry, Yoga, and Meditation: this account literally stole all my pics and posted them with no credit, including my face!(Creepy!!) I have blocked them, but that only means they will come after someone else. They are using my pics as lures to their site. Thanks to @cccmaven for bringing it to my attention and posting comments on the pics that she has of mine to say they are stolen. Guys, she has my face with ppl commenting on how pretty “her” hair is. I understand that the social media world is a free for all, and that once I send a pic out there, anyone can get it. But this is ridiculous. It’s my entire IG account. Please block her so she doesn’t steal your stuff too. And feel free to comment on her pics that they belong to @besohum !! Thanks to all my IG friends for always having my back. I’ll be reposting this several times over the course of the week so I hope you don’t get sick of seeing it. Thanks everyone for your support!!

Stringing this beauty today. Divine Goddess Mala, part of the Divine Feminine Collection, made with Grade A moonstone and aquamarine. Link to my website in my bio. Quick post and gotta run!! Have a great Wednesday!!

As I scrolled through my pics, this one just jumped out at me and said POST ME! The tassel was screaming Spring and the colors just felt so good to look at. It’s made with amethyst and tree agate, and has a moonstone guru. It’s Zen Style. Available now on my website or Etsy shop, or through DM, as so many of you prefer! 😊 Link in bio to grab this beauty! #amethyst #moonstonejewelry #agate #zen #spring #springjewelry #springcolors #green

I’ll be stringing this lovely mala necklace today for a lovely client of mine in Germany. These stones are a gorgeous faceted combo of moonstone, aquamarine, kunzite, and amethyst. Faceted rose quartz guru bead sits above the boho pink sari silk ribbons. Gold markers are at every ninth bead. It’s a great mala to welcome spring and I just ordered more of these amazing stones. It’s available now on my website (link in bio and can be found by Gemstone) and my Etsy shop at Besohum.etsy.com. Or you can send me a DM for info and payment options. Happy Monday! #moonstonejewelry #amethyst #rosequartz #kunzite #aquamarine #march #marchbirthdays #yogalife #yogajewelry #yogalove #yogainspiration

Some outside Yoga today and I can definitely see (and feel) some progress on my backbends! I haven’t posted a yoga pic in awhile so I figured this one was a good indicator of my progress. Backbends are so difficult for me, but I was glad to see this improvement. Happy Sunday everyone!!#yogalife #yogaposes #backbend #yogapractice #yogaprogress #stopdropandyoga #yogaeverywhere #yogi #yogigal

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