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The history between the Indigenous and Black Americans has had some very ugly moments. It’s no secret, for instance, that many tribal nations owned slaves, and that an almost equal number of nations fought alongside the Confederacy. Meanwhile, some of the country’s most prominent Black history museums still celebrate the Buffalo soldiers, who participated in the “Indian Wars,” which by now we should all recognize as a long series of genocides. These histories are powerful and also make us very bitter, for all the right reasons. But there’s one thing to remember throughout all of this: Natives were introduced to a distinctly racist form of slavery. Black Americans were introduced to a distinctly racist form of genocidal killing. ********************************************
A lot of this history is the reason why these groups don’t always see eye-to-eye, but once we start having discussions of this history, perhaps a powerful bond will grow stronger. And it wouldn’t be the first time. History tells just how powerful that bond can be. ********************************************
When the Seminoles of what-is-today Florida came into contact with English slaveowners and Black runaways, they didn’t recognize the institution. They “bought” slaves, but again, that concept wasn’t really the same for them. Black people living with the Seminoles had their own villages, farms, and even guns. Eventually, Black Seminoles even had leadership roles with the tribe. When the Seminoles went to war with the US in the 1830’s, the two peoples together inflicted heavy damage. Until VIETNAM, it was America’s longest and most catastrophic war. The US lost 20 million dollars fighting it (in 1835). Seminoles and Black Seminoles proved that a genuine interracial partnership against white supremacy could do wonders. ********************************************
Eventually, this partnership kind of fell through, and today there are extensive lawsuits between the Seminole nation and Black Seminoles over the issue of citizenship. However, if we’re looking for an example of a strong partnership, all we have to do is dig up some Uncolonial History.

Would you rather be with someone because of their beautiful mind or their beautiful body? (And this question goes both ways for men and women.)

Dark skinned. Bigger girl.
Just those two things alone, mainstream media depicts as less desirable & not beautiful.
Guess what though?
We don’t need to rely on society to define OUR beauty! Find yours, be comfortable in it & throw up the peace sign to anyone not here for it!
• Glasses: @emari3k

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It's not about how you feel, it's about how you manage your feelings. Linda semana gente !☀️🙌🏼#besmart #goodvibes #altavibra

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Siang shopper, abaikan produk ini karena sudah terjual. Sekedar informasi ya shopper, jadilah shopper yang smart, murah bukan berarti 50ribu, 60ribu dan seterusnya dibawah 100k. Mohon maaf sekali jika ada olshop lain yang merasa tersaingi, mohon jangan coment upload an kami dengan hal hal yang berbau ingin menjatuhkan secara halus, kami disini berjualan real, kalaupun follower kami masih sedikit, karena kami tidak terlalu perduli dengan follower, yang terpenting adalah peminat barang yang kami jual, karena instagram hanya salah satu saja dari cara kami memasarkan produk. Ya, follower anda lebih banyak, yang anda jual lebih murah. Tapi saya tidak tahu produk dari mana yang anda jual. Kami benar2 hanya menjual produk khusus import di instagram ini, jikalau bahan sama, tolong lebih sedikit dibuka pemikirannya, misal katun, katun itu masih dibagi lagi banyak jenisnya, ada yang biasa dan sangat bagus, begitu pula bahan lainnya. Seperti contoh celana yang saya upload ini, itu asli indonesia, saya yang request langsung ke pembuatnya untuk membuatkan model itu, bahannya bukan jeans, dimana biasanya orang terpaku pada jeans yang biasanya boleh mahal. Ya, bahannya adem, di buatkan opeh Metal Corps, dan ketika saya jual laku 400ribu,pembeli tidak complain, pembeli saya dari jakarta. Dan bisa saya pertanggung jawabkan jika celana ini pesanan saya ke Metal Corps. Saya yakin para shopper semua pasti bijak dan cerdas dalam memilih. Saya tidak perlu menyebutkan siapa saja yang mungkin merasa tersaingi, kita sama sam a penjual, dan ini hanya sekedar share, jika merasa tidak senang dengan olshop kami, tidak perlu dikepoin ya 👌. Terima Kasih

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When your overseas Insta fan is asking for a WOW bracelet and you showing them a STUNNING bracelet of Cushion brilliant. Then they fall in LOVE so hard that they ask for a matching eternity band 🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️ SLIDE LEFT to see the rest. (And yes! I know I need moisturizer 😆)

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One of the best words I have heard in recent time.

Tidak selamanya yg nampak diluar itu bisa jadi penilaian. .

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