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I feel that lately I've been losing motivation. I also feel that lately I've become infinitely more determined. I can't expect anyone to care or prioritize me, or my values, or my well being except for myself 💯.
Today was an off day for me- everyone has them- but none of my music inspired me today. I decided to listen to motivational videos through my workout. In between sets I ask myself what is the best use of my time right now? If I went home, or if I skipped sets, or if I lowered weights, would I be able to look back st the end of the day and say I used my time to the best of my ability?🤷‍♀️ .
The answer would be no. I don't even know why, but I felt like breaking the entire day today. In any case, I have my vision and I worked towards it. I still progressed, not as much as I had hoped or as much as I have been. It's still progress nonetheless. I'm not complacent. This is the worst I've felt in training in months, but I want to push through it. I actually wanted to do MORE at the end of my workout. -
There's no trying for me, either I do it or I don't. I'll prove to myself and you that if I say it, my actions will support my words. Words are so important. I won't belittle the gift I have to be able to speak them. I'll make them come to life. -
Stay strong fam.
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Sweating my lid on the rooftop and thinking about how much food I want to eat 😅 @ghostlifestyle #beseen

I love little pussy’s🐱

“i’ll be so happy when I (insert some goal)”
“when I lose (this amount of weight) i’ll feel so much better.”
Anyone else say these things to themselves? I’m unfortunately guilty of it.

Sometimes I feel like i’m working so hard but i’m so far from that dream body.

Instead i’m trying to get my mindset to..you’re healthy and you’re beautiful..you’re in your dream body!! Journey to my #bestself through #selflove

Squats are grooving! Felt really good today for my 5x5 with 290 today. Pushing my strength on these compound movements has had a great carryover to all of my other accessory movements. Helping push these workouts has allowed my progression to be consistent and steady. That's exactly what I want. I'm not in any rush and I want this to be as enjoyable as possible!

I settled for pizza.

Get that Shoulder pump on with this workout💪🏽
1) Military Press (15, 10, 8, 5, 8, 10, 15)
2) Laying Incline Lateral Raise (5x10 on each side)
3) Incline Barbell Front Raise (5x10)
4) Rear Delt Flies (4x15)
5) Upright Rows (5x10)
6) Reverse Grip Shoulder Press (3x20)

Current physique at 3.5 weeks!
Feeling great and excited for the upcoming weeks 💪🏼
How’s your prep going? 🎥: @ivan.perez05

Today’s workout was up there for one of the worst all time. I was mentally out of it, physically tired, and honestly just didn’t want to do it. And quite honestly, I could complain about so much more, but deep down I know that’s not going to make a difference.
It’s not going to make a difference because when I reflect on my “problems” or the things that are bothering me it’s so minor to what another person may be going through. Because in all reality my life is pretty damn good and I’m extremely fortunate to be in the position I am in.
Sure I have bad days, but the good days sure out weigh the bad ones. And this is a thing I need to constantly remind myself.
So Bennet what are you getting at? Well, No matter what the circumstance is there are going to be days that aren’t meant for you to win, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving all the effort you can.
Effort is a choice in the same way complaining is a choice. You can teach and practice both, it’s up to you on which one you make a priority.
Yes my shirts on backwards, but I had to show love to the Ghost® Fam.
Happy Wednesday Everyone.
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Power, greed, money, molly, weed, percs, xannys, lean, fame, and the strongest drug of them all... Love.
Rocking the lit stringer & matrix tapered joggers from @jed_north
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I didn’t get a video of my deadlifts, but I ended up going for a top set of 275 x 2. After backing off, I went for a beltless 3 x 5 with 145 (:
My bodyweight was also 142 as of this morning (: and I’m up to 300g of carbs on training days (: so life is pretty chill rn (:

Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.
📸: @oscartm4

The sun is (FINALLY) sticking around later...but still setting fast! Don’t get caught unawares-pick up your pair of nighttime and daytime running lights while we got ‘em! #alwaysON #beseen #safetyfirst

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