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(Yahiro has fallen asleep after the fight as he wakes up at night). Yahiro: hmm my head (looks swaying in front of the ceiling where koneko was) hey koneko wait times koneko !!!! Koneko: nyaaa (shows her cat ears and her soft tail) what is master. Yahiro: what are you doing there? Akeno: we were worried about you for this reason we are here. Yahiro: (directs his ick to the couch for his bed where akeno very elegant almost erotic seated) akeno you are. Akeno: apologize I was shower so I'm still a little damp but tonight we only belong to you master (takes yahiro's hand and grabs her breast) and soft enough. Yahiro: (jumps out of his bed and runs out of the room through the hallway) ahhh no no no no.
Stefano and guts make in the noble room press). Stefano: the strong one is sleeping the roughly! Wells: (is yahiros scream awake) ha what where like oh yes (pushes with full force and promotes stefano from the chair). Stefano: ahh not bad. Guts: thanks but were also quite good (both look at the opposite corridor where yahiro runs along behind him akeno and koneko). Yahiro: no. Koneko: master waiting we want to share our love with you. Stefano: well? Well, yes Stefano: never again beer at this time. Well, yes, there you are right (both look in the yard where yahiro around the well in the circle runs still behind him akeno and koneko) my eat what runs the the way (calls with loud voice down) now leave the two but with you Sleeping i would kill for something hahahaha. Yahiro: no no no ahhhhhh.
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yahiro: (looks scared behind sardok) yui !!!!! yui: papa! yahiro: run yui run to guts los guts take them and disappear from here. guts: why? yahiro: I'm going to kill him but it's got his price so go well take it and go. guts: yahiro you do not want it. yahiro: but I have to leave this forest is the end of everything. guts: but. yahiro: los goes !!!!!!!!!! wells: ok yahiro: yui akeno I love you. akeno: what do you have before? guts: (throws akeno on his shoulder and takes yui under the arm and runs off) yui: papa !!!!!!!!!!! akeno: yahiro? !!!!!!!!!!!. sardok: haha ​​you wanna kill me na then let's fight! yahiro: now I understand you let us start. sardok: huh? yahiro: (lets his power-free run). they had to be far enough away. sardok: huh? yahiro: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (his power triggers a huge explosion that grows).
guts: (with yui and akeno on a rock in safety and looks at everything). yui: papa !!!!!!!!! akeno: (crying) yahiro !!!!!!! sardok: ahhhhhhhh no I'm a god woe that can be (dissolves slowly). Well, probably yahiro. yahiro: (increases his power and the explosion) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. sardok: no no !!!!!!!!!! (disintegrates into rags). yahiro: still a bit more alive well yui akeno i do that only for you and yes for you rias ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (disappears in the light). (after five minutes the explosion). yahiro: (hovers petrified in air and decays). guts: yahiro is dead comes we have to go. akeno: (falls on the knee) yahiro yahirooooooo !!!! (Crying). yui: I know why you did it papa I love you I take care of mama to live well papa. guts: come we must go find the others. akeno: yes (wipes the tears from the face). yui: yes I come.
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yahiro and guts wander through the gloomy forest). yahiro: god damn me fuck my life when is the forest the time to end? guts: no plan but I feel with you. akeno: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. yahiro: was that? wells: akeno. (both run on a light and see akeno which is choked by a monster). yahiro: let go (rams his head against the monster holds it and rams it into a rock). guts: akeno are you okay? akeno: (chokes) yes it goes. yahiro: du bastard (that monster slaps him with full force in the face yahiro by a tree shot and bleeding there). ? : that is my rich (said it with an uncanny voice) I will kill you both and the woman rape (it opens its mouth to yahiro to eat). yahiro: (folds his hand) that here I've just built for you (a cannon in handy yahiro whispers guts) friss that here (shoots him in the skull). ? : hahahhahahahaha that tickles.
yahiro: ahhh (hits the monster several times in the face) what the hell. guts: what are you !!!!!!!! ? : I'm sardok and you (grab yahiro at the neck) are as good as dead. guts: sardok what damn. akeno: wells who is that? guts: an apostle of the highest genre a demon god. yahiro: ahhh (enters sardok in the lower jaw) let me go (rams his knife into the jaw). sardok: du mieser ahhhhhhh (beats yahiro more than 100 times in the face). guts : damn yahiro.
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(解る人だけでいいです)🔪 🔪
僕がインスタ界で尊敬する人?の一人#berserkzone さんを参考にしてほしい‼












So my adventurefriends will continue to be yahiro and guts find their friends and anyway where the portal has brought them that you can see at 23 o'clock
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Irvine. #Berserk

Poco se sabe de este hombre. A diferencia de Zodd el inmortal, Locus y Grunbeld, él sobresale en el combate a distancia, jamás errando en su disparo. Como tal, Irvine no va vestido con armaduras blindadas como sus compañeros. Es introvertido y no se inmiscuye en los asuntos de la Nueva Cuadrilla del Halcón excepto a la hora de luchar, llevando a cabo sus tareas con mortal eficacia. En su tiempo libre, Irvine se dedica a cazar y tocar el laúd. Parece tener un lado tierno, al menos juzgando por sus interacciones con Sonia.

En su forma de Apóstol tiene un cuerpo esbelto unido a una criatura parecida a la de un lobo que parece ser la metarmorfosis de su arco, siendo este reemplazado por los cuernos de la cabeza animal. Es capaz de crear flechas usando su pelaje, que al contacto con el adversario termina con él al desarrollarse en una mata espinada que cubre el cuerpo.
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(Today is the day when our heroes return with their new companions to their own world). Stefano: I will stay here and the princess I help my we have the chitauri on our side so we should be victorious. Yahiro: as you mean it is your decision and I respect her. Guts: hmpf when is it finally back. Akeno: right now. (A huge portal opens up and devours yahiro and his friends). Yahiro: what the hell ahhhhhhhh. Guts: that does not seem right gwaahhhhhhh. Link: that is not good. Akeno: ahhhh.
the portal opens and yahiro hits with full force on the ground). Yahiro: wells akeno koneko yui link. Guts : ahh yahiro where are you (look down a projection) ahh there you are (jumps down to yahiro) I'm glad where are the others ?. Yahiro: I do not know the question where are we ?. (Looks around them seem to be in a gloomy forest). Guts: that I do not like (looks around specifically). Yahiro: what is? Guts: pull your sword yahiro. Yahiro: yes, but why? Guts: pull it !!!!!!! (Almost at his butendes brandmal). (The ground breaks and creeps out of it). Guts: here must have been a battlefield yahiro are you ready. Yahiro: yes of course (akeno yui koneko link) hopefully you are fine.
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(Thanks to akeno find our heroes the way to the castle back 2 weeks have passed since the fight against rias). Guts: na yahiro as is the new arm. Yahiro: (lies on a meadow near the castle and looks at his new arm in the light) well you have to get used to it. Guts: (sits next to him) yes that is true I also had to learn to use him to believe hardly tomorrow we are 7 years here. Yahiro: we'll take her. Wells: hm !? Yahiro: our friends your wife and yui. Akeno: where are you going to take us with you? Yahiro: (turns around). Yui: papa !!!!!! Yahiro: yui chan what are you doing here. Link: haha ​​I brought her here.
Yahiro: thank you. Link: please take me to your world. Yahiro: and what about hyrule they need you. Stefano: no ding I hold his position. Yahiro: are you sure? Stefano: yes, I live here haha. Yahiro: well well abee I want to see you again. Stefano: no problem. Akeno: I will come with you yahiro (holding his new hand is that my fault. Yui: no my papa always said that no one has to blame it can always happen something. Akeno: yahiro (crying) I'm so sorry. Guts: I need a beer. Koneko: how heartbreaking you have messed up the moment. Wells: haha ​​sry. Yahiro: come let us celebrate eial before our divorce. Guts: yes with beer. Yahiro: yes with beer
Yui: you're real like papa. Yahiro: what. Akeno: (looks sad on the ground). Yahiro: (takes her in the arm) smiles ok it's not your fault yes I'm glad to have met you and now come yes. Akeno: yes yahiro.
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Yahiro: so today is so the day hahahaha on which I was so glad (lifts his sword and judges it on rias) I will leave you akeno not with nehem only over my corpse. Rias: that can be set up (thinks: hihi this fool I'm here in the advantage I have wings and he does not even come to me) well then we fight. Akeno: guts will win yahiro. Koneko: yes, tell me. Guts: I do not know, we just look at it. Yahiro: let's see how fast you are (attack rias frontally). Rias: so primitive (opens its wings and wants to dodge). Yahiro: haha ​​perfect (pakt rias on the leg and hits her several times on the ground) I knew that you have insisted that you have wings and I do not hahaha. Rias: ahh (lifts her hand a seal appears) let's see you taste monster (yahiro left arm we bored through spines and torn off what he seems dead in the water) you're so naive and dumb believe with the thing there you could Kill me that I'm not laughing.
Guts: yahiro no !!!!! Stefano: you're the bigger monster. Akeno: yahiro no no my darling. Koneko: master !!!!!!! Rias: los akeno I have won so come. Yahiro: not so fast. Rias: what in the name of hell are you that you do not die. Yahiro: (remembers all the time with akeno guts stefano and the others) I will not leave it to you (directs itself heavily on its remaining forearm on the handle of the sword) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! (His fight cry echoes through the level and that more) cringe finally (rams his sword into the breast) now die you are the monster not me you alone. Rias: (falls before him on the knee) .... Yahiro: still last words? Rias: you again .... (yahiro splits you without a hesitation the head) ... Guts: hmpf the pupil kills the master (smiles). Akeno: yahiro you did it (jumps it with joy). Koneko: master your forearm. guts: no problem you we miss one a stahl prosthesis na how do you like that as with weapons. Yahiro: haha ​​yes that would be good now because back to the castle like.
#anime #otaku #otakus #otakulife #mangalover #manga #Tokyo #japan #akeno #akenohimejima #konekotoujou #koneko #highschooldxd #guts #berserkzone #berserkerzone #berserk2016 #cloud #cloudstrife #fantasylover #fantasy #followme

Yahiro: what do you want here you should rot in the dungeon. Akeno: I'm sorry I have brought them here to help it does. Rias: be quiet !!!! Yahiro: dare not talk to her !!! Rias: you can be glad that she took me otherwise you would now be dead so thanks to me dear. Guts: (sitting on a small wall in the water and tilting water from his boots) lick me as if I would thank you. Rias: you're mades who do not deserve to live you're primitive. Yahiro: (was now really angry) say that again traubdich that nich a time to say. !!!!!!!! Guts: (get a box of beer out and start drinking koneko sat next to him took his beer off and tipped the half pure) great my beer naja. Akeno: rias I will not protect you from him I love him even if he is sometimes insensitive. Rias: why akeno. Yahiro: so dare to get that again. Well, I have it there is no solution immoment are like it would be with a fight wins yahiro you go away you win you must go akeno with haha.
Akeno: yes a great idea hihi (goes to guts yahiro over) you will be victorious my darling you will be victorious hey guts give me also what of the beer. Guts: ladys do not drink. Akeno: and soldiers should not be hit by lightning. Guts: (you throw that beer over) that makes me afraid. Rias: you're so primitive violence is not a solution. Guts: (screams from the distance) you had the big food and live with it yahiro. Yahiro: violence is not a solution but if someone asks what the solution is then violence is the solution so make yourself ready to lose. Rias: you miserable. Yahiro: keep silent and fight.
Guts: (shouts) na but the hell you made red-haired cow you're nothing else like we're all heretics so do not believe you're better than us. Yahiro: you hate it and at all I do not attack any countries or kill children so silent.
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