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@beigeojai "An ALIEXPRESS vendor sent me this wig to review on YouTube, I bleached it and this is what's left. #aintnomorewigbih 😩😂😭💀It {was} a 360 wig. Has this happened to anyone else? 🤔" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
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Having NATURAL hair is NOT about having LONG hair. Yes, length can be a goal along the journey, as it once was for me, but as my hair got long I had unknowingly become attached to my length. I was so caught up in it that I didn't realize my hair was slightly different from using the blow dryer. When I realized the damage, I wanted to cut my hair immediately. 'But wait!What about all the hard work I had put into growing it this long?? And did I become natural to have long hair or...?' I had to ask myself what my journey was about because why didn't I want to cut it? During my transition to natural hair, there was a lot of adversity and opposition to my journey and it made me strong within myself. When my hair got long, there was no adversity. Everyone loved my hair because of its length. This comfort further motivated my decision to cut and step out of that safety zone to regain my own self confidence and not this pseudo-confidence I've gained by other's approval. Did I receive backlash for cutting my hair? In real life, no. On social media? Yes, and I appreciate every unpleasant comment and lost follower that has reminded me how to be me and how to love me 'in spite of'. I'm not on social media to be liked, but to empower and encourage women. Likewise, I don't intend to teach others how to be 'liked' either, but how to love themselves regardless. I had lost sight of this for a moment but, cutting my hair has restored to me the passion and purpose behind my journey. This is my own story but someone reading this has become comfortable in some other area of their life. Think back to the beginning and remember your 'Why'. What was the purpose?


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