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This small statue is at the Nürburgring and is in honour of the great German driver Bernd Rosemeyer.
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Auto union. Bern Rosemeyer. Donington park. Acrílico sobre tela. 50x70.
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Bernd Rosemeyer in his 16-cylinder Auto Union after winning the German Grand Prix; Nurburgring 1936.
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Just before the start of the 15th Italian GP (Coppa Ciano) on 12th of september 1937 in Livorno, Bernd Rosemeyer and Tazio Nuvolari are having a few words together. Picture credit unknown. #berndrosemeyer #tazionuvolari #grandprix #autounion #alfaromeo #scuderiaferrari

// - POLARISING - // This my friends is the genesis of the Audi TT / R8 / Veyron. Meet Project Rosemeyer, named for Bernd Rosemeyer, one of the superstar drivers of Audi’s early racing years under the Auto Union banner did eventually evolve into the production R8 supercar. Although we don’t suggest the R8’s styling be changed. Road & Track voted it one of the most beautiful cars of 2009. There’s something to the steam-punk aggression of the Rosemeyer that just shouldn’t have been cast aside.

More of a homage to the racing cars of the 1930s than the ultramodern shape now adorning the R8, the Rosemeyer was powered by a 16-cylinder engine, although it used a W layout rather than the V of the old Auto Unions. Like we said, we wouldn’t wish change on the R8, but maybe Audi could introduce an armored model that looks like this.
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Bernd Rosemeyer on the auto union type C in 1937...what a monster car, 6L V16 supercharger!!.... you need listen the engine sound! #autounion #autouniontypec #typec #audi #audirosemeyer #berndrosemeyer #v16 #1937 #racecar #germany


Auto union. Bern Rosemeyer. Donington park. Acrílico sobre tela. 50x70.
#autounion #berndrosemeyer #autoart

What would happened if...?
the war wouldn't have ended the racing projects of Auto Union & Mercedes-Benz?
Mercedes-Benz was one of the first car manufacturers of the world. Since the 1910s they're driving very successful in motorsports.
In 1932 another German car brand was founded: Auto Union, a association of several brands.
Auto Union & Mercedes-Benz dominated the next years of car racing. Only Alfa Romeo was a rival.
In 1939 WW2 began, all racing activities were stopped. German racing drivers Rudolf Hasse, Ernst Günther Burgaller & Uli Bigalke didn’t survived the war. Also a few French, British and Italian drivers died, some of them as resistance fighters. Some of them, like Richard Seaman, Ernst von Delius & Bernd Rosemeyer died before the was has started.
Some survivors tried themselves in f1 after the war. Paul Pietsch, Hans Stuck, Herrmann Lang or Luigi Fagioli with less success. But Stuck & HP Müller were successful on hillclimb & motorcycle.
Rudolf "Carratsch" Caracciola retired in 1952 after a huge sportscar crash. He died in 1959.
Tazio Nuvolari was too ill to drive f1. He died in 1953 after some sportscar races.
Lang was dependent by medicines for war injuries.
A new era of drivers like Fangio, Karl Kling, Hans Herrmann has started. A mix of old pre war driver & young ones who survived the war or didn't came into the army.
It's hard to imagine what would have been without the war. The Nazis supported German motorracing as well. And they played a big role in the beginning of the war. Without the Nazis no war, but maybe also no great German racing.
Mercedes-Benz had a new & successful racing programme between 1952 & 1955 again with race director Alfred Neubauer. They came back in the 1980s.
Auto Union still build some road cars, now as DKW. A lot of little racing car manufacturers started, one of them was Porsche. Imagine they would be replaced by Auto Union.
What do you think? Comment⬇
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Keep it simple!
Check more styles on our web (link in bio).

The impossible victory⬇GP of the Nürburgring 1935
This event was considered to be one of the greatest motorsports victories of all time. The 1935 German Grand Prix was held under one of the most chilling & dreadful conditions. An estimated 300,000 German fans including some of the most powerful and high ranking Third Reich officers showed up for the race. There were high expectations that one of the German drivers would win the race since they had the most powerful and advanced cars. 3 Alfa-Romeo was presented by the Scuderia Ferrari team and were driven by Italian drivers Tazio Nuvolari & Antonio Brivio, along with Monegasque Louis Chiron. The rest of the competitors were from Maserati, ERA & Bugatti and were contested under private teams.
The race position was determined by a ballot & Tazio Nuvolari secured the front row at P2 but due to a poor start, Nuvolari dropped down to the third place with team mates Brivio retiring at lap 1 & Chiron at Lap 5 leaving Tazio with the only Alfa Romeo left competing in the race. Italian legend Nuvolari, drove a very hard race in appalling conditions, and after a dreadful start was able to pass a number of cars, particularly while some of the German cars pitted. By lap 10, Nuvolari was already leading the race while the rest of the cars were struggling to maintain a grip on the now rain-soaked track. After a botched pit in which he lost a total of 2.14 min due to refuelling delays from a broken pressure pump, he joined the race at 6th place. He drove on the limit, made up the time and was 2nd by the start of the last lap- 35sec behind leader Manfred von Brauchitsch in a Mercedes. But Manfred had ruined his tyres by pushing very hard in the dreadful conditions- and Nuvolari was able to catch the German & take victory in front of the stunned German High Command. The small 42-year-old Italian ended up finishing in front of 8 running Silver Arrows- and 2nd placed Hans Stuck was 2min behind.
This victory is known as "The Impossible Victory". The crowd of 300,000 applauded Nuvolari, but the representatives of the Third Reich were enraged.
They had only the German hymn, but Tazio always traveled with Italian hymn on a vinyl record.

Eis o camarada da minha foto de perfil:

O piloto alemão Manfred von Brauchitsch, considerado junto com Rudolf Caracciola, Tazio Nuvolari, Hans von Stuck, Guy Moll, Bernd Rosemeyer, Luigi Fagioli, Ernst von Delius, Ferdinando Minoia, Hermann Lang, Achille Varzi e tantos outros, como um dos pioneiros daquele que é o embrião da atual Fórmula 1, no caso o Campeonato Europeu de Pilotos, cujo auge se deu nos anos 1930.

Von Brauchitsch, faleceu em 2003 aos 97 anos de idade.

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Bernd Rosemeyer in his 16-cylinder Auto Union after winning the German Grand Prix; Nurburgring 1936.
#berndrosemeyer #autounion #europeanchampion #germanlegend #historicrace #vintageracer #germangrandprix #nurburgring #autounion16 #legendaryracer #rosemeyer

Bernd Rosemeyer's Auto Union Type C, Eifelrennen 1936 (Getty) #autounion #eifelrennen #germangrandprix #berndrosemeyer #merchandising #grandprix #vintageracing #v16

Bernd Rosemeyerを忘れてた。#berndrosemeyer

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