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Knife rolls! And yes I do know the difference between denim and canvas #bernalcutlery #kniferolls

Oroshigane graters! Best known for ginger and daikon but are nice for lots of other uses, they make a juicy pulp that has a slightly irregular texture.
These are old style tinned copper with hand cut teeth. $45 for turtle, crane, and small classic shape, $75 for lg classic shape #orishigane #grater #washoku #bernalcutlery

16" Foster Bros hog splitter as modeled by Hainey. Stay tuned for this one cleaned up and sharpened... Lots more vintage stuff to post, if you haven't already visit the vintage section of our website www.bernalcutlery.com Note that more separate catagories can be navigated on the desktop version of the site #bigfaka #vintagecleaver #Fosterbros #vintageknives #bernalcutlery

No good sharpeners in your area? Mail your knives to Bernal Cutlery for the toishi spa treatment!
#sharpening #knifesharpening #bernalcutlery #magnumpi

20% off for all vets today! Double our normal discount for vets and active military and first responders.
Stop by the shop or call us up 415 355 0773. Be able to provide military ID for discount. #memorialday #veterans #tuskegeeairmen #bernalcutlery

Just hitting their stride! Kikumori Nihonkou series 270mm gyuto and Yoshikane 165mm stainless clad SKD nakiri in for a sharpening.
We take trade-ins if you have any knives you want to turn in for store credit, DM if interested or contact Josh to bring them into the shop email joshdonald@bernalcutlery.com #japaneseknives #bernalcutlerytradeinknives #carbonsteel #knifesharpening #bernalcutlery

Chefs press! 8 & 13 oz $13 & $18 made in Oakland Ca. This is the most obvious application of the chefs press but not to be overlooked. Photo from our friends @goldbrick_burgers #burger #chefspress #bernalcutlery @thechefspress

Some people ask about the differences in water used in sharpening; will hard water damage stones? Will water softening chemicals bind with or break down stones? If my water quality is good (like here in the Bay Area) do I really need to use distilled water with my natural stones?
As of this date we have no definitive answers, hard water should be avoided with naturals, and it seems that for synthetics if you are using them regularly it shouldn't matter too much as the stone is being used up faster than reacting to the chemistry of the water.. Just don't soak the naturals or leave the synthetics in the sun or wind.
We have found that some interesting results can be had by putting a tab of LSD into the water an hour before razor sharpening however. #sharpening #japanesewhetstones #shapton #slurry #bernalcutlery

Aogami (2?) bonsai shears, great for a huge variety of kitchen tasks, from herbs to poultry breaking these are tough but nimble. We pulled a pair of these and tried to chip them on all sorts of jobs that kitchen shears usually get put to work on and they held up beautifully, packaging, dried kombu, herbs, chicken, etc. It was a chicken femur that eventually took a little chip out of one blade but you shouldn't do stupid stuff like that anyhow.. $48 in shop or online bernalcutlery.com #kitchenshears #bonsaishears #aogami #carbonsteel #bernalcutlery


Looking for a gift for someone who likes carbon steel?
The Yoshikane shirogami series we carry are a great iron clad carbon steel which cuts amazingly well and sharpens super easily.
Hand forged and hand ground in house at the Yoshikane works in Sanjo Niigata.
Last photo L-R:
240mm gyuto red ebony and Ho wood $228
210mm gyuto ho handle $198
165mm bunka ho handle $158
135mm petty ho handle $138
All on website bernalcutlery.com and of course in the shop
#Yoshikane #shirogami #handforged #tsuchime #gyuto #bunkabocho #pettyknife #niigata #tsubamesanjo #bernalcutlery

Unused new old stock K Sabatier 10” carbon steel “Nogent style or Cuisine Massive” chef knife made in the French capital of knife making, Thiers in the 1950’s.
Hand forged with the old style giant martinet trip hammer and hand ground in the old style these have a thin sleek blade that cuts very smoothly and sharpens super quickly with a good toughness. The stick tang extends through the length of the vegetable dyed (tannin based dye) beech handle.
These all have slight imperfections but are great performing knives, these old style French knives are getting super difficult to find as used second hand knives so even better to find with a fresh unused blade. We are happy to sharpen and get them ready for work.. a great gift for someone who appreciates vintage knives or as an addition to your own batterie de cuisine.
#vintageknives #ksabatier #thiers #auvergne #chefknife #couteau #carbonsteel #handforged #handground #bernalcutlery

Oroshigane graters! Best known for ginger and daikon but are nice for lots of other uses, they make a juicy pulp that has a slightly irregular texture.
These are old style tinned copper with hand cut teeth. $45 for turtle, crane, and small classic shape, $75 for lg classic shape #orishigane #grater #washoku #bernalcutlery

We have a few spots in upcoming sharpening classes, stones and carbon steel gyuto provided, 2+ hrs $85. Check classes section on website bernalcutlery.com call 415 902 6531 to check for availability on classes the day of.
#sharpening #japanesewhetstones #sharpeningclass #knifesharpening #bernalcutlery

Kids for knives! Several of these are dedicated kids knives (the MAC with the green handle in the center and the Windmühlenmesser on the far right) and others we have found are great for older kids.
Teaching kids to use knives is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen including washing dishes.
Kelly has a great kids knife skills class posted to our list of classes, check out the classes section of our website bernalcutlery.com
#kidscancook #knifeskills #kidsknifeskills #kidsknives #japaneseknives #frenchknives #germanknives #tojiro #ksabatier #windmühlenmesser #hocho #couteau #messer #bernalcutlery

In store specials at this weekends party 🎉
25% off all Japanese natural stones and Yoshikazu Ikeda 210mm gyutos in shirogami 2 with ho handle, suminagashi clad aogami 1 with ebony and oil quench shirogami honyaki with ebony & bone spacer.
Bring a knife to test out stones to find the right one or find which one is best for your new Ikeda 👍🏼 *Sale is in store only*
Party this Sunday 12/17 5:30-9pm 593 Guerrero (at 18th st) SF Ca 94110
#bernalcutleryindustrynight #happymerry #bernalcutlery #handforged #japaneseknives #dentoukougeishi #yoshikazuikeda #gyuto #sakai #shirogami #aogami #suminagashi #sanmai #honyaki #tennentoishi #japanesenaturalstones #honyama #sharpening #japanesewhetstones

XXL barley used vintage mid century Solingen carving and serving set in excellent barely used condition.
The hand forged after drop forged stainless steel blade shows old style Solingen dry fine grinding is a type of craftsmanship largely abandoned by the late 1960’s.
Marked Walter Willms Solingen Germany Stainless Steel, I was unable to place a date of manufacture from these marks but looking at the work on the blade it is safe to say 60’s at the latest..
This set is massive, the blade of the knife is 10.5” (2” at heel) and th overall length is 21” with genuine stag handles.
This would be a great gift for those that have giant BBQs or for your favorite cook with a Napoleon complex...
For more pics see@listing on bernalcutlery.com $248
#bigfaka #BBQ #pigpickin #Solingen #vintageknives #carvingset #handforged #bernalcutlery

A Chef’s Disneyland! Got my first Japanese Chef’s Knives 🔪#bernalcutlery #bicak #japaneseknives #sanfrancisco #foodporn

Hand forged butcher’s meat hooks! Hand made here in San Francisco with stainless steel and ipe wood. Built for a lifetime of heavy work, the ipe handles are irregularly shaped to allow for a secure grip while being naturally rot and bacteria resistant, the forged stainless hooks are super tough with virtually no flex.
Super happy to add these to our line-up, stay tuned for more additions to this series... meat hooks $98 on Bernalcutlery.com
Shown here with the Ashi Hamono honesuki maru in Swedish stainless $200 with saya (lefty available in shirogami 2 $225 with saya)
#handforged #meathook #butchery #hangbreaking #bernalcutlery #honesukimaru #ashihamono #madeinsanfrancisco

Yoshikazu Ikeda suminagashi clad aogami 1 165mm santoku and 180mm gyuto with custom paduak and ebony handles and sayas from @edromade
These knives have an amazing cutting feel, excellent edge life and a good toughness for a steel of its hardness. $650 & $695 bernalcutlery.com
#handforged #japanesesknives #yoshikazuikeda #sakai #dentoukougeishi #japaneseblacksmith #customhandle #customsaya #bernalcutlery

Vintage set of Apollonox table knives, forged and hand ground blades and silver plated Art Deco style handles. Made in Thiers France 🇫🇷 These old hand ground forged table knives are great for everything including meat. Steak knives are a more recent post WW2 development, many of the good old handmade table knives handle steak just fine provided they have a good edge, which these do. $88 in the shop or on website bernalcutlery.com #vintageknives #vintagekitchen #apollonox #artdeco #thiers #auvergne #bernalcutlery

The heavy weights are back! 13oz Chef’s Press in stock! 3782 verified peer reviewed uses, made in Oakland Ca. #chefspress 🏋🏽‍♂️#bernalcutlery

Woot woot!
Sunday the 17th 593 Guerrero SF
#holidayparty #bernalcutlery

A few Yoshikane old stock from series we don’t get too often, too to bottom:
135mm petty iron clad shirogami $138 (plain kurouchi, not hammermarked)
150mm bunks Iron clad aogami 2 $198
210mm gyuto stainless clad aogami $198
All listed on bernalcutlery.com
We love Yoshikane knives for their blend of edge life, easy sharpening and toughness with a consistantly great cutting feel.
Don’t tell Yoshikane but they underprice their knives... excellent value on these knives, all forged and ground by hand in the Yoshikane works since 1919
#yoshikane #pettyknife #bunkabocho #gyuto #shirogami #aogami #handforged #japaneseknives #bernalcutlery

Last of the Ikeda figural Fish knives, iron clad shirogami 2. Puffer fish is $188. I bet you know someone who really needs a puffer fish knife in their life.
#yoshikazuikeda #dentokougeishi #sakai #fugu #fishknife #handforged #japaneseknives #bernalcutlery

Superb antique French sterling silver handled carving and salad set in excellent condition.
Looks to be from early 20th Century and made for French domestic market.
French sterling with the tiny Minerva stamps are .950 pure silver and if I understand correctly we’re a mark used for domestic sale not export which would account for there being no “France” along with the markings on the blade as most exports at the turn of the century would have.
The condition of this set is really, really nice, the horn on the salad set is very clean, very little wear and no damage, likewise the fork and girot (to hold the bone of a leg of lamb to carve) is super clean and free from damage. The knife blade saw some light rust but is very full. $648 on bernalcutlery.com
Stay posted for more of our recent finds French, Japanese and otherwise.. #vintageknives #vintagesilver #frenchsterling #minerva #carvingset #frenchknives #bernalcutlery

Aiiwatani stones are becoming some of my favorites for fine natural finishers. We have been getting in a fair amount of stones newly cut from old stock Aiiwatani and Shoubudani mines. The Aiiwatani are harder are finer than the Shoubudani we get, the Aiiwatani are excellent fine finishers, some need nagura to get their mud started others will self slurry with water after some work, not as easily as the slightly softer Shoubudani stones.
The Aiiwatani make a nice smooth mud that is easy to work with, not scratchy on jigane or prone to raise large chunks with too much pressure. The finish they make ranges from a fine hazy kasumi to a semi-mirror polish depending on the stone and how long you work the slurry.
The cutting feel on these is amazing, for knives that benefit from a fine finish (yanagi, usuba fine grained carbon steel double bevel) they have more “bite” than their synthetic counterparts. This stone would be the equivalent of an 8-10K stone but natural grit is different than synthetic so the edge produces has a different saw tooth pattern. Natural stones cannot be graded the same as synthetic for many reasons but in general you can expect the natural to cut a little better as they dull and have more bite as fine finishes.
I see now why these get compared to stones from their neighboring mine Nakayama which is famous for their hard fine stones. Unlike Nakayama these don’t command a small fortune and are an excellent value. This flat wide somewhat thin stone is $108.
This and more natural Japanese finishing stones are posted to our website bernalcutlery.com
#honyama #aiiwatani #tennentoishi #naturaljapanesestones #awasedo #sharpening #knifesharpening #japanesewhetstones #bernalcutlery

Time for holiday music again! #sleep #happymerry #bernalcutlery

Antique French lamb carving set, marked only Paris, either made before the 1890’s or made for the French market up to the 1920’s and not for export...
Just part of the massive holdings in the Bernal Cutlery vintage vault.. bernalcutlery.com #vintageknives #couteau #carvingset #antiqueknives #bernalcutlery

*sale is over*
Thanks again to everyone who picked up a new Kitaoka and congrats to Sam & Holly!

We will be closed tomorrow Sunday 12/3 for Sam & Holly's baby shower and in honor of their impending parenthood we are offering a special sale this weekend. All aogami 2 suminagashi and kurouchi Kitaoka baby-debas are 20% off: ajikiri, ko-deba, funayuki and mioroshi deba!
Seen here from L-R
Suminagashi Damascus:
105 ajikiri $110.40
120 ajikiri $118.40
120 ko-deba $182.40
150 funayuki $150.40
165 funayuki $182.40
210 mioroshi $310.40
105 ajikiri kurouchi $94.40
150 funayuki $150.40
165 funayuki $166.40
These are all right handed single bevel knives best for fish breaking. Ajikiri are lighter than ko-deba which are the same thick proportions as a regular deba, funayuki are thin like an ajikiri but with a longer blade, mioroshi are thicker than funayuki but not quite as thick as a regular deba. The ajikiri and funayuki can be used for slicing boneless fish better than the thicker ko-deba or mioroshi and the thicker knives are better for cutting fishbones.
Go to bernalcutlery.com and look in the what's on sale catagory on desktop version or search for Kitaoka in mobile (several Kitaoka yanagi are not on sale)
#handforged #japaneseknives #babydeba #kitaoka #kodeba #ajikiri #funayuki #mioroshi #fishknife #sushi #sashimi #bernalcutlery

☹️last Mutsumi Hinoura aogami super 240 gyuto and 180 nakiri (sold) in the house... $345 $265
These are great hard working knives that are also capable of doing delicate work, long lived edges that are not too difficult to sharpen. We have lots of cooks here in the Bay Area and beyond that have been putting them to hard work for years..
#handforged #japaneseknives #mutsumihinoura #aogamisuper #gyuto #nakiri #bernalcutlery

This Mutsumi Hinoura shirogami nakiri has become the main knife that I use for testing out new natural stones. It was one of the first batches of knives we got from Mutsumi in about 2013 and I've gotten a chance to get used to its properties sharpening it on many stones and using it at home.
Shirogami is a blank canvas for smiths and can take on lots of large and small nuances depending on how it's forged, heat treated and ground. Mutsumi's shirogami knives have evolved over the years since this one was made especially his geometries but certain elements of his smithing have stayed consistent; a nice blend of toughness and edge life, it is certainly a hard treatment of the steel and has the crispness you would expect from that but hardness hasnt been overemphasized, there is very good responsiveness to stones.
Here I have prepped the knife with our "man-made auto" a 2000 grit stone made with a blend of natural and artificial grit in a very soft muddy binder. This stone starts at 2000 but with a dry slurry looks to go to about 4000, it is a great pre-polisher for many natural Japanese finish stones, although some very hard ones need finer, some softer or more aggressive stones can work from 1000 grit.
We have a new batch of natural Japanese stones on the way that this knife will be getting a workout on, keep your eye peeled for those in the next month. Those stones will mostly be Shoboudani and Aiiwatani mine but there should be a few others in there a Nakayama or two...
In the meantime we have some great assorted square shaped Aiiwatani koppa stones in the 830-1000 gram range on sale for $78.40 each on the website.
We don't not have the Hinoura Nakiri in stock at the moment but have lots of other shirogami and aogami super knives from him in stock, check out the website bernalcutlery.com or swing by the shop.
#handforged #japaneseknives #mutsumihinoura #shirogami #nakiri #japanesewhetstones #sharpening #knifesharpening #manmadeaoto #naturaljapanesestones #tennentoishi #honyama #bernalcutlery

Silverthorn O1 boning knives are back!! Hand made by Daniel Hilgenberg @silverthornknife these have developed a loyal following for a good reason, they blend fine cutting and the ability to detailed work with nice toughness and great edge life.
Top to bottom:
Ipe wood $160
Green G10 $160
Black micarta $140 (sold out for now)
Magnetic saya from Edro made just for these knives are available too.
#silverthornknifeandtool #boningknife #O1steel #butchery #bernalcutlery

Just posted this fine old F Dick chef knife to the website.
12 1/2" blade 2 1/4" wide at heel, old style hand forged after drop forged and hand ground to finish with European walnut handle. $225 bernalcutlery.com or in the shop at 593 Guerrero SF Ca
#vintageknives #FDick #carbonsteel #chefknife #messer #bernalcutlery

Cleaver auction! Unmarked (French ?) 6.25" blade 3/16" thick 10 1/2" overall length with paper micarta handle (rehandled in 1930's-50's?) Plenty of patina, a couple of chips on edge could be sharpened out.
Bid in comments here on Instagram, auction over Friday 12 noon Pacific time.
#vintagecleaver #vintageknives #cleaverauction #carbonsteel #cleaver #bernalcutlery

Mutsumi Hinoura shirogami 135mm and 150mm petties are back! Generously proportioned geometries on these make them more like little gyutos than the typical small slicer geometry.. 135mm $140
150mm $ 150
for details see website bernalcutlery.com
#handforged #shirogami #carbonsteel #mutsumihinoura #japaneseknives #pettyknife #japaneseknives #bernalcutlery

New old stock Gustav Emil Ern 8" carbon steel bull nose butchers knife.
Super easy to sharpen with a nice toughness, you know vintage European carbon steel.
Made in the 1970's to early 80's
8" $48, 10" $58 on bernalcutlery.com
We have a little grip of these so the box is usually not included but the first customer to claim the box in comments gets it thrown in.
#messer #vintageknife #butcherknife #bullnosebutcher #newoldstock #bernalcutlery

Bernal Cutlery will be closed this Sunday Dec 3 to celebrate Sam & Holly's impending parenthood.
Stay tuned for a juicy special online offer that day.. #babyshower #bernalcutlery #closed

Yaki yaki donabe and vintage nambu tekki ironware. 🔥🔥🔥
#donabe #nambutekki #bernalcutlery

A few of the Yoshikazu Ikeda honyaki knives we have in stock. Honyaki forging is done with a single billet of steel which is differentially heat treated creating a hard edge and a soft tough backing.
These are oil quenched shirogami 3 which makes for less edge life than water quenched higher carbon content steels but have far more toughness than other honyaki which can be prone to chips and cracking.
Yoshikazu Ikeda has been forging knives in Sakai for nearly 50 years and is one of the most highly respected smiths in Sakai, arguably the largest center of traditional Japanese knife making.
The sharpening on these is super easy and they have an excellent edge life in that they seem to get a somewhat toothier edge than other shirogamis.
Pictured here L-R:
240mm gyuto $965
270mm yanagi $1098
270mm kiritsuke $1498
300mm yanagi $1198
180mm deba $1248
Also in stock:
210mm gyuto $785
330mm yanagi $1198 (ho handle)
330mm yanagi water quench shiro 2 $1675
We also have iron clad shiro 2 and damascus clad aogami 1, see website bernalcutlery.com for details
#handforged #japaneseknives #sakai #dentoukougeishi #yoshikazuikeda #honyaki #carbonsteel #gyuto #yanagi #kiritsuke #deba #bernalcutlery

Unmarked antique cheese scoop, for comparison to the Michael Price just posted, unmarked but looks very New England (possibly Sheffield England but the rolled sheet ferrule looks American..) Forged carbon steel with silver close plate (a thin sheet plated on rather than electroplated) plate or sterling ferrule and mother of pearl handle.
$68 claim in comments
#cheese #cheesescoop #vintagekitchen #vintageknives #bernalcutlery

19th Century San Francisco made cheese scoop made by Irish immigrant knife maker Michael Price.
Another first for me, I have found a dozen or so Michael Price carving knives, and carving sets but never a cheese scoop!
Hand forged carbon steel with "close plate" silver playing and bone handle 10 5/8" overall.
Price made all sorts of cutlery, from Bowie knives to shaving razors, much of his work was culinary related made for the opulent dinners of the gold rush.
San Francisco boasted a couple really good knife makers in the 19th Century who were very influential in later 19th C American cutlery design. Eastern makers copied San Francisco style offset carving knives with their accompanied antennaed forks and steels. There is no mistaking the two though, the San Francisco made cutlery was the best.
Michael Price's main competitor in San Francisco was Will & Finck who made top quality cutlery as well as a huge variety of inventions including gambling equipment.
This is hard to part with so somebody please hurry before I squirrel it away in my personal collection.
$375 claim in comments or DM
#antiquecutlery #goldrushsanfrancisco #michaelpriceknives #handforged #vintageknife #bernalcutlery #dontgethighonyourownsupply

Magical honesuki maru saya from Edro, these fit most 150mm honesuki maru that we have tried them in and fit all that we stock.. shown here with one of the last discontinued Sakai Kikumori rosewood handled Swedish carbon steel Swedenkou in stock $168 knife (sold out..) $40 saya bernalcutlery.com #magneticsaya #sakaikikumori #edromade #honesukimaru #japaneseknives #carbonsteel #bernalcutlery

Last but not least, the annual physician heal thy self moment as my home knives get a trip over the stones before Thanksgiving.
Top to bottom antique LF&C 12" handforged semi flexible round nosed slicer
Ashi Hamono 240mm Swedish stainless gyuto
Masami Asai 160mm stainless clad aogami petty

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
#sharpening #vintageknife #lf&;c #ashihamono #masamiasai #bernalcutlery

Bunch of second hand trade-in knives just posted up to the website,
Top to bottom:
Shi•Han 155mm petty $170 *sold*
Swedenkou honesuki maru $108 *sold*
Nenox 165 yo deba ironwood $325 *sold*
Ohishi 240 sujihiki bubinga $140 *sold*
Ohishi 90 petty bubinga $85 *sold*
Mutsumi Hinoura 135 A/S petty $150 *sold*
#bernalcutlerytradeinknives #handforged #japaneseknives #shihanfineknives #sakaikikumori #nenox #ohishi #mutsumihinoura #bernalcutlery

Detail of mild steel clad shirogami 2 carbon steel 210mm gyuto by Mutsumi Hinoura. The banding pattern in the jigane from forging comes out more sharpening along the wide kireba bevels.
Mutsumi's shirogami has a nice toughness and edge life asking with its characteristic easy sharpening. Shirogami is a very pure carbon steel with hardly any alloy besides carbon and a tiny bit of silica, very much a blank canvas for a smith, it does not have the pre-engineered qualities of other steels so the blacksmith's treatment of it during forging and heat treatment really comes through. Some Japanese smiths jokingly refer to aogami as baka-ko or dummy-steel as you can do dumb things forging (or in using it ) with less repercussions.
I'm not sure how fair this is as the quality of forging, heat treatment and grinding on blue steels really do change the results, white steel is much more noticeable in how it's treated.. if sharpening is part of your routine and you can follow the basics of carbon steel knife care (dry it off mostly..) than these are a great series. Check them out on bernalcutlery.com or if you are in the Bay Area swing by the shop to take a look
#handforged #japaneseknives #gyuto #mutsumihinoura #shirogami #carbonsteel #chefknife #bernalcutlery

Some of our favorite Japanese slicers. L-R:
Ashi Hamono 300mm shirogami $345 (w saya)
Mutsumi Hinoura 240mm iron clad shirogami $220
Sakai Kikumori 270mm Nihonkou carbon steel $138
Ashi Hamono 240mm Swedish stainless $265 (w saya)
Ohishi 240mm VG5 stainless $144
Ohishi 240m stainless clad aogami 2 $198
Fujiwara 240mm Maboroshi No Meito stainless clad shiro 1 $480
#sujihiki #slicer #japaneseknives #handforged #carbonsteel #slicer #ashihamono #mutsumihinoura #sakaikikumori #ohishi #fujiwarateruyasu #bernalcutlery

Slicers! A few new western slicers from the massive selection here at Bernal Cutlery
Top to bottom:
Sabatier new old stock 11" carbon Nogent style $148 1950's
K Sabatier 10" Slicer new production carbon steel & olive $98
K Sabatier 10" Slicer new production stainless $88
K Sabatier new old stock 9" semi flex stainless Chevalin $48
K Sabatier 8.75" Plat Du Semelle new old stock $108 1950's
Windmühlenmesser K9 9" carbon slicer $138 new
Windmühlenmesser 1922 series 8.75" carbon steel slicer $206
All in the shop and on website bernalcutlery.com
#couteau #messer #slicer #carbonsteel #ksabatier #windmuhlenmesser #thiers #solingen #bernalcutlery

Great old markings on table knives made for the Exclusive Cutlery Shop, a San Francisco knife shop that was in business from 1911 to as late as 1991 when the company was dissolved but I believe it shut doors before that.. This is the first of this mark that I have found, usually the knives made for The Exclusive Cutlery Shop were marked TECS, this is the first of this marking I have seen... 1920's?
Anyhow a cool piece of San Francisco knife shop history. Stay tuned for more older SF cutlery including one dynamite 19th century San Francisco made piece... #knifeshop #sanfranciscoknifeshop #theexclusivecutleryshop #bernalcutlery

Thanks @bernalcutlery for sharpening these oldies. Great staff and service #bernalcutlery #knives #cutlery #knife #049

2nd hand Ashi Hamono Swedish stainless 270mm kiritsuke gyuto 25% off at $270.
Thinned, and refaced by yours truly. Thinned, and sharpened for sleek performance with a solid B+ cosmetic surface.
Available on website bernalcutlery.com #bernalcutlerytradeinknives #ashihamono #sakai #kiritsukegyuto #gyuto #bernalcutlery

*auction over*
Instagram auction! Antique 20" blade (24+" overall 3.35 lbs ) Chinese cleaver! This is a monster, there is a bit of a mystery as to its intended use. Word has it that this knife was shown to vintage knife guru Bernard Levine who said he had found one many years ago and brought it around San Francisco's China town to ask old timers there if they recognized it, the prevailing idea was that it was for cutting noodles and are no longer used as machines have long ago taken over this job. The last 6" of the edge near the tip is very dull which might suggest it being held on the board and lowered from the heel to cut.. the sharp edge itself is not as thick as a butcher cleaver so that in my mind is ruled out.
In any case the fist of these I have seen in over a dozen years of buying vintage knives nearly every week.
Bid in comments, auction over Saturday 11/18 8pm Pacific time
$20 shipping domestic US $50 international shipping.
#vintagecleaver #chinesecleaver #cleaverauction #knifeauction #vintageknife #handforged #carbonsteel #bernalcutlery

*sold* Refurbished 2nd hand Misono Swedish carbon steel 270mm sujihiki just posted to website! $125 bernalcutlery.com
Stay tuned for more trade-in refurbished 2nd hand knives... DM if you want to trade up out of your kit..
#bernalcutlerytradeinknives #misono #carbonsteel #sujihiki #bernalcutlery

Taking a break from wood backgrounds to mention open spots in tonight and tomorrow night's sharpening classes 6:30-8:30 at our workshop around the corner from the store 3505 17th St SF Ca stones and knives provided. Call or text 415 902 6531 to claim a spot $85
#sharpening #sharpeningclass #bernalcutlery #japanesewhetstones

Grind on Wakui, so nice and fine! We just got in a few more Wakui knives. With either octagonal ho or red ebony handles
135mm petty $135
165mm santoku, nakiri $155
180mm gyuto $165
210mm gyuto $175
240mm gyuto $195
new arrivals all posted to website bernalcutlery.com
#handforged #japaneseknives #wakui #shirogami #niigata #pettyknife #santoku #nakiri #gyuto #bernalcutlery

Just in Yoshikazu Ikeda 300mm yanagi with double horn ebony handle and natural stone finished suminagashi clad aogami 2 blade.
$898 on website bernalcutlery.com #handforged #japaneseknives #carbonsteel #aogami #yanagi #dentoukougeishi #yoshikazuikeda #bernalcutlery #sakai

Pumpkin gnocchi, chanterelles, chestnuts, pickled fennel, garden herbs but it's 78 degrees and trade winds #onlyfallinthekitchen #luckywelivehawaii #wildmushroom #bernalcutlery #foodporn

New old stock 1950's K Sabatier 10" Nogent style chef and one in use in for a sharpening starting to pick up some nice patina. These old hand forged hand ground Sabatier have light springy thin blades that sharpen amazingly easy and cut beautifully. Being softer than Japanese knives of similar thickness but higher hardness they dull way faster but are tougher and more chip resistant. We have a nice selection of new old stock vintage French knives in right now; paring knives, slicers and chef knives.
10" Nogent is $148 on website bernalcutlery.com or in the shop
#vintageknife #frenchknives #carbonsteel #couteau #chefknife #sabatier #ksabatier #thiers #handforged #handground #nogentstyle #cuisinemassive #bernalcutlery

Hinoura iron clad shirogami 2 arrivals! 165mm santoku $200, 240mm sujihiki $220, 210mm gyuto $275, 240mm gyuto $340
Great toughness and edge life on these for a shirogami 2, of course they sharpen beautifully and cut really smoothly, better than their slightly heavier weights.
For details or to purchase see website bernalcutlery.com
#handforged #japaneseknives #mutsumihinoura #carbonsteel #shirogami #kurouchi #santoku #sujihiki #gyuto #bernalcutlery

Just found a batch of vintage Nambu Tekki ironware from the Iwate prefecture. Been on the lookout for these again after finding a couple of lighter weight fish about a year ago.
This area of Japan has been famous for its ironware since the Edo period.
#nambutekki #castiron #vintagekitchen #vintagejapan #bernalcutlery

Vintage new old stock Freidr Herder steak / table knives! Just posted to website bernal cutlery.com $24 each
#vintageknives #steakknives #freidrherder #solingen #bernalcutlery #playloud

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