The Berlin Wall is as poignant and important now as it ever was. I’m so glad I got to witness this powerful reminder that the human race is both barbaric and beautiful. #makefriendsnotwalls #berlinwall #berlinwallart #eastsidegallery

Last day in Berlin#haxe #berlinwallart

The East Side Gallery was created in 1990, not long after the wall fell.

Symbolically, the artists decided to paint on the East side, where the East German soldiers patrolled the area known as the “death strip.”

Love Wins

A reminder of our shared humanity, and the power of kindness and empathy. May we have the courage to choose love over fear in every moment of our lives.

Part of the Berlin wall remains standing in the woods in the north of the city. This was a part of the original stretch of wall, made from brick before GDR switched to concrete. It was constructed at some point in 1961 using bits of bombed houses. It was discovered by a local historian last year.

Thought this guy looked happy and that made me happy. #berlinart #berlinwallart #jollymood

Rég posztoltam magamról képet, de ez kult háttér

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East Side Gallery this afternoon. Fantastic artwork and powerful messages.
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#TBT: Why is architecture so GD soul fulfilling? That grassy knoll is now my vision of ‘Happy Place’. Oh, and randomly they have a piece of the Berlin Wall there, ya know; as one does. *
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I originally took this photo simply because the contrast struck me at the time.

A gap in the original Berlin Wall, and then a high-rise condo building. Who could have imagined this years ago when the wall was still fully intact and patrolled by soldiers?

Then I went home and read about the building. It turns out that vandalism isn’t the biggest threat to the East Side Gallery, but instead, it’s developers.

Many Germans turn out to protest development in the area but this particular developer managed to secure a permit and remove an almost 20-foot portion of the wall in order to start building. A hotel has also gotten a building permit right next to it, though no date for construction is set yet.

It’s an ongoing struggle, to preserve this piece of the city’s history as progress marches forward. Mercedes-Benz Arena is right across the street, and it’s hard to picture the divisiveness of the wall as it was with large modern structures towering on each side. Still, I hope those standing strong can manage to preserve it and I consider myself blessed to have seen it.

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