This Saturday was absolutely great w/ @refinery.coffee and @lofficielgermany ! To see lovely people opening the second high end coffee place in Berlin is a very nice experience! It's all about the great team work and passion for what you do - things that bring beautiful results. Was also so nice to meet so many positive people, so hi 👋 to everyone again and hope you're having a good start into a new week with a kick of good caffeine ❤️☕️ #RefineryCoffee

When the sun comes out - we enjoy the cold brew ☀️️☕️ A LOT! And can't wait to have it with you in our new location already next week! 📸 @margo.coconut
#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

We are happy to announce about our second location opening in Kreuzberg in less than one week!
Join us for our Refinery Specialty Coffee Retail store opening in cooperation with @lofficielgermany : July 8th from 4 to 8pm at Skalitzer Straße 104! #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

On the rainy days like these, you know where to go... ☕️ taste our guest coffee from @timwendelboe if you haven't yet and treat yourself this Friday with a homemade sweet treat! 👀#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Our baristas make sure to treat you well with the best coffee from either local roaster or @timwendelboe beans! Choose your favorite and enjoy a cup of good, high quality coffee with us ☕️ #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

When @thomas_k stops by for a visit ☕️❤️ we are passionate about bringing the highest quality specialty coffee to Berliners and are always waiting for you! Come over and bring your friends! Yours, #RefineryTeam

Refinery celebrates the next level in specialty coffee tasting @taschen Store Berlin: join us for @timwendelboe coffee, good spirits and TASCHEN opening sales party on the 21st of June from 5-9pm! ☕️ from the 22nd to the 24th meet Refinery team, taste the coffee and take part in the coffee brewing at home workshop! #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee #TASCHEN

Explore this Monday morning our latest talk with Resi from @waytocoffee on her blog and Refinery's co-owner, inspiring specialty coffee enthusiast Tansel ☕️❤️ thank you a lot, Resi!
#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Let's talk good coffee, loud laugh, friendly eyes, untold stories and soon-achieve-happiness. ❤️☕️ // #berlin #berlingram #berlincity #berlincoffeedate #exploretocreate #thebarn #coffee #pricelesscities #vsco #vscocam

It's treat yourself weekend! Agree? Hurry up for @timwendelboe and amazing pastries! #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

When was the last time you had a visit at Refinery? Hope not a while ago - otherwise come by today for @timwendelboe coffee and sweet homemade treats! #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Ode for accidental meet ups or how happy am I to see unique and visionary Dominik aka @that_that_this_this more frequently these days. Ambitiously down to earth, with surprisingly loads of exceptional collections of knowledge and experiences, intelligently elegant and minimal. Inspiring simplicity, beautiful surroundings and our talks about some great and the greatest things. // #berlin #berlincoffeedate #inspiration #thatsdarling #vscocam #vsco

Happy June, friends! It is warmer, more sunny - it's the time for cold brew (and a small treat)! Stop by for a chat this Thursday 🌞😘 #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Earlier today drinking ice coffee over a nice chat w/ positive @julia.dalia ☕️️☀️️💛 looking forward to see you soon!
#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

When life gives you lemons - make a lemon cheesecake! Hurry up, we still have a few slices left of this gorgeous and fresh homemade cake 🍋 🎂 #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Good morning sunny Berlin! ☀️️☕️Start your Monday right with the filtered Kapsokisio coffee from @timwendelboe. As Tim Wendelboe presents this Kenyan coffee, it is different from other Kenyan coffees as they come from different regions, with different growing conditions. The Kapsokisio is located in West Kenya and were traditionally planted in higher altitude areas, which makes coffee quite unique with a more sweet flavour profile with notes of cooked fruit and a hint of baking spices paired with green apple acidity. #BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

Once the sun is out - we are drinking Cold Brew ☀️️☕️️#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

We are open today as usual - so come over for our breaky menu and great @timwendelboe coffee - Hunkute Organic Espresso ☕️ Don't forget to bring your dads - it's Father's Day!
Repost from talented @larisazz ☕️️😘
#BerlinCoffeeDate #RefineryCoffee

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