Repost from @mrsdroversclass using @RepostRegramApp - So proud of our CG Recyclers, who presented to the @fmpsd Board tonight! @christinagfmpsd @leader.in.me #beproactive #beginwiththeendinmind #synergy

Uptown, 7th District is accepting donations for these displaced children. Please help donate & please repost. #OurBabiesDontBelongInCages #todossomosuno #dosomething #beproactive

I will be heading to Albury Monday afternoon and I have just 3 appointments available for a FREE Health Scan
PM me ASAP to secure you appointment

Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen; if you have a dream, make it come true! 🙌🏼✨ #thepowerisyours #gogetter #shapeyourfuture #youcandoit #dontwait #beproactive #makeyourdreamscometrue

So proud of our CG Recyclers, who presented to the @fmpsd Board tonight! @christinagfmpsd @leader.in.me #beproactive #beginwiththeendinmind #synergy

Be so focused on your goals that nothing distracts you. We are chasing our goals and having a blast doing it. Life is going to try and throw you off track, but it’s all about how you respond. Don’t let life get in the way of your goals!! #goaldigger #fitteacher #fitmom #dtermined #beproactive #gogetyours #postivevibes #limitdistractions

Trump finally reversed his decision to separate families at the border today. A “zero tolerance” policy he so tirelessly defended over the past two weeks. Beyond horrifying it is, children crying for their parents in cages, stories by foster parents of traumatized babies they were to look after with zero timeline for reconciliation with their families. But is it surprising? We’re repeating a dark time in history (Germany 1934 ). Unnecessary acts based in fear and mental illness. If he continues to go unchecked who knows what’s next? The election for House of Representatives is Nov 6th. Only they have the power to impeach! Who knows if that power would ever be implemented but we have to do what we can proactively to get him out of The Oval Office. (beautiful watercolor by @rajovilla via an amazing site @_stillwerise who is auctioning goodies to help support this cause, another good one to donate to is @raicestexas which provides free legal counsel for families already detained) #keepfamiliestogether #helpunitefamilies #dumptrump #votenov6 #historyrepeatsitself #dreamtheworldintobeing #takeaction #beproactive #stillwerise

Your gums bleed due to inflammation which is caused by bacteria . When you floss once a day you disrupt the bacteria , therefore you reduce the inflammation, therefore your gums will not bleed. #facts #dentalfacts #flossonceaday #dailyroutine #healthygumsdontbleed #takecareofyou #beproactive #preventivecare #health #style #beauty #cleanmouth #soflossy

Si quieres dejarle un legado a tu nieto, regala un plan Abuelos.
Contrata una póliza que solo pagas en 5 años, te damos un seguro de vida para ti y un fondo de ahorro para tu nieto que se paga cuando tu decides.
Escribenos, te hacemos una propuesta personal sin costo.
#BeProactive #PremierFinancialPlanners

Dr Matt having his tune up with Dr Andrew! We’ve got each other’s backs just as we’ve got yours 🤜🏽🤛🏽🌟

I thought about this when i was trying to act towards my dream. I realised that what separates dreams from reality most of the time is hard work. #hardworkisnotajoke #getthingsdone #stopdreaming #startacting #stopfancying #beproactive

SUMMER's here and so are family & friend gatherings! Some of us know that we are allergic to food/environmental things such as pollen. But, did you know that some symptoms are less commonly attributed to allergies? Fevers, nausea, headaches (They can also be caused by allergies!), and even rashes like eczema. .
#SUMMERishere #summerfun #saynotoallergies #beproactive #weloveflowers #fun #smile #meadows #huntingtonbeach #ocwellness #sunrays

Que tal praticar yoga nesse meio de semana? Aqui a @suelen.wons usa o nosso tapete de EVA. Ele possui superfície texturizada, antiderrapante, resistente, durável e lavável, além de ser prático e super leve. .
Disponível também nas cores verde e preto. Confira em: proactionsports.com.br - link em nossa bio.
#ProAction #ProActionSports #BeProActive #MoveYourself #Yoga #Pilates #YogaSP #Alongamento #Flexibilidade #Asana #YogaLover #YogaInspiration #YogaEverywhere #YogaEveryDamnDay #Pilates #PilatesLovers #PilatesSP

My son sat me down and seriously begged me to just stop talking about wanting to get healthier. Consume myself instead of talking about it. BE PROACTIVE. BE ABOUT IT. So, I am.
My kids have been very supportive in my journey back to health! My depression wallops me at times. I am missing loved ones. I miss the classroom. Teaching was a joyous gift to me! But because of my PNES, I’m on disability from teaching. (I am not supposed to drive, lift heavy objects, or stay in stressful situations. My seizures come with no pattern.) There are positives though! I can spend time with my grandkids, travel with the hubs, sleep whenever I feel tired. I’m rambling now - my ADD has kicked in. Lol
#beaboutit #thanksben #beproactive #ketohealthyliving

🌻Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! I’m resuming my weekly goal sharing below, and this week there’s a lot :) Feeling extra motivated to get a ton done!

1. Clean up babysitting scheduling and go on a date night with Eddie!
2. Work on some overdue emails and accounting for @hugchurch
3. Prep questions and activities for a meeting with a goal setting client!
4. Self care activity of the week: paint my nails at home with my sissy :)
5. Cook at lest 5 clean meals this week..already checking off 2 out of 5!
6. Drink 10 glasses of water EVERY DAY!!!!
7. Create 1st draft of some “printable” productivity sheets!

I also wanted to share that these are several goals that I have for the week that I set over the weekend. BUT, each night I do write down my top 3-5 goals/tasks that I want to tackle the next day! I’ll be sharing these cool tools with y’all soon. Let me know below if this is helpful for those who are following along! 💕💕 #epgoalsetting

Just don't do it, don't waste precious time looking at something that will only take your time. #beproactive #keepgoing #motivation #keeppushingforward

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