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Missing these girls so much right now, but I know they're having a blast in Branson! I've decided to use this quiet time to learn all I can about Plexus! I can't wait to help others see the benefits of adding Plexus to their lives! Message me if you have any questions! #livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus #cutestkidsever

Had a BLAST sharing my passion for health and happiness with 300 people this evening!!!! If being a Crazy Plexus Lady is wrong, I don't wanna be right!!! #livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus

#livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus love my necklace!!!!

This ain't pretty. But that's alright. #behealthy #behappy #beactive #beplexus #ladypastorpreneur

馃I can't Stress enough how 鉁达笍IMPORTANT鉁达笍 it is to take care of your body! I am living proof! Becoming a healthier version of myself day by day馃檶! Healing my body from the inside out from my stomach issues and sugar cravings with ALL natural products馃尶! I am so THRILLED about the New Slim, the New VitalBiome, and X Factor Plus! These are TOTAL GAME changers! Plexus has so much to offer, I am so glad to be apart of this AMAZING company鉂わ笍馃挌馃尶馃挆! Our Microbiome can be DAMAGED quickly with antibiotics, stress, poor sleep, and diet.
Our bodies are similar to a garden 馃尡 in that you must:
馃尶 Weed it ~ Get Rid of the Bad
Actors ~ BioCleanse & Probio5
馃尡 Seed it ~ Replenish The Good
Microbes ~ VitalBiome
馃尶 Feed it ~ Super Food For Good
Microbes ~ Plexus Slim
馃尡 Protect it ~ Reduce Harmful
Compounds ~ XFactorPlus
I am seriously blown away at our new health system!!
#Microbiome #GutHealth #GetToTheRoot #LiveHealthy #BePlexus

These three are hands down a must when traveling! No bloat, gas and help regularity. (Biocleanse) We all know how that is! Help control carbs and sugars! (BLOCK) Energy for long days, short nights! (EDGE) We will NEVER leave home without them!馃挆馃檶馃徑 #love #live #healthy #beplexus #feelgood

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Happy Mothers Day!
As a woman, I thought I knew love
When I met my first love in high school.
Then, of course, I thought my soulmate was my true love.
It wasn't until I had my children that I knew what true love really was.
I now know what it feels like to live someone so deeply
You would easily give your life for theirs
You would put all your needs on hold just to meet theirs.
Your life would change virtually overnight.
And it doesn't matter if they grew under your heart, or in it,
You love them just the same.
Biological or not.
So here's to all the Moms out there who know true love
For that day was the day
We celebrate now.
PS - For those Moms children can not be with them today, celebrate yourself, because you know, without the shadow of a doubt, what it means to love. So many have never been able to experience that love. Rejoice that you had it and treat yourself to a celebration - whether your children are there or not.
PSS - Give yourself a Mothers Day gift. Learn to create an income from anywhere in the world! - https://goo.gl/p69W4q

I always enjoy starting my day with a little pink... #lovinplexus #plexuskeepsusyoung #BEPLEXUS


Last Chance! You really can't afford to miss this! You think you know the whole story but there is more to this than meets the eye.

Just, let me ask you this. Are you totally okay with the meat you're eating being loaded with antibiotics and dumping that in your body with nothing to counteract the effects?

Do you really think you're getting ALL the nutrients you need from your diet alone? Do you think there are no effects on your health from the endless cups of coffee and pop?

Do you really have zero interest in preserving the only body you're gonna get in this lifetime? Well, okay you're right. You wouldn't be interested in this event.

For anyone else that is working to avoid nutrition induced illness and preserve their health for themselves, their families and God (it is the temple where His Spirit resides after all) then please comment below or inbox me.

The event is FREE. You can attend from home or anywhere as long as you have a phone. And it's only 30 minutes. It could change your life. It changed mine and countless others. Join me and see for yourself.

#ladypastorpreneur #behealthy #behappy #beplexus #dobetter #preserveyourtemple #bbg

Sooo...the next person who joins my team as a wholesale customer/ambassador will receive a FREE bottle of #Boost! Boost will help suppress your hunger and help burn fat more effectively. Are you ready to feel better than you have in years? #Plexus has turned my life around with more energy, better sleep, better mood and overall better health. I feel as good as I did when I was in college! Contact me for details.

#LimitedOffer #TakeBackYourHealth #60DayMoneyBackGuarantee #PutYouFirst #YouAreWorthIt #guthealth #naturalenergy #sleepbetter #bettermood #oneplexus #livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus

By putting #nutrition, #exercise and #stressmanagement together, we can create a #healthier and #happier life.
Plexus supplements can help you eat better, be more active and reduce stress. These products are tools to help you #behealthy and #behappy.
Request an invite to my 30 minute Facebook party to find out why so many have chosen to #beplexus and rock their health and wellness goals. #ladypastorpreneur

iPhone 6S Plus vs Galaxy s7 鉅
What are your views? 鉅
I've had the Galaxy and truly LOVED it! It was a great phone but recently my daughter gave me the iPhone 6S Plus and I'm LOVING it!! 鉅
I'm truly enjoying this iPhone experience 鉅
#iPhoneGreatForHomeBuisness #LiveHealthy #LoveLife #BePlexus #BothAreGreatPhones

4 days left til July! How did that even happen? I've had so many people join me this month and I'm just 3 away from my reaching my June goal. I have an incredible deal right now. .
#determined #goaldigger #livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus #momboss #motivated #multivitamin #probiotics #drinkpink #pinkdrink #healthymom #HealthAndHappiness #healthandwellness #judeodin

You'd be surprised how many people tell me "I'm good" when I try to share something with them that could change their lives. I'm not pushing a weight loss product and I'm not peddling pills. I'm offering better health. Gut health is the key to better health and that's what Plexus products provide. Maybe you should at least take 30 minutes and learn about the benefits before you close your mind to the possibilities. Ask me for an invite to the informational Facebook event today. #behealthy #behappy #beplexus #ladypastorpreneur

Roller derby has been on my bucket list for far to long. Here's to new hobbies, fun exercise, meeting cool new people and loving life. .
#livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus #momboss #goaldigger #rollerskating #tryingnewthings #goforit

This happens Thursday! What if this is your answer to prayer. You could find out in 30 minutes. Request an invite today. #feelbetter #ladypastorpreneur #behealthy #behappy #beplexus

I did not drink enough water today and I can feel it. Thinking I should make this my lock screen so I see the constant reminder. You know made some poor choices today and I'm paying for it. I'm not here pretending to be perfect. This is a journey I still have good days, great days and not so awesome days. The thing is I'm not stopping or throwing in the towel because of one fouled up day ok actually weekend... forgot about yesterday's BBQ party馃槂... Alright so who's with me back on the straight track tomorrow!! .
#healthandwellness #healthylifestyle #healthspo #healthymom #HealthAndHappiness #livehealthy #lovelife #beplexus #bossbabe #bloodsugar #probiotics #vitamins #pinkdrink #drinkpink #motivated #momboss #drinkwater

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