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Open me up and you will see I'm a gallery of broken hearts / I'm beyond repair let me be and give me back my broken parts 💗 #calligraphy #ingridmichaelson

That moment of pause when you drop your phone #Beok #Hacking #Supersub

👍🏼✌🏼️!! #beok #enjoythemoment

Ждать и догонять - не люблю категорически! #beok

Entre janelas, persianas e a poluição da cidade que vc reside ainda há beleza..
Entre luzes artificiais, ar condicionado e o estresse diário ainda existe prosperidade..
Basta enxergar o copo meio cheio e voilà.. a felicidade te espera..
#beok #bestrong #befree #benice

Uma homenagem aos dialetos praticados numa tarde de abril:
O parreco rafeiro perdeu-se #unstoppable #beok #shutup


PIC Credit: @love_lightx 🙏🏻😘ASTROCAST: 6/23/17: planetary lineup AFTER 6:07pm is: SUN Cancer; MOON Cancer; MERCURY Cancer; VENUS Taurus; MARS Cancer; JUPITER Libra; SATURN Sag. [R]; URANUS Aries; NEPTUNE Pisces [R]; PLUTO Capricorn [R]. At 2:45pm the moon went VOC between Gemini & Cancer. At 6:07pm the moon goes into Cancer where it joins up with the Sun, Mercury & Mars. Venus is in earth sign Taurus, Mars in water Cancer, which makes for fertile soil. 😇 The NEW MOON this month is at 10:31pm. Your ritual this month is best used setting personal goals in the realm of the sign... That would be by giving full due recognition to what is all about HOME to u, personally...where u derive ur security & those things that make u feel safe. Set ur goals toward the end of enhancing ur security blanket in ur domestic life. It may include a place &/or financial considerations but it's deeper than that. While the sun is in Cancer until July 22, people in general will be more influenced by the phases of the moon, which changes about every 55 hrs-- both sign & element. On the 21st, MERCURY moved from Gemini to Cancer. The knowledge sought after now will change from quantitative to qualitative in character. Needs are deeper & emotionally grounded. Not only is this Cancer's Lunar high, 4 planets are conjunct & trine Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces. The strength of each planet in water is intensified as to matters of emotion, the subconscious mind, personality that forms ones instinctual behavior. Nurturing & sentimental feelings & behavior will be prevalent. Realize that You & others seem soft in the middle like the crab which can bring self protective measures into play. Guard against overeating. Fertility is more probable. Deep work in intangible realms is favored & facilitated now. Progress can be made on deeply routed mental health issues that will no doubt come to the fore. GET COZY ALL WEEKEND!!!☺️😇❤️ #astrocast #newmooncancer #fertilityawareness #homenfamily #astrology #fridaynight #lightinme🔥 #weekendvibes #weekendhoroscope #mentalhealth #healingarts #beok #rekimasters #mystics #anxietyrelief #usmilitary #woundedwarrior #usvets #familygoals #familyfirst #justachoice

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