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One of the best decisions I made was joining a sorority when I was 19. These women no matter how often or not very often I see them always remind me to be of good cheer no matter my circumstance. They were with me when my dad passed away, when I went on a mission, when I came back, and now getting married. I love them. This isn't everyone who came tonight but thank you so much for throwing me a bridal shower! 💝 #sisters #sisterwiveswithbabies #beofgoodcheer

In this world you will have tribulations, but #BEOFGOODCHEER, for he has over come the world.

Whenever it appears like your world is crashing down, remember that the one who made you will not put you through what He hasn't prepared you for...He will never put you through what you cannot handle!

#ifHebringsyoutoitHewillbringyouthroughit 🙏

Wishing you the best x #beofgoodcheer

Two years ago was the blessed day that this sister came into my life. I am so grateful that God loves me enough to bring sisters like this into my life for forever. I will always cherish the time we spent together in Angarsk when we both spent so much time struggling to do the Lord's work. You, Sister Oler, are a great reason for me to #beofgoodcheer 💕

There's always Roses. #beofgoodcheer #💋


In this world you will have tribulations, but #BEOFGOODCHEER, for he has over come the world.

"Now, a word for those elders, sisters, and couples who, for whatever reason, may not be able to finish their assigned time in the mission field: The Lord loves you. He appreciates your sacrifice. He is aware of your disappointment. Know that He still has a work for you to do. Don’t let Satan tell you otherwise. Don’t get down; don’t become discouraged; don’t despair...

"As I observed in general conference shortly after I was called to lead the Church: “Fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.” That promise still holds true for you. So don’t lose your faith, because the Lord has not lost faith in you. Keep your covenants and move forward.

"The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless all of His Saints — regardless of where we serve — with a missionary heart." // ❤️ President Thomas S. Monson (June Home Teaching Message)

#service #missionaryheart #moveforward #love #beofgoodcheer #faith #hope #charity #PresMonson #prophet #LDS #Mormon #Temple #Gospel #JesusChrist #peace #light #heal #solitude #meditation #gratitude #quiettime #sharegoodness #makeyourownmagic #plantpowerpixie

Do not worry for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself.. Each day has enough trouble of its own.. #livedontjustexist #livelaughlove #lifegoals #livinlikeme #life #dontworry #bestillandknowthatHeisGod #beofgoodcheer

Daddy - Daughter Donut Date! I'm so grateful for my father and for my husband! Both men are such great examples of hard work, kindness, humor and love. On days like today I feel especially grateful for the people I share my life with. 💕

Why do we accept the notion that life has to be hard, that will have to toil and suffer before we live a just life and gain the happiness we need and want. This life is to be enjoyed and lived in peace and abundance to live in any other sate is a slow suicide. #enjoylife #happyfornoreason #samuelbutler #beofgoodcheer #thrivenotjustsurvive #lifeissupposedtoenjoyed #llpersonaltrainingandmotivation

Good morning! Life has been busy this past week and a few surprises popped up. One I received today from IG about a notification from a person. Its interesting to see how people perceive a situation and make judgments on it. Good or bad, it's all about perception and how we decided to evaluate a comment, an event or circumstance, an encounter, etc.Iit's good to step back and look first at ourselves before we respond. How did we play a part in what happened? Were our motives good or selfish? Would our actions follow God's word or are we trying to take matters into our own hands? How we respond to life is a reflection of who we are and who we chose to become. It's not always easy, but as I'm working hard to teach my kids... always take the high road and walk in integrity. Those that do the same will be the ones you want to associate with. .
We all are working hard to produce great content for others to help offer ideas, solutions and services. Stay true to who you are and work forward in your quest to be the best you can. Life and people will surprise you. Some good. Some not so good. .
Respond with a smile, sometimes with an "oh well", and never let it derail you. And if you ever feel a set back, go watch and learn from @askgaryveeshow to see how Gary responds to negative people. He'll get you back on track. 🤗😜👊🏻
#surpise #workhard #beofgoodcheer #integrity #smilemore #neverquit #thestruggleisreal #lifeisgood #lifeisanadventure #livewell #lifeistooshort

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