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Gintama 2017 Season 2 is coming out on 1st October!!! After I watched Gintama 2017 , i really like Kouka and her past. She is beautiful and I like her eyes colour. Im so excited and happy too that it will come out just a few days later!!!!! I really like Gintama because it can be a comedy show , parody show and at some point it can be so serious that creep me out 👀 but overall it is really 💯 💯 I really like Beetle arc and Kagura's death Arc oh my shit , it is too funny that it hurt my stomach 😂😂
Q: What is your top 3 anime that make you cry?
A: 1st is Anohana(The flowers we saw that day) I cried like shit because of Emma's spirit is going to reborn and left everyone 😭😭 2nd is Blue Exorcist The Movie and I cried because I feel pity about the demon (young boy) past and how people treated him and I also feel sad how he didn't purposely do one and left in the end :'(
3rd is Gintama the Movie : Yorozuya yo Eien Nare ( Forever Yorozuya) I cried how good their friendship are and also feel the impression how shock of Kagura and Shinpachi when both of them just realised that Gin was actually with them all along. Gin is also trying to protect his identity because he doesn't want both of them to involved

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