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McCovey out here getting it done!

Slow morning, but we had enough duknutz to stay out here and grind it out!

These wigeon make it too easy at times. They love the decoys! Hardly any calling needed!

These little guys fly fast! Always catching us off guard. Lucky we're quick with the trigger!

Wigeon always make for fun hunt!👊

Look at this gem that came wandering right into our decoys!

Walking away a winner with this nice trio!

The most colorful North American waterfowl!

Young Paisely putting in over time her first duck season!

Come on into our blind and check it out! Comment below and let us know what you think!!👊

Show your appreciation and get your woman and nice bouquet of ducks!

Just take a look at this monster of a green head!

It doesn't get any better than a green head and a woody!

Hey, how bout that hen!
Only 31 days left in the season. Keep putting in work!

Foggy days aren't always the best, but they make for a hell of a picture!

We may not limit out, but we get enough to keep us happy and coming back for more! Get some!

The variety pack of ducks! Hunting on public land in the marsh!

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