Looks as though our little mans profile will be more of a surprise than we thought! His head is sitting below my pubic bone so the tech couldn't get a measurement or picture for us, but hes very healthy and right on track for his weight and development! I'm a little sad I couldn't see his sweet face, but I couldn't be happier to see his healthy little foot! My baby boy has been low since day one and wants to stay that way it seems!

“Excuse me. Why am I not sitting on your lap?”-Ben #needy #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglife #puglove #benjaminreilly

Everytime I look down, I am reminded of every reason to look up, love you sweet boy! <3

Absolutely in LOVE with the shower I had today! Everyone out did themselves with the planning, decorating, service, and even gifts! We appreciate every moment that was put into today by each and every one of you! Our little boy is so loved! <3

Tomorrow is shower day! I'm so excited to spend the day with all of the people that love my little boy so much! 😍😍 I cant wait to see you all there!! ☀️🍼

My body seems to want to grow babies too fast, but our sweet little babe is healthy and glowing! Every day hes getting more ready to meet his mommy and daddy, and we couldn't be more proud of him! We love you so much, Benjamin Reilly! Keep baking a little longer, sugar bear ❤

Thank you to my wonderful brother in law, @ds_creatives @usain_dolt for the last minute Easter maternity shoot!

Happy Easter!
Forgot to share vlog update on our baby Ben yesterday, dont be like me and forgot to watch it! 😆
A bit of a sneak peek into our doctors appointments and expectations! Oh and I was FINALLY able to surprise DYLIN! (Sorry to disappoint but it's not a car hahahaha! One day I'll be able to get him back for that one! 😉 ) 🌟🍼 LINK IN BIO!! 🍼🌟

Down to weekly appointments with our little sugar bear! <3
Keep an eye on the vlog too for more updates!!

Never thought I'd look down and smile with happy tears in my eyes because I couldn't see my (possibly swollen?) toes. 😊
I'm sorry for all the belly pics, but I never want to forget these moments. I'm sure I'll need these memories to pop up when Ben's deciding to explore the world and give me heart attacks or make my nights a bit more stressful. Haha! Here's to motherhood 🍼🍵

“What do you mean we’re out of treaties??”-Ben #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglife #puglove #benjaminreilly #treaties4life

Sun's out, tum's out! ☀️
Baby wanted to say hi to the world today since he's going to be introduced in 3 short months!! 😄😙 Happy third trimester to us!

However you’re comfy, bud #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglife #puglove #benjaminreilly

Made homemade cough syrup because I truly don't want to risk any over the counter medicines right now if I can help it. 😫🤢🤒
Stay tuned for updates on how it works!! ***Aaand quick shout out to my Dylin for always taking care of me. I kept him up all night last night coughing and he still has been beyond patient and caring with me. If you ever hear me sounding ungrateful, please remind me I have so much to be grateful for. 💕❤***

26 weeks and mama is still smiling and can see her toes (occasionally)! 😆😅 Baby is getting stronger and stronger by the day and now reacting to light! We are celebrating reaching double digits until Benjamin Reilly's due date! 99 days! Let's see when you will come, my little one! 😚❤

I will forever do variant Spider-Man costumes. I don’t know why, they’ll never get used, and the original is classic and will never be improved upon. ...
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#csad #csad_draws

#tbt to when I couldn’t figure out how to use my bed! #pug #throwbackthursday #pugsofinstagram #puppy #benjaminreilly #puglife #puglove

My little Benjamin is celebrating 24 weeks by bouncing around since 4am! Mama is celebrating by smiling and embracing every little movement in there! (Peep my initials on my newest mug! 😜)

23 weeks as of yesterday! Benjamin Reilly is moving like crazy, loves oranges and listening to his parents playing Destiny! You're already growing too fast and I know I'll be saying it when you're 30.
📷 @iamdylin

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