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Check out @rubybox_beauty to get your hands on a complimentary @benefitsouthafrica voucher to their brow bar! ... I have never trusted anyone with my brows before😂 ... but I had the most pleasant experience with Benefit SA! Thank you so much @kaylie_marilito ❤️ You did an amazing job! #benefitsouthafrica #rubybox #benefitbrowbar

It was so good to meet all these ladies☺️ Thanks @benefitsouthafrica for the amazing products❤️
#benefitsa #benefitsouthafrica

YES ITS TRUE I met @nadiajaftha !!!!!!!! 🌸❤😂👌 #benefitsouthafrica

This stuff is LEGIT. My skin has never been better. Thanks for introducing me @mr_van_1220 😁 #BenefitSouthAfrica

Arriving this July - @benefitsouthafrica // 😝😝 dead. I'm dead 💀 #deathbyexcitement lol #benefitsouthafrica #benefitsa

Benergia, and a whole lotta love. 💚
#benefitsouthafrica #benefitsa #benecationsa #benergia #benebabessa

How gorgeous is this Ofra Lippie that I got from @samikastore💄Ofra Liquid Lipstick 'Hypno'

____________________________________ 🌹@revlonsa Colorstay 'Natural Tan' 🌹@swiitchbeauty Brow Game in a Box
🌹@swiitchbeauty #HolyGrailFlashCase
🌹@benefitsouthafrica Sun Beam Highlighter
🌹@swiitchbeauty #GlowGasmPalette
🌹@swiitchbeauty #SlaysForDaysPalette
🌹@samikastore Ofra Liquid Lippie 'Hypno' 🌹@essence_cosmetics Mattifying Compact Powder 'True Mahogany'
🌹@essence_cosmetics Lip Liner 'Red Blush'
🌹@onqmakeup ONQ Lashes 'Fierce' & 'Sultry'
🌹@essence_cosmetics Waterproof Mascara

#swiitchbeauty #benefitsouthafrica #essencecosmetics #samikastore #onqlashes #onqmakeup #capetown #beautybloggers #makeupoftheday #theglamdolldiary


MITD....Smokey purple glam eyes, glowy skin and a nice nude lip.
@esteelauder @esteelaudersa @maccosmetics @bobbibrown face, @benefitcosmetics @benefitsouthafrica brows, @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_sa eyes, @essence_cosmetics lashes and @kyliecosmetics lips.

here's the tutorial of how i achieved the look in my previous post x

#benefitcosmetics kaBrow in shade 5 & ready, set, brow!
#lagirlcosmetics proconceal in yellow corrrector to carve brows

#nyxcosmetics ultimate eyeshadow palette in 'brights'
#swiitchbeauty @swiitchbeauty #slaysfordays palette (code: kalopsiablog for 💸💸 off)
#benefitsouthafrica roller lash

#inglot mattifying primer
#maccosmetics charged water
#nyxcosmetics matte but not flat foundation + highlight and contour palette & strobe of genius
#lagirlcosmetics procnceal in 'yellow corrector'
#lagirlcosmetics proconceal in 'beautifully bronze'
#clarins loose setting powder in 02

#maccosmetics kinda sexy and stripdown lip pencil

@whiterabbitrepublik - marshmallow brush set and the eye brush set
@swiitchbeauty - Metal Gloss Range (code: kalopsiablog to get 💸💸 off)

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How outrageously gorgeous is this sweet girl though?! Thank you @chaunice_robyn for allowing me the opportunity to do your make up for your matric dance! You looked absolutely beautiful my sweetheart ❤ (Also, those brows though! 😍) #makeupbykay #benefitsouthafrica #makeuplife #makeuplook #browsonfleek #benefitbrows #benefitbrowssa #matricdance #mua #makeupartistjhb #makeupartistsa

MOTD.... Complementary smokey gold eyes and mauvey lips. So loving putting affordable products together with high end products to get amazing looks.
@esteelaudersa @esteelauder @bobbibrown @wetnwildbeauty @wetnwild_sa face, @benefitcosmetics @benefitsouthafrica brows, @maccosmetics eyes, @essence_cosmetics lashes and @maybelline lips.

Its a #throwback kind of day!
Its been 2years since this post and Im still continuously in awe of how effective and incredible Benefit Cosmetics is!
PUFF OFF eye gel remains my go-to product to de-puff that unsightly under eye area, as well as brighten up my peepers!
Again, what can I say, the proof is in the pudding.
And uh, did I mention it was INSTANT?! Its my ultimate FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! *insert dodgy smile*

#benefitcosmetics #benefitsa #benefitsasandton #benefitsandton #benebabessa #benefitsouthafrica #puffoff #mua #lovetheskinyourein #eyedilemma #problemsolving #cosmetics #beauty #pinkrevolution #pinkisthenewblack #puffoff #nofilter

Product: Benefit They're Real! Mascara
First thoughts 🤔: I got this mascara as a sample when I purchased the Defined and Refined Brows kit that I posted earlier this week at Edgars Gateway.
When I opened it up to look at the wand, I thought it was a torture device with all the spikes!!! 😁 It has a slight smell to it but you have to actually put the wand to your nose to smell anything and I don't think that anybody does that every time they apply mascara!!! 😄
Tips 📝: When applying this mascara don't allow it to dry before your next layer as it will clump and look cheap and awful. If you have any clumps start to form, just continue combing with the applicator or switch to a lash comb quickly and it should sort out the problem.
Pros ✔️: The consistency of formula is actually quite nice and you can see that you have product on your lashes right off the bat. And if you continue to apply your layers lightly, you can build your lashes from natural to "whoa nelly!!!". It doesn't dry immediately but pretty quickly, so no transfer onto the surrounding skin which is always a plus. But I also apply my setting spray before I do my mascara.
As you can see in my picture my one eye looks like I have false eyelashes on but not the other one, but that is because my lashes are just plain weird no matter what mascara I use.
This mascara is also very easy to remove and doesn't flake during the day and looks as good before removal as it did right after application.
Cons ❌: To be perfectly honest I hate the spikes at the end of the wand, I always felt like I was going to stab my eyeball as I applied the product, (the rest of the wand was great). Also, while the wand spread the product beautifully, having to dip into the bottle repeatedly caused little clumps to form on the wand by the end of the week, this can be remedied by using a lash comb before it dries. Maybe it is different in the full size, I am not exactly sure.
Summary: I extremely impressed with this mascara but I am not sure if I will buy the full size when my sample is finished but I am definitely going to keep using the sample until it is finished.

MOTD.... Warm peachy tones for a Friday
@maccosmetics face and eyes, @benefitcosmetics @benefitsouthafrica brows and lashes, @bobbibrown cheeks and @revlon @revlonsa lips

This stuff is LEGIT. My skin has never been better. Thanks for introducing me @mr_van_1220 😁 #BenefitSouthAfrica

MOTD... A warm eye look and a glowy face for National woman's Day
@revlon @maccosmetics @bobbibrown face, @benefitcosmetics @benefitsouthafrica brows and lashes, @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_sa eyes and @revlonsa lips

Help us CELEBRATE YOU by joining us in spreading the LOVE, JOY, APPRECIATION and MAGIC! ❤
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MOTD.... I am enjoying natural glam eyes but putting a nice bold colour in the waterline and softening with a soft neutral lip.
@revlon @revlonsa face, @benefitcosmetics @benefitsouthafrica brows and lashes, @maccosmetics eyes and @maybelline lips

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