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I was just stoked to get an Iron Man movie. Never in a MILLION years would I have thought that's we'd now be where we are. INFINITY WAR?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Wow Marvel, thank you. 🙏🏼
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these teenage/twenty-something boys I was working with today were just so preoccupied with sex and why is that all they think about?? but am I actually any better??? maybe I'm not self-aware

Why "Spider-Man 2" wouldn't work today lol

Holy cow 7 years ago On July 25, 2010 "A study in pink" aired for the first time. 😊😊😭😭 #benedictcumberbatch #martinfreeman #sherlock #louisebrealey


#ClancyBrown will be voicing #Surtur in #ThorRagnarok

lil baby boi. my young high functioning sociopath. my sweet summer child. the light of the sherlock fandom. my young, murderous, passionate, whimsical, and perfect gay son. aah I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. you go baby you go protect your bf. you have my unending support.
Now I wonder... what does my tendency to mother almost every character that I like say about myself...? Like Sherlock's a grown man played by a man almost three times my age. Oi I'm such a fangirl. WELP THERE'S NO GOING BACK NOW AHA
Qotd: Victorian Sherlock or Modern Sherlock?
Aotd: ...Modern Sherlock. 100% Sure, Johnlock was almost more canon in the past, but Molly could be a doctor and Mary could be a highkey badass not just a lowkey badass and Janine (the maid of honor? Right??) could be not a maid and John was less rude and sexist. Also, Emilia probably wouldn't have needed to kill her husband and form a band of feminist murderers... Domestic abuse is a modern problem, too, but I feel like now is when we could help more and do more overall good. Probably.
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So...where's Antman?

Speaking to ComicBook.com at a press event for Marvel Studios following the exciting Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, co-director of Avengers: Infinity War Joe Russo ruled out the possibility of seeing the heroine in the first of a massive two-part Marvel Cinematic Universe culmination. "She's not in Avengers 3," Russo said.

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