Team Hoo-gah at the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards 18. We didn’t get to take home an award but we still had an awesome night! Thanks to all our fabulous team and a big congratulations to Hayley and the team @indulgechocolates for a well deserved win 😊🏆
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Brilliant night at the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards. It was an honour to be invited with the MM family! What a night amongst the best of the best in Bendigo! #bbea #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #mckeanmcgregorrealestate #bbea18

All formal for the #bbea18 #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #bendigo supporting @zfitstudios my family and friends. Would be lost without them. Congrats to all and well done.

There’s no better excuse to buy a new bag then attending the Bendigo business excellence awards! Status anxiety is an awesome label and how ironic that it reflects the way we’re feeling too. Haha not really we’re more excited then anything 😅 Good luck to everyone🥂 -
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We are pretty excited about taking part in this tonight, good luck to all🥂🥂🥂 -

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Flashback to last years @bendigo_business_awards at @ulumbarra So looking forward to this years event Friday night! #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #bbea2018

Great day for judging Bendigo Business Excellence Awards finalists in the Audi Q5! 🍂🍁#bebendigo #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards

Thanks Bendigo Business Excellence Awards for the great write up! Voting closes 25th of May so if you haven't already, head on over to their website and cast a vote our way! Thanks for your support. 😊 #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #9yearsinbusiness #vstone
Regrann from @bendigo_business_awards - For kitchen benchtops that rock Bendigian's love @VerekerStone! ⠀

Will these stone-cold competitors have what it takes to overlay the competition? ⠀

www.bbea.com.au ⠀
⠀ - #regrann

We are excited and honoured to have been named a finalist in the 2018 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards - Excellence in Digital Customer Engagement Category.

Something we have strived to develop and work hard to keep relevant in this competitive marketplace is our online presence and engagement of our followers, clients and the wider community through our online platforms.
We would like to thank our clients and members who’s stories and successes we are privileged to be a part of and share so that more people can be inspired by their efforts and successes.
The success of the people we train would not be possible without our amazing and talented group of Coaches and Staff who set the standard of client care and coaching at its highest always.
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“A house is a building, a home is a feeling!”
Building excellence in motion by @virtuehomesgippsland Warragul & Drouin.
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Contact Virtue Homes 51765997

Be bold. Be brave. Be boss. ⠀

Recognising courage and leadership, determination and bravery, the Regional Women’s Business Award was created to acknowledge business acumen and excellence in women across the Greater Bendigo Region. Enter now! {link in profile}⠀

Pictured: Amy Drummond, @kin_skinmakeupbody

#RWBA #BBEA #regionalwomensbusinessaward #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #business #excellence #regional #women

Winning a Bendigo Business Excellence Awards category was such a buzz for us last year that we’re throwing our support behind the event in 2018.
The Social Enterprise of the Year category success delivered nice recognition to our organisation and honoured the dedicated staff who deliver more than 50 programs and services to the community each week.
The application process was excellent because it actually made us stop for a minute and look closely at the great things we are doing for the community and why they're successful.
We’re sponsoring the People’s Choice Award – a category recognising businesses held in high regard by the community and ultimately the one people choose to love the most.
It’s our way of giving back to the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards and supporting Be.Bendigo who share our ambition of making this community a better place.
So we ask our friends, partners and consumers to please support the People’s Choice category of the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards by visiting www.bbea.com.au and nominating your favourite Bendigo business – a nice way to say thanks for the wonderful service they afford you.
The 2018 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards launch was hosted by last year's business of the year Frankie & Co Clothing this week and how inspiring to hear the story of how the honour has continued the success story of a young Bendigo business doing such great things.
It's time to find and honour the next Frankie and Co success story. Good luck all.
#Business #Bendigo #BBEA2018 #BendigoBusinessExcellenceAwards #gottobeinittowinit #communityhealth #BCHS #healthy #FrankieandCo #excellence #Bendigoisbooming

Thanks to Che from @crerevolution for snapping this pic & coming in to talk to us about the @bendigo_business_awards this week. We are still so honoured to have won our category last year & encourage all Bendigo businesses to take the time to apply 💫 IF YOU LOVE OLIVER BIRCH there is a People’s Choice Category 😉😉😉

Be bold. Be brave. Be boss. ⠀

On International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, Bendigo Marketplace is thrilled to announce their sponsorship of the Regional Women's Business Award - a category of the 2018 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards! ⠀⠀⠀
As the inaugural sponsor of the Regional Women’s Business Award, Bendigo Marketplace encourage a culture of equality - one that supports an expansive and fair workplace where success is reliant on skill rather than gender, and where opportunity exists for those who seek it.⠀

Recognising and rewarding the courage, leadership and creativity of Greater Bendigo’s most inspirational business women, the Regional Women’s Business Award empowers entrants to take pride in their achievements - encouraging them to set bold new goals for their future. ⠀

Applications for the Regional Women’s Business Award have now opened!⠀

With a prize pool worth over $25,000, find out more or enter now! {Link in profile} @bendigo_business_awards #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #bendigomarketplace #regionalwomensbusinessaward #regionalwomen #women #award

In celebration of international Women’s Day, our long term partner @bendigomarketplace are the major sponsor of the inaugural Regional Womens Business Award.
Do you know any amazing female business owners? Tag them below! We know quite a few! Encourage them to enter this prestigious award and help us celebrate the success of women in our region! #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards #regionalwomensbusinessaward #bendigomarketplace #internationalwomensday #shoplocal #femaleleaders #supporteachother

Another excellent business woman ready for #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards. @seriously_milestones looking smokin' 🙌🏼

The amazing Emma from @happyhandshappyheart celebrating her excellence at #bendigobusinessexcellenceawards. 🙌🏼

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