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Yesterday I showed you a comparison of a hyperextension pattern in the deadlift and a neutral hip dominant lockout. Let's take a look at what this looks like at full speed so you can implement some of the cues I gave you.🎬
As you finish the lift, you come out of the hinge position and want to squeeze the glutes and push the hips forward to meet the bar. The spine should not move back any further past neutral.✋
The big mistake I see is people not squeezing the glutes and finishing the lift by simply pulling their torso back as far as possible. This causes a strong extension compression at the lower lumbar spine and can lead to some irritation over time.
While not ideal, if you do favor the backwards lean or need it to get the white lights ⚪⚪⚪, make sure to squeeze the glutes as hard as you can as that will help maintain a more neutral lumbopelvic position.
✔Make this small change in your technique and you can save yourself a lot of aches down the road.
Tag a friend who needs to fix their deadlift and share the wealth!

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Woke up late, not a problem. Keepin my day positive with this Coffee with Krem-Top. Plus this awesome Mug with my name on it! Staying fresh today with this simple striped Shirt from my favorite @benchtm 💎

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Don't forget your morning stretches 💪 (@bossgainz)
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... A or B? Comments below..
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"Hey wanna go out toni....".... "Sorry, I already made plans...." We've all been there! Comment below with a 🐶 if you've done this before!

Pittsburgh, you have taught me love, hate, and everything in between. I've made the best of friends, the best memories, and learned who I am in this city. Without my experiences here I wouldn't have grown into the person that I've become. You'll be missed, but I'm excited for the next chapter✌🏼🏙


This is my cigar. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My cigar is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my cigar is useless. Without my cigar, I am useless.
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5x5 82.5kg
5x10 55kg

So the doc said no more squatting deep and heavy. And when i asked if i could deadlift, he said as long as you don't bend your knee too much. So, i'm fucked. Going to relearn my squat and focus more on the quads with a narrower stance.

From 18 to now my weight has been through it all. I've been 168lbs to 110lbs and everything in between. The last year or two I finally stopped fighting my body and started listening to it and feeding it right. Since then My life and relationships have never been better 💕


Solid bench session today with some nice volume PRs.
100kg/220lbs for 1x8 and 2x7 touch and go. Big volume PR and despite the fact that it's still poverty, 6 months ago a few reps would've been a grind so I'm very pleased.
Still trying to sort out where my elbows go but it's getting there, I've learnt a lot from this block of training. Happy with my arch though, keeps improving.
Followed with dumbbell pressing, pulldowns and loads of shoulder/arm pump.

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