Heaven is a place on earth.

Hubby has Half Baked and I have The Tonight Dough 😍
What's your fav?! @benandjerrysnz
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How Berry Berry Extraordinary is this shot at our Ponsonby Scoop Shop? 😉 #pun #icecream #benandjerrysnz

Dear Lord.. thank you for all of your great blessings! Please, have mercy on the lactose intolerant and ask Ben & Jerry to supply dairy free Chunky Monkey in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.
Amen 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗
@benandjerrys @benandjerrysnz 💗
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Took my own container to @benandjerrysnz at @hoytsnewzealand Te Awa for my Triple Caramel Chunk fix and was pleasantly surprised to get a discount for bringing it! Not sure if that's standard at Ben and Jerry's but I hope so for next time 😁
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Peace, Love and Ice cream!🍦😋❤️#benandjerrysnz #benandjerrys

@benandjerrysnz has moo-ved into the heart of Mission Bay and to celebrate, they will be giving away scoops of their iconic chunks and swirls TONIGHT. Head down to 99a Tamaki Drive between 4-9pm tonight to get your hands on your favourite chunkalicious flavour! #benandjerrysnz

Everyone loves ice-cream right!? Grab an early dinner along High Street and finish the evening at #benandjerrysnz Andrews Ave Scoop Shop for a free scoop of goodness - it's so close we can almost taste it!
#putitinyourdiary 4-8pm Friday 22 June
#lovethehutt #huttvalley #tryanewflavour #coneorcup #onescoopisneverenough

Savouring the moment with two cups of happiness 😍 r/g @sssterwys #icecream #benandjerrysnz

🍦🍦🍦🍦 CLOSED 🍦🍦🍦🍦 Hey hey hey I’ve got a ice cream give away!! So @benandjerrysnz have given homegirl 8 pints of their creamy icey goodness to give away and you know I love a good game of tag so here’s how it’ll go down you MUST head over and follow @benandjerrysnz (I’ll check) tag a mate you’d share it with, I’ll say stop sometime tonight and that last comment will win 🙌🏼🙌🏼 butttt if you don’t win you can pick your self up a tub at your local stockist (check their website to find one close to you) and gooooo!! 🍨🍦#benandjerrysnz #sponsored

Ladies and Gents this is the store you’ve been waiting for.
I’ve been working with Ben and Jerrys for a little over a year now. It’s been incredible. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, and continue to enjoy work. Earlier this year I got given the unbelievable opportunity of running a store. So, this is my humble brag. I worked hard for this. I gave work everything I had, and it paid off. Not even 21, and I’m running a store. This pop up container store, built and furnished to travel round the country is currently located at 1-3 Andrews Avenue, Lower Hutt, Wellington. Please swing by some time for the best ice cream you’ll ever have.
#benandjerrys #benandjerrysnz #icecream #popupshop #peaceloveandicecream

Guess what? We’ve popped up again in Lower Hutt! Gather your herd and come say hi at 1-3 Andrews ave Lower Hutt from 11-9pm every day! We can’t wait to meet you all 😊 #benandjerrysnz

It's our 40th Birthday! We are SO excited to have shared such a fudgin' fantastic time with you all. Here are some cheeky facts you may not have known about us! Let us know your favourite below 👇 #benandjerrysnz

I bought this at the dairy for the boyfriend and I to share... he came home an hour later with a tub of Triple Caramel Chunk for us.
We're on a winter mission to try every flavour. #benandjerrysnz #fatandhappy #getthetreatswithoutthemahi

On our way to #benandjerrysnz for our #dairyfreeicecreamaddiction on Tuesday

Hands up of you got Ice cream for your partner tonight. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ #goodhusband #goodwife #benandjerrys #benandjerrysnz #icecreamlover #comfortfoods

We don’t always indulge, but if we do, we do it right. So happy @benandjerrysnz is now available in supermarkets nationwide. Now we don't have to take a trip up to the Ponsonby Scoop Shop for a fix, we can just go down the road. Literally like 100m! eeek!! #benandjerrysnz #ad

Today we finally went to #benandjerrysnz to try their new dairy free flavours. They were delicious! #dairyfree #dairyfreeicecream #crueltyfree #livingconsciously #toddleratemyicecream #FoxPaxton

#benandjerrys #benandjerrysicecream #benandjerrysnz #benandjerrysnewzealand #benandjerryssweetcreamandcookies #benandjerryscookiesandcream @benandjerrys @benandjerrysnz When I was at new world I happen to stumble across the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fridge. I’m very upset that they closed the pop up container kiosk in the city as it was a trial to see how much consumers loved their products, they said they will look for a premise to kick start their franchise here in Wellington. The quality is rich, thick. Even though it was expensive but oh well life’s too short! Glad I got the chance to get my hands on them tub of ice cream as I’ve been waiting for a while. I really appreciate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I never forget to count my blessings

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