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Now for some last minute b-day shout-outs. First, Happy birthday to the late Dwayne McDuffie, a comic book and television writer best known for creating the animated program Static Shock and his contributions to notable DC and Marvel comics properties and Cartoon Network shows like Justice League (starting out as a staff writer before becoming a story editor and producer on the sequel series Justice League: Unlimited) and Ben 10. He founded the minority-owned comic book company Milestone Media, an imprint of DC Comics that focuses on better characterizations and story telling for African American characters. Since his death, he is revealed to be the half-brother to actor/comedian Keegan Michael Key. Today he would have been 56. #dwaynemcduffie #bestwriters #comicbookwriters #blackwriters #hardwarecomics #milestonemedia #staticcomics #staticshock #justiceleague #ben10 #justiceleaguecrisesontwoearths #justiceleaguedoom

Post-ride coffee ☕️ provides a chance to check your performance against those Strava segments....#spoiltforchoice #pandasportswear #ben10 #cyclinggirls

Seventh Birthday Party
#sillysullivan #seventhbirthday #ben10

#ben10 #Ben10Clássico

Am I the only one who use to be addicted to this show😂?

Made a 3d model of the omnitix

I apologize for my inactiveness from regular posting. I've been pretty busy. When I have some down time, however, I've been playing Ben 10: Up to Speed. If you've ever played Subway Surfers, the concept is pretty similar. This app is cooler though considering each alien that you use has a special ability that can help you defeat enemies. And yes, all 10 aliens from season one are playable in this game. Unfortunately the game isn't free (it's $2.99) but the price is well worth it. Here are some screenshots I took of my gameplay. As you can see, I got pretty far already.

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