That’s some serious changes - #BeMaverick

Smith machine presses for extra isolation n overloading the delts - #BeMaverick

That’s shettiyano pose - delts day it is - #BeMaverick @shettiyano

2nd set SquatSunday- reverse overloading- higher reps as u lower the wt - #BeMaverick

3rd set squats - reverse the overloading principle - it was different n lil more than usual burn !! #BeMaverick

This 2014 - at 48fitness those days my legs were bigger than upper body - not that now it’s great - ya but not bad #BeMaverick

It’s a bloody good day - #BeMaverick !!

Finally all the effort paying off - still long way to go ! See small changes which matter most - waist looking smaller - separation of glutes n waist (still glute n hams not so good ) - the delts n arms looking better - knees getting bony (fat around the knees) etc #BeMaverick

Choose the best, Do the Rest!!
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Snatch grip deadlifts - targeting upper back #BeMaverick

Modified Barbell Rows - I can never do prone grip rows my right bicep tendon hurts - reverse, fortunately I am fine rowing ! Hence modified rows with fairly lighter wt , so alter the stress / tension on right areas ! #BeMaverick No exercise is incorrect !!

Snatch grip deadlifts - targeting upper back #BeMaverick

Yesterday’s back session started with straight arm rows - scheduling ur session or placing a particular movt in the beginning or later part , can make or break ur workout- in my case , I am trying to bring my upper back at par with lats hence straight arm lat pulls - if I had to this end of my session it wud is tough to do this wt hence overloading principle wud have been compromised! What this means is, if my focus is build upper back then I shud overload or train heavier on exercises which involve more upper back ! I did straight arm followed with barbell rows modified or targeting upper back ! Again reason straight arm cause didn’t want my arms to get tired for barbell rows which’ is also a prime movt for whole back mass - after rows did snatch grip deadlifts , again to emphasise more on upper back !! Followed with seated rows - wide grip lat pulls ! The point I am making here is train with a reason - don’t waste time in the Gym #BeMaverick

Don’t know what these are called - had seen some guys boasting about how difficult n cal burner this is - gave it a shot - 1st time - I think one needs to have more mobility and flexibility to perform this - once adaptation happens it’s going to be easy - also anything u do non stop for a min or two it’s going to be taxing or the new word met-con #BeMaverick

Post cardio - tried different ab work - thought could manage these easy - couldn’t last a min - #BeMaverick

Today post back workout- felt like checking progress - getting there another 40days to get stage ready - #BeMaverick

Two nights in a row she’s been wifey material. Maybe it’s time to propose. 🤔 •
You don’t gotta propose to you’re not ready.
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Yesterday’s drop set - just realised the end part where was on floor for 5mins post that set - thought of sharing it - my heart rate wud have gone past 200bpm #BeMaverick

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