Who else is loving this winter sunshine? 😎 👌🏼 (This babe also just got engaged so it’s another reason to celebrate!)

Fiji and M. Soulmates. M has waited so very long for a puppy. And he's taken on the responsibility well....helping to train her and take care of her. I know they will be close for life. And as we travel the world together as a family, I know there will be times in our future where you need a best friend. .

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Just a bit of love for your Monday morning 😍

✨It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ✨
Have you heard?👂🏻We are getting in full spirit next weekend with our Christmas mini photoshoots! You can find our lovely little set up in the beautiful woods at @rspb_love_nature 🎄these are perfect for both couples and families! We still have some availability so do get in touch for more info. Let’s make memories! ❤️🎄📸
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John Mayer - Roll it on Home 🎶

Sangjit of Christie & Kevin
courtesy @blackwood__
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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. -Gerard De Nerval

At today's wedding, the pastor shared the 3As for a long-lasting relationship.
He said that Attraction is the first A which kickstarts everything - Boy meets Girl, they are attracted to each other and they fall in love.
After Attraction comes Attachment - a couple stays together and become attached to each other.
Finally, the last and most important A is Abiding - Pastor shared that in order for relationships to last, couples should have a deep abiding commitment to each other.
And we couldn't agree more with the above! 😊 How about you? What are your thoughts?

Hair & Makeup: @tangyongmakeup
Floral crown: @lavenderloveflorist

Clean Shot

One of the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended - so much love expressed from them and their family! Congratulations on the start of something new Eugene and Amanda, was honoured to be part of your wedding. Have a blissful marriage ahead! ♥️
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Let’s talk Seasonal Affective Disorder— yes, it is a real thing. I always felt so confused this time of year (I remember asking my parents about it when I was a kid and I don’t think they ever really understood that I suffered from it.) See, I’m a deeply motivated & joyful person, yet I feel so detached from myself in the darker months. I feel irritated, distracted, drained. I get trapped in this limbo state where my eyes struggle to focus, and it takes every ounce of strength within me to function. It’s so unlike me, and I hate it. I’ve grown to know when it’s happening, yet sometimes it can be so hard to snap out of it. I am SO proud of myself though, because, like my neck injury, I’ve learned to fight to find joy through it. I have taken little steps, and they help if I let them. (Probably the worst thing you can do in this state is feel sorry for yourself or assume you’re the only one). Everyone struggles with something, so I’d like to pass along a few things I’ve found to help me cope. 💪🏼

1) I ask the Lord to speak life into my body every morning and speak peace over my body every night. I literally speak out loud. I fully believe in the power of God and the power of words.

2) I bring my sun lamp with me around home and set it to the strongest, warmest setting. 🌞 And when the sun is shining, GET OUT THERE!

3) I write. I write songs mostly, but also journal entries, letters, lists. 📝 —
4) I set an extra alarm with an encouraging note (this seasons is “I WAKE UP WITH PURPOSE IN MY LUNGS”), and I take a power nap or a hot shower when needed (at least once a day). 😴 —
5) I never ever leave the house without hot tea, snacks, my favourite tunes, and my blanket scarf. —
6) Colloidal Silver. No energy to get sick. I take it at the first sign, and within hours, the bug is gone. I swear by this stuff! ✨

7) I remind myself to breathe and to not take things too seriously.

How about you? ❤️ What helps you get through the darkness and cold? I’d love to add to the list!

Yes little one, I’m feeling the same about the end of the weekend. Looking forward to sending this gallery off soon!

When the sun is still shining mid-November 😍

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