A fun day in Chartres with @sheadeee @hollync2484 @marti.jenkins & Marie

Love this lineup... video skills need help though... 🤗

Église Notre Dame in Versailles

I walk by this window on a regular basis and there are always flowers.

Loving these wrought iron railings. What’s your opinion?

Twilight in Paris

Pastels at Sennelier @sennelier1887

Jardin des Tuileries at twilight

Passy Brocante is tucked in a little courtyard off rue Passy, Paris 16

So many details tucked in the little alcove above the windows

Whimsy at the Paris flea market

Love these details

Another fabulous building, Paris 16

Exploring and fun with clients turned friends at the Saint-Ouen flea market! @parispuces

Love this petite maison in Paris 16

Looking forward to a 3-day weekend at the Paris market, with clients. Scroll left for a peek! @parispuces

Floral details

A place where even the street lamps look romantic...

My café view in Saint-Germain

Place de Costa Rica, PARIS 16. Café with an Eiffel Tower view - can you see the top of it?

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