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With my moon sis&bro

500 calories per day is a LOT! Many breastfeeding Mothers experience similar weight loss whilst nursing their little ones. It’s important to eat well and drink plenty of water to keep your energy levels up whilst breastfeeding. Everyone is different however and our bodies are designed to ensure we maintain a healthy weight to protect ourselves as we nurture and provide for our babies 🌙✨👶🏻👶🏽 #BellaMoon

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You be the Sun,☀️ I'll be the Moon-🌙
just let your light come shining through;✨
and when night comes,🌘
just like the moon, i'll shine the light right back at you. 🌔
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*BREASTFEEDING POD* for feeding in the lateral side-lying position.
The wedge located at Mums tummy is positioned to allow continuous feeding whether it is present or removed. It is designed to be easily removable to suits a mother’s feeding preference. One mother who used BellaMoon told us she likes to use the wedge for Day-time feeds so she can lie back and rest without worrying about rolling, but she takes it out during the night so she can snuggle up closer to baby. Other Mothers prefer to keep it in place at night. It’s personal preference!
Overall, there are enormous physiological, mental and emotional benefits to the lateral feeding position.
It helps prolong breastfeeding which is strongly encouraged by global health services. It greatly enriches a mothers ability to rest. According to UNICEF, lying in close contact helps babies to settle and supports breastfeeding, which in turn helps protect babies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) #fact #breastfeeding #bellamoon

The Side-Lying Breastfeeding position is at the very core of BellaMoons design. Perfect for night-time breastfeeding, perfect for resting and feeling more refreshed, perfect for bonding with your baby. #bellamoon is all about nurturing and resting. Check out an Instagram post by @clemmie_telford advocating this feeding position 🙌🏼❤️

BellaMoon transforms into a very comfortable pregnancy pillow for use before baby arrives. It is a full body pillow which can zip off at the head and feet if necessary so you can move it around to suit your comfort levels. The head and foot pillows can then join together separately to form a feeding pillow #BellaMoon #nurtureandrest

Sending Absolute
Light, Love & Blessings.
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Lying on your side breastfeeding and resting is a popular position for nursing mothers and babies. BellaMoon Baby Pod creates a space for baby to lie adjacent to Mum. The removable wedge is soft and structural and creates an awareness of babies position. The pod is designed symmetrically so Mothers can rotate it and feed in the other side. The wedge on the babies side is sloped away from baby for breathability. The space above babies head remains open to prevent overheating and allow Mother to lie in her usual side-lying cocoon position with her arm outstretched over babies head. The product and it’s design was tested and informed by feedback from independent experts in a specialist UK Infant sleep lab #bellamoon #nurtureandrest

Bella Moon. My little diva cub. I love you little girl. You're going to bring Hell, I know it; I'll gladly hold your hand through it all. Your mother was right. You have me wrapped around those little fingers of yours. #smellybelly #bellamoon #divacub #hernandez

VERY EXCITED! Just booked flights to visit the BellaMoon manufacturers! ✈️ Although we talk to the lovely people in the factory every few days, we still want to see exactly where Bellamoon is being made and meet the people face to face and build a strong relationship with them. Having a great relationship with the manufacturer is so important as it’s the most crucial and expensive part of the entire process in launching a product. By the time we visit, all of the injection moulded parts should be completed and we should be able to see the final assembly. Their factory looks HUGE so will hopefully it will be a few days well spent #bellamoon #manufacture #productlaunch #newproduct

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