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Zero makeup on these lashes 👏🏻 Lash lift & tint to highlight this beautiful girl and her phenomenal eyes ✨ Swipe for before & after 😍

Check 👏🏻 out 👏🏻 these 👏🏻 LASHES! 😍 Praising the lash gods for sending me this gorgeous girls lashes to work with this week. If only my lashes were like this 😩 #lashenvy using the amazing @sugarlashpro curlperfect lash lifting system ✨

3D volume 💕 doll eye

Ever heard that quote about the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you want something to change in your business, your relationship, or your life... the change starts with you. YOU are the only factor YOU CAN control. And if YOU want something bad enough, start to work on shifting your mindset and the limiting beliefs you’ve built up around you to “stay safe” but really “stay stuck”.
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The shift that’s happening in this industry is absolutely incredible to watch and be a part of. It’s this movement away from this dog-eat-dog, claw your way to the top sort of rat race and turning into this supportive and empowering community where another woman’s success doesn’t feel like so much of a threat to our own.
Now don’t get me wrong, there will always be those who fear that someone else’s success is a knock on their own worth or the mindset that “I don’t need anyone else to be a success”, but let’s make that mindset the exception, not the rule! 👯‍♀️
Share with me the women in your life who empowered you to become the woman you are (or are working hard on becoming!). For me, that’s been @mybrandlashes , @selenashley_03 , @jmaclashpro , and @sdeyelash . Oh and can’t forget my OG empower-er (totally a word - look it up), my mama @melaniefarin

Or do you! Check out my story today for 5 things you probably don’t know about me.
Bonus points if you leave a comment below about what surprised you the most!

The ole website got a nice facelift last month and while you may not care about the esthetics of a business coach site... you probably will care that the top 3 most downloaded {FREE} resources I have to offer are right on the homepage ready and waiting for you!
⭐️If you’re wanting or just starting your own lash business, download the exact “Lash Biz Startup Worksheet” I created to figure out all of the supplies, equipment and business necessities I had to budget for when I launched my lash business.
⭐️If you’ve already taken that bold step of opening your lash biz 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 but you’re on the struggle bus of getting clients thru your doors, learn the “Top 3 Tips for Taking STELLAR Lash Photos”!
⭐️And the most popular download is for those looking to .::GROW::. their lash business is the “Facebook Ads Guide” that helps you fix the 5 most common mistakes lash artists make in their Facebook Ads.
And if you’re a knowledge junkie just like me... download all 3!
Let me know your thoughts on the new site in the comments. 👯‍♀️
Tell ya what, since I like teamwork... If you find any issues with the new site, I’ll DM you with my personal feedback of ways you could improve your lash biz social media page of choice (either IG or FB). The catch is that it can’t be the same issue someone else pointed out before you. Deal? Teamwork makes the dream work. Leave your feedback below👇🏼

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend! I myself am having beach withdrawals still 😅 regardless I'm happy to be coming home to more opportunities 💙💖💙 #goals #weekendvibes @bellalash

LASH ARTISTS! Have you started marketing your Valentine’s Day specials? ❤️
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!!! If Monday, Feb 12 rolls around and you’re like...Shoot! I’ve gotta post about my Valentine’s Day special... YOU’RE TOO LATE!
THIS WEEK, is when you should start promoting any Valentine’s Day specials you have. ❤️
Start reminding current and potential clients about this upcoming special day. In fact here’s my free gift to you! Try out this caption in your marketing or Facebook Ad:
“Don’t Risk Losing at Your V-Day Game over Sad Lash Shame!”
Let’s talk about what specials you want to run for Valentine’s Day! Share your ideas below (and remember...we’re not your competition... we’re your community so it’s ok to share the love)!

With social media constantly changing the algorithm and now giving heavy priority to videos... how comfortable are you with marketing your services through Video?
What holds you back from doing more video posts or lives?
Are you comfortable in front of the camera?
What should/do you post about? Or do you just avoid video altogether?
If you share your struggles, I might share my tips!

NEW BLOG ALERT: Back at it with the blogging and this week’s blog is my Top 3 Goal Planning Tips for a Breakthrough Year.
Guess what, if I can set a goal for myself to make a large sum of money and have a totally doable plan mapped out to achieve it with a 3 year old and a 3 MONTH old and now a husband who works with me (#winning) then I don’t want to hear your excuses about not having enough time to pursue your goals.
“Someday” called and said it’s never coming, instead “now or never” is here and wants in!
So what’ll it be? Head on over to the blog and learn how I took a huge goal for this year and broke it down into bite-sized chunks of totally doable action steps. @thelashpreneur <—— link in the bio

Instagram announced this week that it is now allowing certain apps to be able to post on your behalf without Instagram’s algorithm getting its panties in a twist! (And ew, the word panties just sounds wrong!)
You can now plan out your content and schedule your posts in advance with certain apps that now offer this feature (it’s still not an option to do within the Instagram app).
Check out my story highlights under “Instagram Tip” to find out what apps currently offer it and which one I recommend for lash artists to step up their Instagram Game!!! Let me know if you think this is an IG game changer for you!
Next request Insta-God’s... can we please have the option of adding in spaces in between sentences in captions... puh-lease!!!! #emojioverload

Is your social media profile akin to walking thru your local mall trying to avoid the cell phone kiosk dudes?
Marketing your lash biz on social media is meant to be... wait for it... SOCIAL! Not a place to jam your latest promo or sales offer down your poor followers throat who, I’m betting, didn’t follow you to be constantly pitched to about what appointments you have available as if they were just constantly refreshing their feed daily to see what openings you have! .
Wait, no, you’re right. They have been dying to get lashes from you and they just haven’t booked an appointment because they didn’t know if you had availability for a full set this Friday at 2:00pm. Phew! You sure solved their problems with that post!
A little Instagram truth, your Instagram is meant to nurture a relationship and provide value for those who follow you. I’m pretty sure someone follows you for 100 different reasons before wanting to know what your current availability is, maybe start there with your posts and leave appointment availability to your “Stories” if you just -have- to post that opening in your schedule.
Bonus tip: if the only place someone can find your next opening is on Social Media.... may I introduce you to the magic of online booking! It’s a must-have for every lash business owner. But I’ll save that rant for another day ✌🏼

STEP UP YOUR GRAM GAME TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE! As much fun as cat selfies and photos of your dinner last night are to take, if you want to start using this fun little app called Instagram to start making you money... you’ve gotta start using it to market your business and not your skills as an animal photography!
Getting a follower to take an action that can turn them into a paying customer starts with getting those followers to go OFF the app (shhh... don’t tell Instagram I said that)!
Having a link on your bio is an awesome way to drive potential clients to your website where hopefully you can seal the deal and create that demand that they MUST have your lashes! But you’re in a pickle if you ever want to send them to different pages on your website like your Service Menu or your Booking Page (please don’t ever directly send someone to your policies page, mmmkay Debbie Downer?)
Check out today’s story to find out how you can have multiple links attached to your Instagram profile (or check out the “Up Your Link in Bio Game” highlight story in @thelashpreneur profile).
What webpages do you refer to most in your posts?
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I get it, it’s the beginning of a new week and maybe this week you’re struggling with a case of “burnt-out-itis” or you’re just sick and tired of riding on the “struggle bus”. We all have days like that and after an awesome birthday weekend, I’m a bit unfocused as to how I can show up and serve all you Lashpreneur’s out there... but that doesn’t mean I don’t. That just means that some days were just gonna strive for “good enough” and not “I knocked it Out of the park in business this week.”
So how can we show up for our clients when we’re feeling a little “less than”? Maybe it’s getting to work an extra 10 minutes early so you can do some dusting or file some paperwork. Maybe it’s organizing all those tax documents you need to have ready for your accountant now so you’re not a cranky stressed Biz Owner come early April. Maybe it’s staying an extra 10 minutes with your last client who’s coming in Friday because you know she just broke up with her boyfriend. Maybe you make up Valentines Day cards for all of the clients who are scheduled on Wednesday.
Share with me how you’re going to show up for your clients this week!

Love getting creative with lashes! Layed down my “bones” With C .05 8-12-10 and filled the center with #featheredlashes to create texture 👊🏼🖤👑
Rachel Jacobson
Whiplash Artisan
Saugerties, NY

What if you could work less and not have it impact your income?
How is that in the realm of possibility? Isn’t your income directly tied to how hard you work? Isn’t the hustle part of building a six figure business? Some day all the long and arduous hours will pay off and you’ll finally be compensated for the blood sweat and tears you poured into your business!
Or you can take the approach of working smarter in your business where your income is not solely based on the time you put into that.
One strategy is to be selling retail which does not require you to set aside any amount of time to earn money (other than talking to your clients about it).
This week’s blog is all about the Top 5 Retail Items You Must Be Selling in your Lash Biz! Your clients are using these items anyways, they might as well be buying them from you to get the most out of their lashes.
So who’s ready to stop the daily grind of trading hours for dollars and ready to start making more money without sacrificing more of your precious precious time?
Give me a raised hand emoji if that’s you!
Read this week’s blog by clicking on the link in bio and then “Visit the Blog”!

Fluff ☁️ ☁️ C curl 0.05 10-14 (Her NL is like 11-12)

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