@thenikkibella loves Birdie, too. ❤ Do you think she’s ready to be a mom? #TotalBellas #BellaArmy

When the hubby waits to watch @totalbellas until you get home from the gym at 12am💖 he knows this is my favorite! #totalbellas #bellaarmy #wwe #divas

Thank you all who tuned in East Coast! And for you West Coasters, see you in less than two hours for the season premiere of @totalbellas! Hope you enjoyed it! Until next Sunday.... 💋👯‍♀️🍷 #totalbellas #bellas #bellaarmy

10 minutes away from the season premiere of Total Bellas!! I can’t believe season 3 is already here. Want to thank you all in advance for all of your love and support! I don’t think I have ever opened up my heart and soul so much for you all. It was scary and emotionally exhausting but I enjoy sharing my story with you all so you all know you aren’t alone with the ups and downs you face in life. Hope you enjoy my journey over the next 10 weeks. It’ll definitely be tough, exciting, emotional, funny and sad but I promise you in the end it will be empowering. Love you all! #bellaarmy #totalbellas #bellas #nena #braniel

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Do your happy dance #BellaArmy, @thebriebella and @thenikkibella are back on the season premiere of @TotalBellas right NOW! 💃🏻 #TotalBellas

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