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I could not be more proud to see my amazing friend @erica.mcdermott on the big screen in "Manchester by the Sea." It literally brought tears to my eyes in an already tearful film. I just love you! #BeLikeTim #Calamarrrrrrr #Cappicolllllllll #ChickenSausage

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world. He puts up with a lot of BS and yet never gives up that good attitude or that good heart. I love ya Dad!! #scorpioseason #beliketim #donttelltim #thisguyrightheretho

M O O R E S 🎄❄️🐶


#fierce17 #beliketim

Tonight at 7 we take on Maryland at the RAC. #NuffSaid #BeLikeTim #RUwrestling #PACKtheRAC

For those days that business and pleasure just have to mix... Do what works for you and keep going... #beliketim #hustle #keepatit

This is Tim (aka @shoescholar). He's one of our core members. Tim shows up every Wednesday, no matter the weather. Tim's a machine. He gives every workout his best effort and is always pushing for new PR's. When Tim is injured, he still shows up to cheer on the rest of the tribe and spread positive vibes. #BeLikeTim #JustShowUp

6:29 am. Wednesday's. 📍in bio.

I'm a wreck! One of the most touching rides I've been on and incredible memorial service I've been to. Didn't know Tim super well but the sheer numbers of people brought together today brought me to tears. I had a youth pastor growing up who liked to say "you don't see uhauls in funeral processions" I think I witnessed that in an incredible way today. Lots of discussion this week about packing firearms or not riding alone. All I know is I think Tim wouldn't be carrying or be afraid to ride alone. Even with my limited experience working with him. I sincerely hope I #beliketim


Wee thought for today: If you feel the need to seek validation in life maybe you should be a little more like Tim #belikeTim

Иногда нам всем нужно быть не хорошими/плохими/славными/грубыми, а просто собой. Правда, дорогие?😉 #beliketim

This made me laugh. We all look for acceptance in life as well as to be liked by others. However sometimes wanting to be accepted causes us to refrain from being our true selves for fear of not being accepted for who we truly are. This happens in all walks of life; from children at school to work environments and friendship groups. One of the best things we can do as individuals is stay true to ourselves and our own beliefs. For the age old saying says it all really..."Those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind." #beliketim #dontgiveashit #beyourself #expressyourself #bewhoyouwanttobe #dontsettle #betrue #loveyou #lovelife #believeinyourself #bewhoyouare #saywhatyoufeel

ClipsOfDover is ready whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Never miss the chance to record yourself because you left your bulky mount at the studio or because you think it's vain.
Music is meant to be shared and for $7 you can get the tool to share your creations. Here @timstolwyk is recording an original Melody with his ClipsOfDover. Be like Tim, because sharing is caring, and here at ClipsOfDover we care.
#clipsofdover #slideon #playon #getbettersooner #7dollar
#guitarsecret #guitarlessons #guitarlife #guitarlifestyle #guitargear #guitar #musicgear
DM For orders or custom requests or visit the shop at

said it before: If I cared to be liked/accepted, I would‘ve voted HRC in CA, but my conscience doesn’t let me do dumb shit like that. #sheep #ImWithMyVeterans #FactsOverFeelings #beliketim 🐸☕️🎈🖕🏽👍🏽🤘🏽

Thanksgiving day I decided to go by The Boulevard which serves as a type of shelter to volunteer my time and to see some of my friends who are residents. Some of the residents visit FRESH (thefuturefresh.com) every Thursday for worship service so I wanted to surprise them.
This is Timothy Palmer who I consider a friend and actually met 2 years ago when he lived at the Boulevard. He began visiting FRESH and has stayed connected since we met.
He was born facing many challenges, had many surgeries as a child and was even told that he wouldn’t live. Despite his physical challenges Tim decided never to give up on life and was encouraged by his mother that he was indeed special.

Tim currently has a brother who has been missing for over 2 months. When I saw him on thanksgiving I was very happy. I had spoken to him two weeks earlier but didn’t think I would see him on Thanksgiving Day.
Then I thought about it, here was Tim who has been facing challenges all his life, who once had to live in a shelter, who has a brother currently missing and was out sharing time with others. Instead of sitting home on Thanksgiving he was back at the same shelter that he lived at in the past, not as a resident but as a volunteer helping to serve food to others!

Then I thought how grateful I am to know Tim! How I thank God to know someone who is so strong and I am grateful he is in my life. Tim once spoke at FRESH and moved many to tears. I believe Tim will help to change many lives and no one is exempt from the opportunity to have an impact in this life.

The moral of this story is to #BeLikeTim. Even through your challenges and pain you still have something to give.
See the link to the story regarding his brother below and let’s all follow his example! Pray for Tim and his family also.


Tim trotsar snöstormen precis som vi krossar 9c #beliketim

November 22, 2017: Do more of what makes you awesome - Midweek motivation @crossfitaachen Drop by for a class today at 5(WOD), 6(Fundamentals), 7(WOD) or 8(Open Gym). #midweekmotivation #crossfit #crossfitaachen #overheadsquat #bettertogether #strongerthanyesterday #functionaltraining #beliketim #aachen #engine

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world. He puts up with a lot of BS and yet never gives up that good attitude or that good heart. I love ya Dad!! #scorpioseason #beliketim #donttelltim #thisguyrightheretho

This is Tim, he turned 50 last week & is running a marathon this week to raise money for TheRiver.Asia you can help support this here: https://didomee.com/projects/my-big-50/ #beliketim #strongertogether #meettheteam

Be like Tim #beliketim #fu #yas #queen

#BeLikeTim... Do what you want when you want and how you want. Don’t wait on others or follow others if that’s not what you really want to do.
#LetASOLRise 🌞🐝🍯✨

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Tim's table complete thanks to @redeyeloon ! #beliketim

We need more people like Tim in this world. #thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck #beliketim

Timmy would have been honored this trail was named after him. Feels weird still I won’t ride the trails he taught me with him again. #beliketim #mountainbike #monumentcolorado

Don't lose yourself trying to please or be liked by everyone! 🙌🏽 #goodmorning #beyourself #beunique #dontloseyourself #beliketim

@timkennedymma is without a doubt someone you follow into battle because you know he's got your six. He's put himself into a situation where he is in high demand by many within the tactical world and military culture because of his work ethic and commitment to being an honorable person. #BeLikeTim

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