Thank you to @suutbirds and @loveloudfest for hosting two screenings of #believerdoc in Cedar City. It was incredible to talk with LGBTQ and Allied students. I’m also grateful to the Mormons who came out and discussed youth suicide with us. Hard conversations are the most important. As @lancethepants17 reminded us tonight, “you can’t change what you don’t love.” Thanks @spaceeyjace for making it all happen! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🌈❤️

I don’t talk about this a lot (sorry Mom + Dad) but i just watched @danreynolds #BelieverDoc on @HBO and learned about the high rise of suicide in Utah. One of the reasons I decided to leave the Mormon church was their stance on being LGBT. I know it took the church leaders awhile to come around to not practicing Polygamy (once it was outlawed thru the US) and to allowing black men to hold the priesthood (not until the late 1970s). I know they have the power to adjust their beliefs, they’ve done it in the past. I hope one day they will truly “love one another” and accept LGBT members for not just who they are but also teach that they too can love who they love and still be allowed in heaven with everyone else. Congrats to those members standing up and making an effort to wake the old powerful men in the church up.🏳️‍🌈❤️ (artwork by @kiiarens)

@danreynolds on the #BelieverDoc premiere💜

Ho amato tantissimo questa parte del documentario 😂😍🌈
Tyley: Are you going to Loveloud
Dan: No I'm going to love louder

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After watching the #believerdoc my friends and I knew we wanted to do something to spread love.
• $12,710 raised
• 105 donors
• 65 kids sponsored to attend @loveloudfest
• $9,249 remaining donated to @encircletogether.
Thanks to all involved!
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We watched this as a family last night, as a little warm up to our FHE lesson tonight. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and frustrating. I've been torn about this issue since Prop 8 when I absolutely felt pressured to side with traditional marriage and it made me uncomfortable. I've come a long way since then, but I am still a quiet bystander in so many ways. I feel like a lot of apologizes need to be given on my part and those will be upcoming blog posts. What I loved about this movie is that it's giving us an opportunity to talk about really important, sensitive, scary issues. Scary for me because I don't want to disappoint or offend those I love who don't agree. But I cannot sit quietly any longer. This movie is for everyone, young and old, mormon or not. We watched with tears and then had a beautiful long discussion about what will change in our home and how we can reach out to those who feel isolated in our communities and beyond. The easy part is sending love and support. Not sure why it has to be any more complicated than that, but love is easy and it should always come first. #loveoneanother #believerdoc #sundaymovie @encircletogether -- We don't have a cable plan, but we downloaded the HBOnow app for a free 30 day trial. If you haven't seen it, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Two swear words, two hours long and not boring whatsoever. (*There is a 5 second music video clip from Tyler Glenn that may be disturbing for faithful church members, but my kids watched it and it opened up some interesting conversations.)

Proud to have watched the film #BelieverDoc with @ImagineDragons@DanReynolds. We are excited for the opportunity to discuss the topics in this movie and many others that affect the LBGTQIA+ community. Check @HBO or HBO ON DEMAND to see this great movie! .
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Did you see my stories from last night?!? I am so grateful to have attended the #loveloud concert. I grew up Mormon and am so blessed to have learned (and try to still live) so many wonderful teachings and qualities the religion espouses. Unfortunately, I have also felt the sting of exclusion, judgement and loneliness as I didn’t always understand, embody or choose/fit into every guideline. Because of my experience I have always felt as respectfully empathetic (as one who hasn’t experienced their challenges) toward LGBTQ youth inside the religion and out, who face persecution, isolation, ridicule, harassment, fear and rejection as they try to live authentically as themselves. I don’t have all the answers in the world, or for even this one issue, but I am so impressed by and thankful for the work @danreynolds and @imaginedragons and so many others are doing to spread awareness, love, acceptance and ways to encourage change for the youth who need our support. I recommend you watch #believerdoc on @hbo and look into @loveloudfest to find the ways and charities that resonate with you so that you may help in your communities and circles of influence. Dan said last night in his speech that he holds no hatred for religion, or anyone, but that we must make a change. I agree whole heartedly. @encircletogether @trevorproject @teganandsarafoundation @themamadragons @affirmation.lds @glsen

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