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The best project you'll ever work on is you ☝🏻💪🏻 ✌🏻
#backontrack #backday #workhardplayhard #trainhard #strongerthanever #believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable

Living la vida loca! 🙄 #BelieveInYourselfAndYouWillBeUnstoppable

To my Daughter
My Life's Pride and never ending Happiness is what you are my Princess


Where do I see myself in 15 years?
Well in 15 years time I can see myself working in America as a CSI Detective. With my family. One of the reasons why I want to become a Detective is because you can help families and friends you have lost loved one. You help bring justice and avenge an innocent victim. Being a Detective means that you do not only work in one field or have to study one field. You would have to study Anatomy, which is the study of the human body, law, physics and many more professions.
In 15 years time I also see myself fulfilling my fathers dreams of going to America. I see myself with him and my family. Surprising him with his very own mansion and his favorite car (Audi). I picture myself showing my parents tickets to travel all over the world. A gift to them for always being with me. I picture myself looking at the pictures they took together in different parts of the world.
I also see myself giving my mother her very own beading room and sewing room. I see my father surprised to get his own woodworking room. I see myself giving my brother his own car and house. For when he decides to start a family.
15 years from now ... I see myself buying my own Camaro (mustard yellow) surrounded by family and friends.

In conclusion, I don't see myself world-famous or very popular but a successful women who has worked hard for achieving her dreams.

Signing day for Emilee Anne Guido! It's been such a pleasure helping you through your first home purchase! #BelieveInYourselfAndYouWillBeUnstoppable #LoanOfficer #FinanceofAmerica #EasyLoans

This is really the first step in becoming successful. You have to believe in your heart that you can do something. You might not be able to accomplish it overnight, but with practice and training you could accomplish it. No matter what it is. #Believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #healthylifestyle #gainz #pushyourself

And one day she discovered that she was Fierce, Strong, and full of Fire!!! #BelieveInYourselfAndYouWillBeUnstoppable
Summer is around the corner, let's get #SummerFine and crush these #Goals together! 📲#AskMeHow??!!

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Mitt i all skit så gjorde du mig lycklig, bitch i fucking Love you - note to My self 🤗🙋🏼🌸 #spegelspegelpåväggendär#duärdinegenbästavän#coreconfidence#believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable#love

This is #positivitychain for @fittrishb💓 I love this chain comes and passes 😙🎶 tagged girls, pls keep it going🤗✨ #fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart #immyownhero #believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable

Cree en tí mism@ y serás imparable

Sometimes life requires blind leaps of faith to move forward. Have faith that you are leaping in the right direction and go full force with your whole heart!! #lularoe #adulting #havefaith #believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable

Today is the last day to order any of our new Spencer JFK custom items so don't forget to get that special gift for your dancer! So many items to check out online! https://moveu.us/stores/spencerjfk/
#spenceriajfk #moveu #onlineteamstore

It's a sad but true fact...in your life's journey, as you follow your dreams and pursue you goals...those you would expect to support you...so called friends, relatives, church members, coworkers (and the list goes on)...will more often than not..NOT support you. You have to expect that and not set your life's gps based on the response of those most familiar to you. That's why it is so imperative to expand your circle by creating new relationships with people you don't know, but who can identify witb your vision...and get this...have seen enough in you to know and believe that you can make it happen! Don't give up on your dream when family members say "it won't work." Don't quit when friends won't buy your products or support your business. Don't be a wimp! Be strong enough to endure the tests. Push through the lean times. When clients don't pay their bills don't waste your time crying about it. Get up and get to work! You be the biggest believer in you...and in time your belief in yourself will rub off on others.

Practical exam day is here 💉💉💉 I know everything I need to say and do but I just need to remember and BREATHE and not let my nerves get the better of me! Roll on 3pm for it all to be over 😂😭
#studentnurse #finalyear #exam #thirdyear #practicum #practicalexam #bethatnurse #youcandoit #believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable

Some prefer to remain stoned, some resist but surrender.
Only after chains of tolerance break , does one release from the walls of norms, to find their own piece of sky.
This is a part of evolution.
Don't remain stoned in the walls and norms of society.
You've been etched and carved individually, structured with a soul.
Let your free Bird be out and released to fly those blue skies .
Be yourself ! Everyone else is taken.
Embrace the glorious mess that you are!
#bedifferent #beyourself #urspecial #wereallyneedthis #believeinyourselfandyouwillbeunstoppable #excusemydrama

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