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The power of the mind is not a joke🙇

Le plus beau cadeau que tu puisses offrir à ceux qui t'entourent ( ton amoureux , ta famille , ton pays , tes ennemis) c'est ton développement personnel constant..
Ne cesse jamais d'investir " EN" toi
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❤❤Double tap❤❤
@absolute_success .

Das Spiel schnell vergessen! Ab jetzt voller Fokus auf's Derby!! ⚽️☘️ #spvggfürth #immerweiter #gemeinsamnurnachvorne #Believeinyou #Patso

Making a decision to change is easier said than done. .

But once you decide, and what it is you decided on actually means something to you. You commit to it. .

3.5 years later, I am still committed. The body that was achieved was just a side affect of the true success that was made through this commitment. .

For some people it's all about the body..to me it was about learning to be disciplined, what it meant to sacrifice the little things for the bigger picture, have faith in trusting the process, & overall BELIEVE IN MYSELF❗️❗️ .
As a result, I gained confidence, self happiness, pride for my work in and out of the gym, passion for helping others to achieve their goals, and PROOF that I and you CAN accomplish Anything We Set Our Minds Too!! .
Of course I had my moments where I wanted to cheat, go out to dinner with friends or skip a workout, and I allowed myself those moments from time to time, but I NEVER GAVE UP. .

The journey continues - again not to achieve the "best body" But to continually grow from the inside and let it shine on the outside. .
If YOU are ready to commit, message me and become part of my 30 day #Fit4Fall challenge starting on Monday Sept 25th! 💯💪 .

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Stars can't shine without darkness 🌟 #loveyourself #believeinyou #spoilmerotten #issavibe #positivevibes

Want change? Change your ways! 💯
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I'll never be skinny. I'll never get married. I'm not made for relationships. I'll never get my dream job. You're not cut out for this. You're not good enough. I'm not their type. I'll never truly live for myself. You don't know what you want.
Those were the answers to a simple question someone asked me tonight. The question isn't something I ask myself often, but the answers are things that sit with me EVERY DAY.
The question was "what's your story?" Well I have a whole big life story, but that's not what they were talking about. They were talking about the THINGS we tell ourselves every day, or when we arrive to a particular situation.
When you're told to step out of your comfort zone, what pops in your head?
When you start to like someone, what pops in your head?
When you want to take YOUR life under control, what pops in your head?
When you go after something you love, what pops in your head?
When you want to embrace a new journey, what pops in your head?
THOSE ANSWERS.... THOSE are your stories. Those are the things you've lived your life around for so long. Those are the things we so strongly believe
But guess what... they're ALL LIES 🤗 they are the demons, the enemy, the Devil inside of you. They are the thing you need to STEP OUT OF, the THINGS you need to STEP AWAY from.
No no no. Enough of the "step outside of your comfort zone" bull 💩 .... STEP OUT OR YOUR STORY AND BE THE PERSON YOU WERE ✨ CREATED ✨ TO BE!


QOTD: you don’t do it for me anymore or tell me you love me?

she looks so tired here

Cocktailparty, the start of an amazing weekend!!!! #friends #freedom #healthyactivelifestyle #believeinyou #dreams #like4like #follow4follow

¿Qué opinas tú sobre el tema?
Yo creo que a veces nos ofuscamos tanto que no vemos más allá de nuestra propia zona de comfort (o no queremos ver).
¿Te ha pasado alguna vez que necesitabas algo con todas tus fuerzas y ha aparecido algo o alguien que te ha dado un aportado un poco de luz?
¿Tiene instagram? ¿Le quieres mencionar para agradecérselo?
¿Agradeces cada día?
¿Te paras a pensar alguna vez en todo lo que tienes o has conseguido y en lo agradecido/a que estás?
¿Agradeces los esfuerzos de los demás siempre?
Agradecer es una de las cosas que da más paz mental y física. Siempre queremos que los demás hagan o dejen de hacer cosas, pero, ¿nos fijamos en cómo hacemos las cosas nosotros?

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"Make time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small." .
Checked In with the team✅
Six am workout ✅
Superfoods ✅
Kiss husband goodbye ✅
Off to work ✅
PD in the car ✅
Still many things left on the to do list but I already feel accomplished! .

Slow mornings with my hubby today because nobody has to leave early for work!!!
We slept in late, made some coffee, and now are reading and cuddling 🙌🏽😍 these are the days I live for.
#teamwholehearted #wearemarried #firsthometogether

It's extremely difficult, however once you start doing what you have to your goals become more attainable. Double tap if you agree!

Benim servetim yanında huzur buldugumda saklı.
Her şey seninle güzel sevgilim, iyi ki benimsin. 🖤 #believeinyou

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend hasn't met a box of donuts yet! I am so lucky that I am able to sneak out with Ruby Jane in the morning without worrying about being late for work. I love the freedom, along with so many other things about my "job"! ##lularoekristaandmurph, #midwesternmomma

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