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FIRST 12 Weeks of #TKTransformation COMPLETED!!! What a great start to the 52 Week Transformation Process! As you will see by my numbers from Day One to today's weigh-in, I have LOST almost 25 pounds of body fat, GAINED 16 pounds of muscle!! I have more energy and am excited to get the next 12 Weeks STARTED! What had started out as a project to motivate and inspire individuals to reach their goals has now motivated me even more to see how much more I can ACHIEVE in my life! If you are not where you want to be in life, let's get busy together! Just pick one thing in your life that you want to get better at and go get it!! Thanks to everyone who has been sending me text messages or calling me to tell me how the #TKTransformation1 has inspired you to do more and to go achieve your goals. Those calls and texts help keep me inspired and motivated in life to keep pushing forward!! Okay... stay tuned.... the NEXT 12 Weeks starts Monday!! To @toro54 my AWESOME trainer and ex-NFL athlete... NONE of this is possible without you brother! You are a true inspiration and I thank you for pushing me daily to be better! Love ya bro!!
Okay... all the lovie dovie sentimental crap is over...back to work! #GetBusyWinning
#TKTransformation2 #Believe2Succeed #OnlyEasyDayWasYesterday #ToroSports
#Dominate2018 #Believe2Achieve
#StopWhiningStartWinning #WinTheDay

God created it.
Jesus died for it.
The Spirit lives in it.
I’d better take care of it.

God wants all of our lives not just part of it.

I’ve been there, done that. Yup the compromising of giving part of your life over to Him but not it all.

Stop trying to figure out things your way.
Stop trying to give yourself reasons or excuses why that part of you life can look different.

Partial obedience = disobedience
There have been many times that I put relationships, careers, and things before God.

When you decide to give God your all, it requires surrendering every area of your life to Him. Even when it does not make sense, I have learned to obey Him. You know what really amazes me? Every time I let go of something, He usually gives it right back, but with something extra.

The moment you follow Him, surrender, and let go, God promises He will bless you.
You have to trust that God knows what is best for you. If something is not working in your life, you have to give it up to Him. When you surrender and align your plans with His, it may hurt for a moment, but God will turn your sadness into joy and give you strength.

Is there an area in your life where you have not been obedient? Ask God to help you to be obedient in this area. Request the Holy Spirit to give you the grace to be obedient. Let the Holy Spirit reveal what steps you should take as you become more like Christ. #allofyou

First 5k 👍

Awesome week of training PB’s in all lifts, over the moon with my results thanks to @t_race_y and @richard_physiquecode Bench 55kgs up 5kgs, Deadlift 115kgs up 5kgs, Squat 87.5kgs up 7.5kgs #bench #deadlift #squat #pb #training #fitness #perthfitfam @physiquecode #liftheavyshit #grandmaswholift #stronggrandma #womenwholift #womenwholiftheavy #proudofmyself @believe2achieve_pt #believe2achieve

"But I’m to tired.....” *to do my workout
*to eat healthy
*to buy a planner and plan -to have a present blessed day with your kids
-to do anything other than watch Netflix #singleparentlife
This is why your 2018 looks similar to your 2017 right?!? Until you DROP EXCUSES and take ACTION your life will look like a hamster on a wheel.

Same scenery day in and day out. Nothing will change.
What EXCUSE to you need to drop ______________?! #believe2Achieve

Dear parents,

Sometimes your going to feel like your a “bad parent” but in reality your doing what is right!

Saying NO isn’t always a bad thing.

Taking away electronics maybe the worst thing that could happen to most children now days but they will live, WE survived without!

Making them do chores, is not you being lazy, it’s called leadership and learning hard work ethic.

Focus on what they do right and praise praise praise them for it!

Ps.... food, you buy it!
You can help control their energy.
Mental clarity.
If they are hungry they will eat it what you serve them eventually and their tastebuds will learn and love health.

It’s called preventing illness, diseases, and unnecessary medical expenses.

Your the parent, their the child!
Raise them with love, values, and respect.

From: the sometimes mean mom 🤷🏻‍♀️💕 #singleparenting #believe2Achieve

Why do I share my workouts?!? -to inspire others to live a life of health
-to keep accountable to our group and myself
-to show I myself STRUGGLE and give my all

There are many out there that have said over and over that they want to get healthy and then a BUT comes right after........ it's an excuse.

Whether good or bad it's still an excuse.
You don’t have to go through this alone!
I want to help you because I know how your life will CHANGE!
I know what it will do for you and your family.
Don't wait til something BAD happens to make that decision.

Let's talk about your goals! Let's work through excuses! Then watch your life change for the better. #believe2achieve #makeachange #dontwait #startnow

You never know what you're capable of achieving until you take a chance. Let us help you find that motivation.

#believe2achieve #FEwill

We all have friends that will be negative towards you! The haters, the dream crushers, the one’s that don’t support you! Embrace them and it will push you through the hard times
You Can Do It 🙏🏼🙌🏼 #2018goals #believeinyourself #motivationalquotes #positivity #successquotes #helpingothers #believe2achieve #faith #personalgrowth #sheffield

Your in full control of your reality. There is nothing more powerful than you on this planet. You are the shining star and you deserve what your heart desires. It’s time to manifest.

Good Morning!

We can all makes excuses that we don't have talent, the personality or the confidence to move ahead.
Creativity, uniqueness, & purpose is Gods gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God.

God’s given me a gift to inspire, lead, motivate and pour into individuals. I love the relationships and connections I get to build daily!

A huge blessing to the business I run is I’m my own boss, so I am honored to be at home with my kids, to raise them from home, to homeschool, because they are my #1 ministry!

My business is a win all around! I praise God daily for leading me to it, for growing me in it, and growing our team of believers! 🙌🏼💕 You have more out of life than what your getting right now. EVERYONE, no matter who you are, there's always room for growth. There's always opportunities to be more, do more, receive more, experience more, LIVE more.
But to have more you have to have faith, believe and take a step forward.
#believe2Achieve #mytribe

Will you take a second to read and respond?

Picture your life, we all know that life on earth ends, right?
Not that I want you thinking about death but I want you to picture LIFE, your life.

Where are you going?
What have you been doing?
Are you living the legacy Gods called you to?
Do you have regret?

If your reading this then you have time to make changes.

What's stopping you from fulfilling your purpose and dreams in life?
#GodsizedDream #believe2achieve #youcan #befulfilled

No matter how challenging things can seem..don’t give up, have the strength to figure it out 🙏🏼🙌🏼 Plan -Do -Review ✊🏼 #believe2achieve
#2018goals #motivation #positivethinking #mentor #dailygrind #sheffield #risidualincome #personaldevelopment

Cardio. I cannot tell a lie. I’m still not a fan. But, I did it and I did more reps of everything than last week. #progress

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