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Today 7yrs ago my world tour was started!
Fetus or Adult???
#JustinBieber #Beliebers #JB #Kidrauhl #Jerry #Love #Fetus #Adult #tbt
Should I change my username? πŸ˜•

He was pointing at everyone saying "I love you" my precious


Ok so let's make this clear: I love Selena and I'm not gonna hate her bcuz of what happened between Justin and her, It's their thing. I support both of them as my idols and great singers but one thing I don't like is how some Selenators are so insensitive and cold. 4 YEARS AGO WE WERE ALL GETTING ALONG, SELENATORS AND BELIEBERS. But since they broke up, half of our family is gone and I hate that. There is no reason to write stuff like that, it just defines you as a person. Less hate, more love. @justinbieber @selenagomez

" Les gens ont l'habitude de dire que je ne suis pas assez bien , que je ne suis pas assez fort " But you have yours beliebers #beliebers

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HOLY SHIT πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ’ž @justinbieber

so hot 🌝πŸ”₯

Justin in Boden, Sweden (June 8)

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